Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Book of Slender 1:1 - 41

Hello there readers of Kyle and Source's blog.  It's Saintwalker as I'm sure you've guessed by the title.  I thought it was about time I posted something so I had someone crack Virgil's password in traditional proxy fashion, so I could introduce you to a project of mine.  I am making an effort to create a bible worthy of our God to help new members and interested persons understand our organization.  It is tiring work to tell the story of God, his saints, and the rest of us but I find it to be very rewarding myself.  Here is the account of the Creation, best as I can understand it, because might as well start at the beginning.

In the beginning there was only him, our God,  1
Alone he dwelled in the emptiness,
Until God decided to fill the universe,
With beauty and life.
He experimented with the layout of the universe,    5
Until finally God was satisfied with its beauty.
Now there was just one thing left to do,
The most important thing,
To create life to occupy this new universe.
God knew the difficulty of the task though,    10
For the perfect universe God,
Would need the perfect life form,
So our God chose one small,
Insignificant rock to be his Eden.
Here he would produce his masterpieces.   15
God started small with the creatures he made,
But gradually grew them, split them,
Evolved them until the creatures reached,
Their peak.
But God was not satisfied with the    20
Creatures that he had produced;
They were giants that towered over,
The mountains themselves,
 Made for air, land, and sea
And among the best, natural, hunters    25
The world was destined to see. 
Yet they did not possess the spark,
That God had hoped they would.
These monsters were fast, strong,
Clever, and above all entertaining,   30
But God did not want a universe filled,
With chaotic slaughter and bloodshed.
So God restarted his Eden leaving only
A fraction of what was left prior.
This time God did not make his creations    35
As large or as strong.
Forcing them to rely on intellect and cunning,
To survive.
And from this thought process God,
birthed his most favored life form,    40

So there you go.  Feel free to critique and make suggestion as I don't really have an editor so I'll just use peer review.  Next timeIdontevenwatchthat I'll give the origins of the multiverse and the Fears.  Have a good Halloween everyone.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Maleficent's Revenge

Sorry Batman distracted me from posting. IT'S SO GOOD! Troy Baker is a god among voice actors. YES!!!! Goes without saying. C͏̛́͢à̢̢n̶̕͟͝͡'̸̢͢t͘͠͠͡ ̨́̀͠͠a̴͝r̴̨̀g̶͏͏͝u̴͢͟ę̸̵͞.͏̢͘͏  Well I guess it's time to tell our readers about the interview. I went to the coma dudes house. Coma dude seriously? What do you want me to call him? Codename: Sleeping Beauty! Why the fuck not? So basically he answered the door and invited me in and I started the interview.

Me: There are several similar cases to what you have gone through. The symptoms being, slow talking, staring into the distance for long period of time, and finally falling into a coma after a one to two week period of the latter events happening. Would you confirm this to be similar to what happened to you in the past before finally waking up?

Sleepy: Yeah that about covers it.

Me: Do you know what you could trigger your coma? Like anything that you did or were around that was odd in your opinion that you remember?

Walt: If you mean any drug or weird fumes, no. Not that I can remember. But I was in a coma for a pretty long time.

Me: For the paper can you tell me the date you woke up?

Aurora (Keep in mind this guy is actually a dude): April 6th

Me: Seriously?


Me: reason? I know it's probably hard to remember but did you by a chance see a twenty point buck with highly elongated horn?

Prince Philip (There we go): You said you were a med student correct?

Me: Yeah?

Grumpy: Cut the bullshit or get out of my house

Me: Okay fine god. I'm not a med student but in my defense I doubt most people would talk to me if I didn't make up an excuse like that. Plus most people have been believing the acid trip excuse.

Snow White: So you're here about the deer?

Me: So you did see it?

Insert Disney Character here: You still haven't answered my question.

Me: Well given that I personally met it yeah

Recycle name: Wait you met the Deer?

Me: Yeah If it wasn't for another entity I probably would be in the boat you were in for those many years.

King Stephan (Google saved my life): So let me get this straight you not only me the deer physically but also another entity?

Me: You don't know about the Fears do you? Meh...It's best you don't find out. Bottom line yes.

(Oh man it's hard to keep this joke going): That's amazing I've never seen him manifest in the real world before.

Me: Oh fuck! You're telling me that him showing up here hasn't happened before.

Coma dude: No, I've only seen him in my dreams or when I spaced out.

Me: And you said you woke up April 6th right?

Coma dude: Yeah I'm pretty sure I know the day I woke up.

Me: Well just to make sure I covered everything, what happened in your extremely long sleep?

And now he becomes the Narrator:  What I remember is a lot of flashes of people I knew like my wife, parents, friends.  But all it was, was just those people smiling or saying, "hello."  It was really simple, but it made you really happy all the same.  But then, then my family started to say something different instead of "hello," it was, "wake up," or, "please wake up."  I was confused.  Why would they tell me that I needed to wake up when I was so satisfied?  Then it happened my mind realized it was being trick and I saw.  This time though for real.  What I saw looked like a... I don't know rows of tall, crystal towers each of which contained a persons standing still with their eyes closed.  They were, for lack of a better word, sleeping like I was.  Then the Deer appeared in front of me and said something, but I only remember parts of it.  Uh, I think it said something about how I shouldn't have been able to awake, how things were changing soon, and that I learned my lesson or some bullshit like that then I woke up.  Now here, we are a few months later.

