Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Fucking Christmas Part 2

Note: sorry for the 2 parter blogger wouldn't let me edit that previous post for some reason.

"Tell your master that my herald is off limits from the likes of you."  I swear that I heard Fred growl before retreating.  The masked man turned towards me and I noticed that his eyes were different colors, one a light blue the second a bright reddish orange.  "You should be able to leave this town now.  I suggest that you hurry."

"Hold on.  Who are you," I called after him,but he disappeared without an answer. I ran back to my RV deciding to leave this town as soon as possible.   On the way out I learned the name of the town that I'm in, Stirling City.  I passed by the library and I can tell you that the moment I saw it I floored it the hell out of the city.  Here's the really odd part, I was in South Carolina when I entered and at New Hampshire when I exited.  Eldritch Location, joy. Needless to say I spent most of the day just trying to calm down enough to write this post for you guys.  I need a break.  Night.

P.S.  How was your Christmas?

Merry Fucking Christmas

You won't believe all the shit I just went through today.  I woke up at about 11, I know I'm a late sleeper, to find the mask from the coded video right up in my face.

"HELLLO Kyle!"  I instantly grabbed the small handgun that I had been hiding in my pillow and fired blindly.  The shot missed him by a mile, but it got both him and the sword that he had been holding away from me.  "That's cheating!  Everyone knows that that the Blessed and their Heathen prey are only suppose to fight with melee weapon, no firearms.  Where is your sense of honor?"  I must admit I laugh pretty hard at that.

"Who the fuck are you behind that shitty mask," I questioned, but he just laughed.

"Come find out." the Warrior answered regaining his composure and holding up his sword.  I answered by holding up my gun.

"I'm not going to miss this time," I insured him while holding the gun straight at his face/mask.

"Go on ahead then," he told me, all the while chuckling and holding out his arms.  I think he thought that I wouldn't be able to pull the trigger, he was wrong.  The bullet went straight towards his head but it never hit.  Instead it stopped in midair, caught by a black tentacle. My eyes opened wide as I saw the Warrior's master, no god, standing by the door.

"Damn." I stumbled backwards.

"My lord," said the Warrior, bowing.

I ran.  I took the opportunity and ran while I had a chance fully expecting that the Slender Man's tentacles would grab me and rip  me to pieces, but instead he let me pass him out into the hallway.  I ran down the stairs, into the lobby, out into the town which for some weird reason had no snow despite there being a horrible blizzard the night before.  I noticed that the people were acting odd too. They didn't notice the crazy guy that ran out of a building screaming for help, me, and they also acted... odd.  They didn't walk with purpose they sort of just walked with blank looks in their eyes, similar to apathy syndrome but not as bad I guess.  Next I heard a thud and realized it was me falling to the ground.  The Warrior was on top of me with his sword aimed at me.

"And now I free you."  I fired my gun, which I hadn't let go of since I grabbed it,and was lucky enough that I hit his sword that he dropped in surprise.  I quickly punched him as hard as I could sending both him and his mask both backwards.

Fred.  It was Fred.  It was goddamn motherfucking Fred.  I was, still am, shocked that Fred survived his disappearance.  We all thought that he was dead, yet there he was in front of me; trying to kill me.

"Fred how are you alive?"

"The Dark Lord saved me and know I'll kill you so that you may be free," he shouted at me bringing the sword towards my gut.  This time it was I that was saved.  Another person grabbed the blade of the sword and threw both it and Fred aside into the road.  I looked to see the man who had saved me; he was tall, wore black jeans, gloves, and a hoodie with his hood up, oh and a white mask that had a line, what do you call that, done the middle.  My first thought was naturally another proxy, but that didn't seem right.  Why would they fight like this.

"Th-thanks," was all I managed to mutter.

"Of course."

"What are you doing here," yelled Fred at the man.  "You're suppose to be dead."


Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Blizzard

Happy Christmas Eve guys!  I hope you are all having a better Christmas Eve than I am.  On my way home I was suddenly hit by a blizzard and am now stuck in some strange town.  Worse I don't even know the name of the town, the snow was too thick and I bolted into the first hotel I could find, and knowing that I'm more or less stuck in a cosmic horror story I know that this will turn out bad.  Yet the thing that hits me hardest is that I won't be home for Christmas with my family.  Sucks, damnit.  On the bright side if I have no idea where the hell I am the Warrior shouldn't have any idea either. =P   ATM there isn't anything else for me to really do but sleep considering that there is a blizzard outside, so I believe that I'll head off for now and rest for tomorrow.

One last thing, Warrior, I know that you're coming soon and all but I thing you deserve a warning as you gave me one; remember I'm ready and I will kill you when you show your proxy ass.

From your friend,
 - Kyle L.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

30 Minutes

Well here we are thirty minutes from the end of the world so exciting!!  I'm sorry it's been a while since I posted, but that lead I mentioned turned out to be a bust.  Slender Man did seem to be involved but no witnesses saw him and all the victim left was a note saying, "the tree watches me."  Not much point posting the interview.  Anyway this post is more or less just to let you all know I'm still alive, atleast for another 30 minutes. ^_^

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Well it turns out Source is having difficulties logging into his profile so he was kind enough to send me what he more or less would have ended up saying.

"Kyle, are you that dense you can't figure out the code?
It's using the PokeDex, 26 letters in the alphabet and one of the first 26 in each region. Also, Warrior, you are pathetic at this attempt to scare Kyle it really kind of lame. I think your "master" would be very disappointed in this feeble attempt. To prove that I am not bluffing at figuring out your so call "little game" here:

Hello Kyle you’ve been investigating my masters personal life and he is not happy about the breach of privacy so now he has sent me to deal  with you I look forward to fucking with you I hope we will have lots of fun sincerely the warrior"

Ass. The code was weird and I'm kind of stressed out so it made it hard 'k?  And now that I'm over that, Warrior I don't care if Slendy isn't happy Ive been snooping around his life and don't worry I'm sure we'll have tons of fun. ;)  Now go burn in Hell.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy 12/12/12

     ^I didn't even notice the date until just this moment lol.  9 more days til the end of the world. 
Did I mention 9 is my lucky number?

     On topic Source found me a new interviewee and I'm going to visit this person now.  Source also told me to he has an "announcement" tomorrow that he wants to post on the blog, so we'll see that tomorrow.  And final thing to note; had more of a chat with my proxy yesterday and frankly the whole thing was a waste of time.  That's all for now.  Sorry for wasting your time with this post.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Hey guys it's me Kyle.  I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while been kind of lost, no really I got lost yesterday.  Anyway Mr. Proxy I'm posting today because I want to talk to you.  I know that you have my Blogger password so just log on and edit the post so we can communicate.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Sorry to keep you fools waiting but I've been doing some work for my lord the past week.  I've had to help some of the other Blessed deal with Heathens.  We had a lot of fun doing our sacred duty.  But enough of that... wait, wait you Heathens still think I'm Kyle don't you?  Hahahahahaha.  No.  If you kept up with him you would have known that I hijacked this account he in order to introduce myself, so who am I well I'll let you figure my Blessed name.  So Kyle while we're on the subject I know how much you love games(the blog title made that obvious) so here is some Pokemon just for you.


Also I'll give you back your account for now but I'll still borrow it just for the lolz.  Have a good night Heathens =D