Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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Well I've had a great time here at home for the past week I think(it was a week right?).  Seeing uncle John was really nice even if he did have to leave Friday.  I played Risk with mom and dad, beat some noobs in Black Ops 2, and I had a lot of time to simply think.  I believe it was during a game of Risk that I had my epiphany.  Right as I was sending in troops to retake Japan it came to me... we're doomed.  I'm doomed.  We are trying to fight a god, an almighty god, how can we mere mortals do anything to counter a god?!  To this master of the universe we are less than ants, so what is the point fighting.  All hail Slender Man!  all hail slender man  So yeah I'm done.  I'm done wasting my time on this shit.  All you other runners out there listen up, we are all fucked up the ass so realize that now and just give in to fate!  Stop trying to stop the inevitable and get on with your lives.  Just pretend you never saw him and let him do what he wants with others.  I mean it isn't like you can stop him, right?  so yeah yeah other runners give up cause we're all fucked and just move on with your lives.  i will.

                                                                                                         so long 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Hey everyone I just got on to say happy Thanksgiving!  I got home late yesterday and have been spending time with mom & dad.  Uncle John was even able to make it!  The best part of it is there has  been no sighting of a certain tall fellow around town.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Break Time

Hey readers, I just wanted to say that I'm going home for Thanksgiving, left this morning, and chances are that I won't post on this blog until the week after Thanksgiving.  I'll probably update on Twitter if anybody has nothing better to do than see my quick updates about seeing my family again.

Happy Slender Man free Thanksgiving everyone.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Interview #6

Thursday I was sitting at a Pizza Hut in the local town I stopped at while looking at some of my old interviews, and other cases of stalkings, while waiting for my pizza.  I was doing the usual, looking at what causes a stalking again and what can delay a taking.  Then a group of three local college students about my age walked by my table talking about about their latest "conquests" when one turned one them saw my notes turned to his friends said, "Hey guys I'll be there in a sec." before sitting down at my table.
K:  Yes?
?:  You've seen him haven't you?
K:  Who?
?:  Him. <pointing at my notes>  The Slender Man.
K: <Thinking it was just a fan of Slender bugging me, you'd be surprised how many I get.>  Yeah, how many pages did you get?
?:  I'm not talking about the game I'm talking about the real fucking thing.
K:  Look I - <I looked at his eyes and I know I say this a lot but you really can see if someone saw Slendy by their eyes.  We have a unique look in our eyes.>  What happened?  When did you see him?  How long?
<He stares at me for a bit.>
?:  Four years I think.
K:  Four year?!
?:  Yeah.  What about you?
K:  I saw him for the first time about uh seven months ago.  I lost two friends.
?:  I lost my younger step brother.  We were watching that weird show about pirates ugh what was it called?
K:  Please tell it wasn-
?:  Flapjack!  That's what we were watching.  Wait wasn't what?
K:  Nothing.
?:  Wait you thought I meant that show the Hybrids watched, Candle Cove.
K:  I would prefer that over the piece of shit, Flapjack.
?:  Hey I liked that show.
K:  Whatever.  So what was happened while you were were watching this -
?2: Hey when are you going to join us at our table?
?:  I'll be over in a minute.
?2: Kay man.
K: So?
?:  So me and my step brother were watching Flapjack when he goes, "whose that?"  I turned to see him pointing out the window at a man in a suit on our lawn.  I called my mom and dad to my little brother's room and asked them if they knew the guy.  They looked out the window saying no and suddenly the guy walked away.  My parents called the police to inform them of suspicious activity and the policed thanked them and told them they would keep a look out for strange activity.  Honestly I didn't think it was the end of it, but the police later caught a guy named Jerry Thomas Palmer, who was known for wearing suits, breaking into someone else's house so everyone else did.  A week later me and my little brother were going to the mall when that guy was following us.  We were only a minute away from the mall where I figured we would be safe, so I leaned towards my brother and told him to run at the next corner.  We were both ready to break into a run when he was suddenly in front of us.  We both jumped backwards frightened noticing for the first time his lack of a face.  Then came the tentacles.  Six long, black tentacles shot out of his back and grabbed my little brother.  I tried to help but Slender Man bitch slapped me on to the ground then was gone.  The police told me that they kidnapper must have drugged me with something that caused me to hallucinate when I described my story.
K:  Did they run any tests to see?
?:  Actually yeah and they found traces of some drug but I can't remember the name.
Waitress:  Here is your pizza sir.
K:  Thanks.
?:  I should get back to my friends.
K:  Why did you describe your story to me?
?: <pauses and thinks for a bit> Honestly I'm not sure.
K:  Ok, thanks for telling me anyway.
?:  Sure no problem.  Why did I?