Me: So you saw his dimension too huh?

Coma dude: You mean you escaped from that place also?

Me: Dragged out is more accurate.

Coma dude: Anything else you need to know?

Me: Not that I can think of but I'll call if I think of something.

After that I left his place and drove in a random direction as usual. Best to keep stuff off our trail as best as possible. And if you guys don't realize what April 6th is here you go. I still need to piece things together but April 6th is a puzzle to a picture that's coming together nicely.

Friday, October 25, 2013


You know that meeting I was suppose to have right?  Yeah it got delayed for a bit for reasons.  Not fear reasons mind you.  Yeah, they've left us alone.  The man I was suppose to meet said he was visiting family and just asked if we hold off a bit on the meeting.  Until today that is.  I'll post the full dialogue tomorrow for everyone to see.

Also, Trish has been having night terrors recently, and I was wondering if that's normal for average runners because I'm not normal according to Kyle.  We've got God Mode on!  No.  It was a Mary-Sue complex.  Not the point.  Point is that I'm new to this and it doesn't seem natural for someone to wake up screaming in the middle of the night, but we've got serious shit to deal with so maybe it is.  Thanks for the advice.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Trish Logs 2: Trish Strikes Back

Hey everyone.  It's Trish again.  Virgil asked me to make a post for him, because he's too busy playing the new Pokemon whatever game that just came out.  Isn't he a bit old for those kid games btw?  I mean most of the people I know stopped playing that at like 10.  Also he picked the title not me.

Anyway, I'm suppose to write about what Virgil found out from Spectator's note that the proxy gave him.  He looked into some of the dates, names, and locations listed and found out that each victim listed is in a coma.  At first Virgil was lost on why Spectator would give him a list of coma victims until I reminded him he was in a coma after Stagnation appeared.

"Some of these dates are from decades ago."


"So I thought deer boy was a new thing, but maybe not.  It looks like he's been a dick to people since at least the 50's maybe even longer."

Since then Virgil has been looking up family members of the coma victims and phone numbers to contact them.  He tells them that he is a med student who is writing an essay on them or some other BS like that because he thinks there is something unnatural about their comas.  Some of them were willing to talk, but others of course didn't want to talk about it.  From what I gather most of the victims started to slow down a week or two before they fell into a coma, they talked slower and often about stillness, and often froze up for a few seconds just staring at nothing.  The kicker was when he asked about deer.  Of course most of the people were confused why he would bring up deer, but Virgil explained that he believed that the person often saw a deer when tripping or as he put it "A hallucination of a deer seems to be a common symptom for patients."  Some people hung up right there but others said that the person did mention often dreaming about the victim.  Oh but here is the best part.  One of the people that was on the coma victims list actually answered the phone.  Virgil is suppose to meet with him later this week that is if he ever stops playing Pokemon and moves his ass.

So I guess that's all for this post.  See you.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

BLUE LANTERN?! No not really just a guy using the name of one-_- My favorite one-_-

I was visited today. At a rest stop of all places. It was by that proxy that Runner mentioned. I don't like him he's too friendly it's really creepy. Maybe I should explain myself a little. It all started with a knock at the door. I answered hold my gun behind me at the ready, for insurance reasons. A guy that looked like one of those annoying door-to-door church people was standing there. He looked about forty something.

"Hey there.  How are doing?  I'm your proxy!," the proxy said,  "I just wanted to say hello before we had to try to kill each other," he explained, "Sorry about that by the way, but it's part of the job by the way," he told me, "You know how it is.  Oh call me Saintwalker by the way," that statement annoyed me, "I heard you're a DC fan so I thought I would borrow a name from them, plus the name kind of fit.  So, want to play some Brawl."

"I am not calling you Saintwalker," I told him annoyed.

"Why?" he asked

"Well for one you don't care for the hope of the entire universe," I replied, "In fact you and your buddies, also your master and his rivals tend to work more towards the universes demise."

"No, no, no, you miss understand I do my work for the benefit of the universe," he told me

"Yeah and so are the Cyberman," I replied

"Everyone miss understands at first," he said, "Either way I am not here to bug you with that," he told me, "Wanna play Brawl? I call Pit."

"I don't play Smash Bros," I told him.

"Come on man everybody plays Brawl," Walk retorted

"Not everyone cause I don't," I told Walk, "Now could you please leave cause this kindness coming from a proxy is just creepy as hell."

"Look I'm just trying to be nice to you," he told me, "I really hate the killing part," he explained, "I rather convert than kill."

"You might as well give up on the converting bullshit," I told him, "Especially cause of what I have gone through, my home town burning down, my best friend breaking my mind cause of your bullshit 'religion', and now I'm permanently on the run thanks to you people."

"I don't believe anyone one is unsaveable," he said

"Well you better start believing cause I am not joining you or your more psychopathic friend," I told the false lantern.

"Well, we'll see about that," he said, "I have my own game wanna play Mario Kart?" he asked

"Not really Nintendo console guy," I told him.

"I guess I'll got then, give my regards to Trish," he told me, "Oh! This guy wanted  me to give you this, he said he had an event to go to," he said handing me a piece of paper with names, places, and dates on it.

Well that's all that happened today. If you noticed the other voices weren't talking it's cause we are all annoyed by the creepiness of the False Walker.