Thursday, May 15, 2014

Postie Post McPostenberger

Trish here again, and again Virgil picked the title as always.  Something happened last week and I've been trying to get Virgil to type up what happened, but he just won't do it.  I'm not sure why but he had an incredibly serious look whenever I brought it up.  Though he did say I could post something about it if I wanted to.

Anyway this started out about how you'd think a typical blog post would start out.  With Virgil yelling about his Captain Crunch.  I walked out of the RV's bathroom to see Spectator sitting at the table eating more of Virgil's favorite cereal.

"Relax buddy," Spectator told Virgil while taking another handful of cereal.  "I'm here to make a proposition with you."

"Get out,"  Virgil said pulling out a gun and pointing it at Spectator.

"I haven't even told you what the deal is at least hear me out.  Also a gun?  That's cute that you think your little human toy will work on me.  Going to hit me with one of those rubber baby hammers next?"

"Of course I don't but it would make me feel better if I did shoot you.  And no deal whatever it is.  Kyle made a deal with Door and look how that worked for him."

"Fair point.  Here is my counterpoint Sourcey," and he handed over some newspapers to Virgil.  "Hey there Trish.  How's life with this crazy Source of entertainment?  Seen a lot of deers recently?"

"No, we've been lucky with Stag."

"Good, good to hear."

"So?" asked Virgil, "You used a website to make a newspaper.  I can do that too." 

"What?  This is as legit as it gets."

"Sure it is," Virgil said, "that's why this paper has a witness reporting about, 'a masked boy that was shooting flames from his hands.'  Please isn't that a little to obvious, Mr. super-special-awesome-eldritch-abomination.  Even worse," Virgil started than pointed at something on the paper to finish.

Spectator shrugged, "Are you really doubting that a being such as me could do something as small as that.  You really are crazy, Sourcey."

"Uh, what's this about?  Virgil what do the newspapers say?" I asked because I has no idea what was going on between the two.

"He's trying to sell me some bullshit about Door and I'm not buying," Virgil explained.  Didn't really help me.

"But Source here really should because I'm just trying to prepare him for when Door shows up."

"Wait, so like Kyle is out again?" I asked.

"No," Virgil adamently said.

 "But he will and soon."

"Will you please just get out and leave my damn cereal."

"Nope, because I want to teach you a way to defend yourself against all the crazy of the universe.  Yourself included.  Sort of, kind of, maybe not."

"What?"  This one was from the two of us.  Spectator leaned in closer to Virgil and whispered something to him.  His mood completely shifted when he heard whatever it was that Spectator told him made him much more serious.  Up until this point Virgil was annoyed by Spectator but this was different.

He turned to me, "Trish, would you mind leaving me alone to talk to Uatu the Asshole?"

"But-" I started.

"Trish, I gave you the space you needed after the what happened in January, so please do the same for me now."

"Uh, sure if you want.  I guess it's fine and all."

"Be seeing you Trish," Spectator said with a creepy little wave to me.

"Thank you."  I went outside the RV to give Virgil the time he wanted and to get some fresh air.  Not much to write about after that because when I went back in Virgil was by himself and refused to talk about it.

You know I want to be of more help.  Virgil was nice enough to take me in after he and Kyle helped me in a moment of desperate need, and I've done nothing to help him.  Fuck I got him in much more trouble actually.  He tries so hard to protect me by keeping me out of things like with his conversation with Spectator, and I'm happy he cares enough to try and protect me you know, but I want to help.  Now I'm living off him and not doing anything to help no matter how much I might want to, but he won't let me.  You know?