Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween/Interview #4

Hey everyone just wanted to say happy Halloween and I have a new interview already =D. . . OK it isn't that exciting -_- but whatever here it is.

Source told me about someone here found in a chatroom online who encountered a "Black Tree" that sounded very Slender Man like when he described it.  I was also intrigued because it reminded me of Zero's Bleeding Tree.  So the person who Zero found online is named Peter Bauer and use to live in Germany.  His English was amazing and he only had the slightest hint of an accent.   

Peter:  Please come in.
Kyle: Thanks.
Peter:  So you wish to know about my experience with the Black Tree correct?
Kyle:  Si.
Peter:  Si?
Kyle:  Sorry, yes.
Peter:  First I want to know about your experience with the Slender Man correct?  Your friend, he called himself... Source I believe, told me a little about your problem but not too much.
Kyle:  <I detailed my story.>
Peter:  I am sorry for the loss of your friends, may they rest in peace.  Here is my story.  When I was  a child living in Germany my mother use to warn me of the Black Tree that would steal naughty children from the village if the wandered to close to the woods.  At first I didn't believe them thinking it was just another story like the Feral Boy b-
Kyle:  I'm sorry did you say the Feral Boy?
Peter: Yaa.
Kyle: Yes?
Peter: Yaa <nodding>
Kyle:  What was the Feral Boy?
Peter:  An old story about a boy that got lost in the woods and turned into a wild animal.
Kyle:  Do you remember what this boy was suppose to look like?
Peter:  Uh like that precious guy from The Lord of the Rings movie.
Kyle:  Have you ever heard of the Rake?
Peter:  Oh course how do you think I clean the leaves from my yard?  What does this have to do with my story?
Kyle:  Sorry just nevermind.
Peter:  So as I was saying I had never believed until my best friend, Max, disappeared when we were seven.  The adults were running around wandering where he could have gone but I knew.  The night before he had told me that he was going to run away and live in the woods over something he and his parents fought about.  I had laughed at him and said he wouldn't do it and was shocked to find out he really had.  I felt guilty and that night went to the woods by our village to search for Max.  It was dark in the woods but I had been there many times during the day and knew my way around the outer edge of the woods.  After what was probably fifteen minutes I was going to give up when I heard a noise deeper in the woods.  I stopped to listen at first hearing nothing then there it was, Peter, I heard.  I started to run as fast as my little legs could go until I couldn't run anymore and had to stop.  I realized I should have been out of the woods, that I should have gone through the woods yet I was still in.  I looked around me and noticed the moon was gone as were the stars, and the trees they seemed taller than before.  I was afraid but I had to find Max I had heard, so I continued to wonder deeper into the heart of the forest.  Then I saw it.  A large black tree that was taller yet thinner than the rest of the tree which circled it but also kept their distance as if it was poison.  I don't know why but I crept closer towards the tree but I did as if I was mesmerized.  I was about to put my hand against the trunk of the tree when its roots shot out of the ground snapping my out of whatever called me towards the tree.  I did the smartest thing I had ever done in my life and ran, ran as if Hell and all its devils, demons, and Hellfire were on my heels.  I did look back to see the tree push itself out of the ground and condense to a more humanoid form, like this Slender Man you mentioned, still chasing me using several long, black roots as legs like a spider.  The forest too seemed smaller for I reached the edge of the woods within seconds then I felt one of the Black Trees roots around my ankle pulling me back in.  The root burned feeling as if it was on fire, to this day I can still feel the pain on particularly dark nights.  I wasn't sure how to get out of the root's grip but the on thing I knew for sure was that I didn't want to go with that fucking tree so I started to crawl and scream for help.  Soon adults from my village arrived to find me just outside the woods screaming for someone to get the Black Tree's root off me which they told me wasn't there before despite the burning I felt.  From that night on I never liked going to places with too many trees, which is why I moved here.
Kyle:  What happened to Max?
Peter:  They found him two days later staying friends in a nearby village.
Kyle:  And did you ever see the Black Tree again.
Peter:  No I never saw it but sometime I can still feel its presence even here in America.
<We talked some more mostly just small talk irrelevant to this study.>
Kyle:  Thanks for talking to me Mr. Bauer.
Peter:  It was no problem.  Actually it was kind of nice to talk to someone who believed me for a change.

