Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Witness to the Beginning

Music because hell everyone is doing it.

Today I have a short but sad story.  Whenever Virgil and I get to a town we scope out the area incase we need to make a quick exit or something, but I've lately noticed that nothing good happens when we do that.  Case in point, today on a tour bus we were having a nice boring drive when I saw Slendy standing outside in all his Tendrilness.

"You see that, Virg?"

"You mean Memeboy and his hentai tentacles?  Yep." 

Suddenly the girl in front of us screamed, "Fuck!  What the fuck was that... thing?"  

"Kid, what's wrong?"

"Didn't you people see the tall thing with the tentacles?"

"What drugs are you on dumbass?"

"None.  I swear I really saw it."

"Yeah right.  This is why you should do drugs."

"What is wrong with you assholes?" said Virgil having enough of this, "This poor girl might have some mental illness and instead of helping you are just making her cry."

I went to sit next to the girl, "Hey what's your name."

"Trish,"she said sniffing.

"So you saw him."

"You too?  You're not just saying that to make me feel better are you?"

"Tall fucker in a nice, black suit right?"

"Yeah that's the one."

"Trish, I'm sorry."  I told her about Slender Man, proxies, Fears, Vlogs, us(bloggers), and most importantly to run while Virgil shamed the crowd.  I don't know if she'll take my advice.  Sucks watching another person's start.


  1. As someone who's had a mental illness, GO VIRG! You wouldn't yell at someone with cystic fibrosis or a broken leg something, so why is mental illness treated any differently? (pun intended)

    My sympathies to Trish. It's hard enough getting stalked by Stalky Stalkington McStalkers from Stalkerstown without people shouting you down.

    1. Those people were assholes to that cute girl. I had to do something. After all I am a hero.

    2. What's with the new profile picture BTW? I like it.

    3. The people I am travelling with have dynamic artwork as their profile pictures and I felt left out. :D

  2. This was irritating me all day. I knew it reminded me of a song, but I didn't remember what. Here it is.