Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ROY MUSTANG!!!!!!!!! No seriously fire solves everything.

Well the last few days have been boring even after I got my guns three days ago. I  even setup a few bear traps throughout my campsite and I left some near the RV if some proxies thought I was in there. AND WE CAUGHT NOTHING!!! Well that's not totally true. Today just to see if this trick works, I spray painted a few Operator symbols around the camp. Some noobs fell for that obvious trap in a matter of second. Well that's exaggerating a little bit. Point being that with in a short time don't really recall the amount. Two dumbass came to the camp not realizing it was a trap. They got their legs broken. Ankle first of all. Also turns out these guy didn't know how to teleport.  Did you guys know Kyle has a katana in the RV. He gonna be pissed we used it before him. Kyle's such a nerd. I love it *petting sword now*. Oh right back to the story. So two idiot got bear trapped and yell out in shear and utter pain. I went to where the scream were coming form. We were packing at the time the idiot show up so we were not at our campsite. When I found them they curse a few times and I returned their insults with a bullet to one's head and decapitated the other. DECAPITATIOOOOOOOOON!!!! Did you really have to yell that? After I cut the dudes head off I picked it up, and I know you think that gross or something thing a bat-shit crazy dude would do. BUT HOW MANY TIME DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU PEOPLE......I.......AM.......CRAZY?!!!! YAY INSANITY!!! Well that did happen in Hamlet so it's more poetic I guess. Not to mention Sin City. Yeah cause that's why we did that, cause Frank Miller is poetic. I'm sensing sarcasm. Once picking the disemboweled head up I started talking to it. And no it didn't start talking back. At least this time. Probably is going to happen in the future.

"Well it's time to burn you two," I said to the head, "Too many people have been coming back lately that are proxies. At least as far as I've caught up to the ones I'm looking at," I continued, "Then there was Cutie Mark who REALLY had a problem dying, and fire seemed to really keep her dead sooooo Disco Inferno Dude." Then I poured gas all over the bodies and made sure they were ash before leaving and heading somewhere. We really don't have a plan on actually going somewhere do we. Nope. Not really.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

FUN TIME!!!!!! Not Really-_- Stupid Waiting List Crap.

Kyle gave me control of his blog. Not really sure but I guess it has something to do with the fight yesterday. He was acting really weird. He did say he was possessed basically. None of us believe in that so he is probably finally starting to crack if he hasn't already. Hey I believe in ghosts! Yeah but none of us actually believe in the Fears really. And even if they are real they aren't unstoppable like everyone seems to think. Door isn't a Fear though. You know what I mean! But he told us he wasn't one. We are way off track just so you know. OH CRAP! WE NEED TO TELL THEM WHY WE TITLE THIS POST THAT! I was going to but we tend to get off track easily don't we. Yeah! That's an understatement.

Bottom line after Kyle left I went to a gun store with to buy a gun and now I have to wait for the background check to clear me so that I can get the two M1911's I've been wanting for awhile. You forgot to tell them that Kyle also gave you access to his huge account of money. But you just told them. Anyway I also am getting bayonet attachments. The excuse I gave him was that it makes it easier to skin the animals I'm hunting. The animals being rabbit and groundhog. Good thing we made that new identity. As whole government wiping us off the face of the Earth. If you guys did remember I am an accomplished hacker. That's one reason I could track info down so nicely for Kyle earlier in this blogs days. Course tracking Proxies with those skills are nigh impossible. Stupid proxy bastards cheating with their crazy superpowers. I have a four day waiting period for those guns so I'm stuck here till then.

No Idea for the Title

It all started when I went to download Clipped Wings 2 DLC for Shin Megami Tensei IV but could not find it. After looking around and still not being able to find the game I asked Virgil if he saw it.

     "Oh good.  Where was it?"
     "I'm not tellin'."
     "What why not?"
     "Because I," cue big smile to accompany a dramatic pause, "hid it."
     "What!  Why the fuck would you do that?"
     "Cuz you talked about it too much and you were getting pretty damn annoying."
     "That was your reason?" I said grinding my teeth in anger.
     "All you do is go on and on; oh look I <the contents of this rant was removed due spoilers>"
     "One, it is one of the best games I've played so hell yeah I would.  Second, you do the same with Borderlands and other similar games despite the fact I hate shooters you hypocritical bastard!"
     "Hey that's your fault if you hate shooters."
     "Third, the new DLC is out today, and I get to kill the Archangels!"
     "I wonder if we will do that in the next Darksiders.  I sure hope so, but the game does mostly focus on the forces of Hell.  That's just not fair."
     I was pissed.  I am passionate about games and that was a dick move, but he didn't fully deserve that punch I gave him.  The fight started.  For the most part it was back in forth with punches until I kicked him down and started to choke him.  Kill him now, I heard a voice within my head say; one I recognized.  It was hard trying to take my hands off his neck but I did manage to do it.
     "I'm so sorry, Virgil, I didn't mean to do that."
     "You're stressed I get it.  It's fine.  I'll get your game from the pill bottle I put it in."

And now I'm leaving.  With you-know-who back and I can feel him trying to possess me I figure it will be too dangerous to be around other people.  Don't wonder to explode fire or choke someone and not be able to stop myself.  Starting tomorrow Virgil will "inherit" the blog, but I'll probably comment on other blogs once in a while.  Godfuckingamnittomotherfuckinghell this sucks.  See you later.