And there is the bulk of our conversation and as always please leave notes on anything interesting you find in this interview or past interviews.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Interview #3

I have no excuse for why this one is late I'll merely apologize instead.

<Knocks on door and Katelyn opens the door staring at me blankly.>
Katelyn:  Are you the Champion?
Kyle:  Uh... no.
Katelyn:  <stares at me with those eerily, blank eyes for a moments> No I guess you're not.  Please come in anyway, Kyle.  You want to know about my experiences with the Tall Man correct?
Kyle:  Yes.
Katelyn:  There isn't much to talk about all we did was play games.  I didn't know anyone who died like you.
Kyle:  How did you know that; did Source tell you?
Katelyn:  No it's written in your eyes.  Anybody, even a child, can see the pain and misery that you have gone through.
Kyle:  Regardless I would still like to hear about your experience.
Katelyn:  Of course.  It started fifty years ago when I was seven years old.  My parents were often busy with my older brother, Theodore, who was terminally sick often focusing so much on paying attention to him that I would be forgotten.  One day when I was playing ball by myself in the backyard I noticed a strange man walking out of the woods on four black tentacles that were attached to his back.  That probably should have scared me but instead I laughed, not because he was funny but because he was neat.  That got his attention and he came over to examine me.  I sat there and wave to him, he waved back and from then on we played games together.
Kyle:  What games did the Slender Man play with you?
Katelyn:  Tag, ball, hide and seek, checkers, and go fish except he nodded instead of saying go fish.  You should call your family.
Kyle:  What?
Katelyn:  Say hello they probably miss you.
Kyle:  Sooo did he ever ask you to go with him or leave?
Katelyn:  Once but I said no.
Kyle:  Then what happened?
Katelyn:  We continued to play and would do so until I was ten when he stopped going.
Kyle:  Did your parents ever notice you playing with the Slender Man?
Katelyn:  Once or twice but they never truly saw him like you could Kyle.  You won't wrong Kyle my story is proof of that.
Kyle:  Thanks<though it's empty>
Katelyn:  Be careful Kyle the game isn't over yet.  I think you should leave now.

I left after thanking her for the interview and wow that was weird, but if there is anything I learned from TV/video games/movies its that the cryptic old lady is usually right.  What did she mean by the Champion?  Is that like the Hero Robert (BTW does anybody know a place I can read White Elephants in its entirety it would be much appreciated) talked about, because if so I sure as hell know it isn't me.  Anyway please comment on anything interesting you find besides the lack of tragedy in this interview.  

Friday, October 19, 2012

Interview #2

Sorry for the late update I've been following a lead that turned out to be unrelated, so I'll just get on with the interview.

Source found a, now removed, video online where the interviewee warned viewer about the Slender Man, though he refer to him as the Demon, and Source managed to contact him.  At first John, the interviewee, was understandably reluctant to meet but source managed to convince him.

Kyle: <Knocks on the door>
John: Hello. 
Kyle: Hi are you John?
John: Kyle?
Kyle: <nods>
John: Please come in.
<As John lead me into the living room the first thing that I noticed about John was that he was about Fred's age.  The second thing I noticed was how religious he was, with a cross around his neck and a bible between his arms that he would keep with him the rest of the visit.>
Kyle: How old are you?
John: Fifteen.
Kyle: Do your parents know about this interview?
John: No.  They wouldn't believe.  What was it like for you when Fred died?
Kyle: Did Source tell you?
John: He mentioned a bit but I looked the rest up online.
Kyle: It was horrible.  The pain it burned... and it hurt worse because I didn't help.
John: That was how I felt.
Kyle: So you obviously know my story, what happened to you?
John: Me and Brandon, my best friend, for in our local graveyard filming a ghost story that we hoped would be the next be YouTube video.  We were arguing about who would be the main character or something when we noticed someone else in the graveyard.  He was in the shot and we when over to ask if he could move out of the shot for a moment, but he just ignored us staring at a grave.
Kyle: Do you remember whose grave it was?
John: I think it started it an "E" or maybe it was a "T" I'm not sure.  Anyway I was getting impatient and annoyed that he wasn't listening to us, so I more or less told him to "Move your ass out of our shot!"  That got his attention.  He turned around and we both were knocked backwards by an invisible force.  When we looked up was a man without a face standing there watching us.  For a while we just stayed on the ground waiting for him to do something, but that something never happened so we ran while he stayed there watching us run.
          Ten minutes later we were both back here trying to explain to my mom and dad what happened to us.  Both my parents yelled at us for going to the graveyard at night instead of the library like we said but they did call the police and reported a mysterious masked that was in the graveyard.  Me and Brandon felt better now that the police were involved so we went to my room putting the incident behind us.  Unfortunately for us it followed us back home standing in the doorway to my parent's room.  We again this time downstairs yelling for help, but when we reached the bottom we found ourselves back at the top of the stairs.  Brandon said, "Its a demon from Hell sent by Satan."  Back then I wasn't as religious as I am now and criticized him for believing something like that.  We probably would have fought over the issue more like we often did but I saw the Demon behind us at the bottom of the stairs.  As we ran the hallway seemed to stretch growing longer and longer to make sure that we would never get away but some how we did make it in to my room.  We slammed to door shut hoping that it would somehow stop the Demon.  It didn't.  He stood there in the doorway when tentacles suddenly burst out of his back then started to twist together until they looked like long, black wings and the Demon looked like the Angel of Death coming for our souls.  Beside me Brandon started to pray while I took out my frustration by criticizing his praying again until I curled up on the floor crying in defeat.  I waited forever for death but it never came.  Later my parents found me in my room crying with no sign of Brandon.  Brandon saved me because that night he wasn't preying for God to save him.  Brandon was preying for God to save me.
Kyle:  Did you ever see the Demon again.
John:  No.

Shortly afterwards I left.  I have to admit I find John's story interesting because it seems like Slender Man in toying with them in it.  Remember if you find anything interesting please discuss it below.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Knowledge and Theories

 So I thought I would use today to talk about some theories on Slender Man as well as some other blogs

First off I thought it would be good to start off with listing my experience with other Slender Man victims.  I've read some of the more famous blogs such as Just Another Fool, Seeking Truth/The Mystic, The Tutorial, Dreams in Darkness, A Hint of Serendipity/The Last Refuge of a Dangerous Man, Anomalous Data, and Make it Count.  I also started A Really Bad Joke but for what ever reason I never finished(note to self: finish it damnit).  In addition to Blogs I have read the original thread on

The Vlogs I've seen are Everymanhybrid(BTW I need to say I wish Vinny luck especially after the last videos Habit posted.), TribeTwelve(Good luck on your birthday Noah), and Compiletruth.  Never could watch Marble Hornets for some reason.  I do intend to watch Darkharvest and if there are any other Vlogs/Blogs/Other thing related to Slendy that you thing would be good to watch please post them in the comments I would love to read others experience with Slender Man.  

Theories about the weird stalker guy


Slender Man or Slender Men

This theory was popular when we first learned about Slender Man but has since died down in popularity, now a days most people subscribe to there being one Slender Man.  I think the reason this has died down is because we only wanted to believe there were more Slender Men was because it would mean they aren't as powerful as He seems to be but since then we've grown to accept his strength(but not the lack of a weakness).  But if Slendy does indeed have a family I believe this would be the family tree.

Operator Symbol (X)

The operator symbol.  This simple circle with an x through it has plagued many runners ever since its appearance in Marble Hornets but what does it mean?  One extremely popular theory, first posted by M, is that it blocks his teleportation by making him think that someone is watching them Ala a Weeping Angel.  In Seeking Truth Conaghan told Zeke that the operator symbol is used to mark his target.  Personally I believe that its just a drawing emphasizing his lack of a face and its only purpose is to make places where He has appeared so us runners and warn other runners to be wary.


The theory that the more we learn about him the more he stalks us.  This theory according to personal experiences and the experiences of other bloggers is absolutely true, which is why I warned anyone unfamiliar with the term Slenderblog to leave in my first post.  This theory also leads to another very interesting theory, what if we forget him?  Will we be safe?  If you go by the Jay's experiments the yes at least temporary.  Is it possible to prolong the effect though?

Where Is He From

The big question where did this thing come from?  Among the many theories are; He is an alien, He is from another planet, He was born through the powers of Tulpa, and He has always existed.  According to his former college roommate he's from the internet though.  Seriously though its impossible to know for sure, but I personally believe in the Tulpa Theory.

Remember everything discussed here is a theory and if you any questions or comments or additional theories please post them below.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Interview #1

Here as I promised is my first interview.  Quick note: I will never use the full name of a person and may be using an alternate name for a person in order to protect their identity and prevent proxies from picking new targets to stalk.

I got tipped off by a friend, who insists I refer to him as "Source", about a man whose son went missing recently in the area I was currently in.  Source said that it looked like a Slender Man case so I went to visit the man.  I had tried to interview a few people before this but all of them refused to talk about it but I managed to get the father to talk a bit about it. I recorded the following conversion.

*Knock on the door*
Jim:  Can I help you?
Kyle:  Are you Jim ****?
Jim:  Yeah. Why?
Kyle:  Hi my name's Kyle and I was hoping to talk to you about your son.
Jim:  Go away.
Kyle: Hold on-
Jim:  Look I don't want to talk about it, especially to a reporter for a newspaper.
Kyle:  I'm not a reporter.
Jim:  Great because I want to talk to it about a stranger so much more.  Just leave me be.
Kyle:  Wait.  Look I understand if you don't want to talk about but-
Jim: Why do you care so much kid?
Kyle:  Because I lost two friends and I believe the same guy who killed them may have taken your son.
Jim:  *Brief pause* Come in.
*We introduce ourselves a bit more and I describe what happened to Fred and Emily though I did leave out the paranormal parts*
Jim:  That...that's terrible but why do you believe that the bastard who did that also kidnapped my son?
Kyle:  According to the article from one of the local papers police found some odd drawings done by your son.  Could you describe them?
Jim:  **** said that the drawings were of his imaginary friend, uh it was really weird, it think it was  Anic.  Wait no it was Amicus.
Jim:  A tall man with a good fashion sense because he was always in suits.
Kyle:  Fred's little brother use to draw someone just like that before he disappeared.
Jim:  Are you saying that ****'s imaginary friend did this?
Kyle:  I believe so.
Jim:  That's impossible.  I use to watch **** and even a few of his friends play with Amicus and there was no Amicus there.
Kyle:  Did ****'s drawing of Amicus ever become more fearsome and involve a lot of lines or extra limbs coming off him?
Jim:  Yeah.
Kyle:  As did Tim's.  You can't tell me that that's a coincidence.
Jim:  Maybe.
*Jim gets a little off topic for a few minutes trying to process this*
Kyle:  Can you tell what happened the day **** went missing?  I understand if you don-
Jim:  *quietly* No it's okay.  It was a normal day where I went to work and **** went our neighbor's who would watch him for me.   I pick him up and took him out to eat at Wendy's then we went home and watched sports together before it was his bedtime.  I tucked him in bed then went to brush my teeth.  When I finished I went in to say good night one more time and...**** was just missing.  I called his name but **** never came out so I checked his and mine in case he was in there, but when he wasn't I called the police but they couldn't find a trace of where he went.
Kyle:  I'm sorry about your lose.  I think I should get going thanks for the help.
Tim:  No problem and if you find anything out about this fucker please tell me.
Kyle:  Sure.  One more thing before I leave, tell the parents of the other children playing with Amicus to keep an eye on them.

There is my first piece if anyone notices something helpful please comment and I probably won't post again until this weekend.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Everyone Else

After yesterday's post one of the things you readers might be wondering about is the status of Fred's other friends. 

Liz committed suicide after Emily's death.  She couldn't take the death of two friends in so short a time.  It came out of nowhere and well I hope she rest in peace.   

Virgil started to go into his own little world for a bit but has since gotten better.  Lately he has been obsessing more over video games though, but except for that he is okay.

Ted had a falling out with his parents when they found out he was gay and worse(for them) that his boyfriend was African American.  His parents(those fucking bastards) tried to prevent him from ever seeing Andrew again, but Ted and Andrew ran away together.  I wish them the best of luck.

Now back to me.  I guess I should detail myself a little.  First off I'm a nerd.  Some hobbies include gaming(SWTOR, SMT:P3P, Dragon Age, and Pokemon[yes I got Black 2] being my favorites), reading(favorite authors being H.P. Lovecraft and Neil Gaiman.  Currently reading A Clash of Crowns), and anime(Elfen Leid FTW).  Second I am extremely sarcastic and am told I come off as a unfeeling dick.  Thirdly I practice Tarot as you may remember from Fred's blog(today's card fittingly enough is death[change for those of you unfamiliar with tarot not actual death]).  Also I'm a Troper as you may have noticed last post.  Finally  I have a confession to make.  I saw Him.  I saw Him months before Fred ever saw him.  I saw him at S.O.S. and at the mall but I thought he was dangerous.

I admit I did look him up online after I saw him and read some summarizes but it all looked like bullshit.  I had only seen him playing with children as an imaginary friend, no injures or missing children, just playing.  Watching him then he seemed like that guy in a movie that seemed scary but really had a heart of gold. Baka! Baka! Baka!

Anyway so now I'm running too trying prevent this from happening to someone else by learning about him and hoping to find a weakness.  Something you should know my case is different from other runners, I'm traveling in a camper.  My family is rich my grandfather invented one of those things that you find in everything but never think about.  I was suppose to go to college this year but I convinced my parents to let me travel the country instead for one year before I go to college.  Am I saying this to brag? No, I just wanted out runners to know if I'm around I might be able to help them for a bit at least.  So the reason I'm traveling now is to interview victims of the Slender Man from around the country.  I hope that by the end to analyze them and find some secret to surviving so I can save others unlike my friends.

On a closing note I'll post my first interview tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How It Began

Before I start there are a few things I need to say.  First this is a Slenderblog so if you don't know what that means get the hell out NOW!  Second this blog with probably spoil the results of other blogs, mostly this one.

Now that that's finished my name is Kyle and this is my Slenderblog.  Before I can go any further I need summarize the events that started me on this path.  It all started with a friend of mine named Fred who got really sick at one point and missed a lot of school.  This caused him to almost fail English, but his teacher gave him a chance for extra credit by starting his own blog that he would need to write in each day.  For a while it was him talking about his day but then Slender Man / Slendy / TPF / Mr. Thin / Whatever the fuck people are calling him now, appeared.  Slender Man constantly appeared around Fred's little brother which started to drive to Fred despair and even lead him to doubt his sanity.  Fred ended his story on a cliffhanger debating whether he should become a runner, stay and fight, or even commit suicide.

Fred instead chose to do nothing.  The day after his final post Fred' s brother, Tim, went missing and Fred just sat in his room with a vacant stare.  He wouldn't respond to anybody, wouldn't move even to go to the bathroom, and he barely ate.  Fred was put in a mental hospital two day after Tim's disappearance.
 We were horrified by what happened to Fred's family and tried to help comfort his mother, but while we all took it bad it was Emily who took it the worst.  One day she went to visit him at the mental hospital and he seemed to be doing slightly better as he started to talk and move about, but he was still unstable and could easily be sent into shock again or into an angry outburst.  Emily sat there talking to him hoping that her presence would somehow help heal him.  From what she told me it was going great for thirty minutes or so but then he went into a fit where he just raved about how "the monster" was coming for him.  While the doctors were trying to calm him down he mentioned his blog and Emily being Emily decided to investigate it.

Unfortunately she became "infected" by the knowledge of his existence much faster the Fred had, she saw him the next day.  Emily didn't become depressed or shut herself off from everyone, like Fred, instead she seemed to developed tranquil fury.  Emily was determined to do something about Slender Man which only became worse later that week when Fred disappeared from the hospital.  That was the last straw for Emily.  Not long later she decided that she would try to kill this thing.

She came over to see me that night and she told me about what happened to Fred.  She needed someone to talk to and since I had already seen the blog I seemed like the best choice I guess.  She told me that she was going to do something about it and left.  For the first time in, I forget, two months I went to "A Stupid Summer Assignment" and was shocked by what I read and the steady decline of Fred's sanity.  I ran after Emily to persuade to not try and kill Him but when I went to her house her dad said she wasn't there.  Those words hit me like a ton of bricks for I never imagined she would try to kill Him so soon.  Later that night the police called her parents to say they found Emily in the park impaled on the branches of a tree.

I'm so sorry Emily.

Witnesses told the police that when she got to the park she pulled a hand gun out of her purse and started to fire in the air yell, "Where are you you bastard!  Show yourself you fucking piece of shit!"  Many people ran but a few lingered to see who see was firing at.  Many at the time thought Emily had lost it because of Fred's disappearance, but now they believe she found the person that killed him and his brother because who else would have killed her in such a horrible way.  The thing that worries me is that Slender Man evidently talked to her because some witnesses remember her shouting, "What do you mean?" and "No you're a liar!"

I'm done for the night I can't continue.  Tomorrow I'll tell you why I started this as well as a bit about myself.

I'm sorry everyone.  I'm sorry.