Monday, November 12, 2012


Well after all that Noah lived!  Noah spent the first part of the interview getting drunker and getting bitched at by people to disable the chat because of lag, which kind of shocked me because my computer was fine and it was broke for a while today.  Noah couldn't disable the chat for whatever reason and we waited for 11:11 while Noah talked about being ready to die though to me he seemed to be trying to reassure himself. *shrugs*  When the time finally came nothing happened.  Nothing.  After a few minutes someone said to check his twitter and we got this message, "im holding him off as much as i can noah. hang in there. ~ F" and Noah being the graceful man that he is responded with this "go suck a dick, F. ~ Noah".  Noah was then being an emo and whining for 20(?) minutes but finally decided that he wanted to live after this, "im trying to save you, you ungrateful fuck. i dont know ho much longer i can hold him. ~ F".  One thing I want to point out notice how F only posts in lowercase except his name the opposite of the Observer (except that one time he was mocking that guy XD) and the opposite of Habit as well hmm.  Then a minute after midnight Noah saw someone offscreen and shit went down.  It was silent except for some Dubstep that was playing for a few minutes while we viewer were all saying WHAT THE FUCK?  Luckily he recorded something but judging by Noah's The Scream face it was fucked up and he stayed he might show it to us later and that he would need to think on it.

So who is this F that saved Noah?  What is on the video?  Well here are a few theories.  Regarding F the first is that he is Firebrand(Milo?) due to the mystic shit that went down that is a trait of the Collective.  The second was that it was someone one the manifest which brought of something very weird we saw a different F on the manifest than Noah did.  What does this mean, not sure he could have just been to drunk. *shrugs again*  The video well I think it may have been a video from when the Observer forced him to kill Kat.  Another livestream watcher raised the point that it may have been Jeff's murder because the music played during the video is similar, but why would Habit who is at least as power as the collective let the Observer have the video?  Doesn't Habit HATE the Slender Man and why would he care about Noah?  

Well there is my late night summary and theories.  If you watched too and noticed something I missed pleas write it in the comments section below.  Now I'm tired and in the words of Noah I'm, "Going to sleep now."

Edit 11/12/12 9:04 PM:  Noah posted the first of two videos from last night.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Interview #5

     This time I decided to introduce you readers to Source through the Skype conversion we had when he told be about Beth.

     Necessary note, Leold is not my real last name I just bullshitted something.  So I met up with Beth Thursday.
K:  Hi Beth, I'm Kyle.
B:  Yeah I guessed that.
K:  Just thought you would want to be sure.
B:  Whatever.
K:  Sooo are you going to let me in?
B:  Oh yeah, sure.
K:  So what's this video Source told me about.
B:  It's the final video from when my sister was put into a mental institution before she disappeared.
K:  Wow.
B:  Poor Kelly had been seeing things for years, she was a schizophrenic you see, but it was more or less manageable up until last year when we were forced to take drastic measures.  Here take a seat. <Beth inserts the tape and a girl appears on the TV that reminded me of Emily which honestly sent a shiver down my spine.>
K:  How old is she?
B:  Seventeen.
Ke: Doctor what do you want?
Dr: I wanted to see how you've been Kelly.
Ke: Okay.  Can I go back to my room now?
Dr: Not yet.  I've heard reports that you've been screaming in the night is that true?
Ke: Yes doctor.
Dr: What is causing your screaming are you having nightmares?
Ke: No doctor it the scary man that visits me and his friends some days.
Dr: Now Kelly you need to remember this man isn't real-
Ke: Yes he is.
Dr: Then why did a security guard tell me that he didn't see anything in your room when he went to investigate?
Ke: Because he didn't want Mr. Cross to see him. They never see him until its to late that's how it always begins.  Doctor why have so many heroes fallen?
Dr: What heroes Kelly?
Ke: The ones that are brave enough to fight back, to inspire courage, that help others.  I've never met them but I can feel when they fall, it f-
K:  Pause it.
B:  Why?
K:  Rewind a bit WAIT there.  Look beside the door.
B:  Shit it's that guy, the Slender Man.  I've seen this at least five time before but I've never seen him in it before.
K:  I'm not not surprised since he seems to use a perception filter.
B:  A what?
K:  Never mind.
<Tape starts to play again.> 
Ke: -ll, it feels horrible it tortures me knowing that the scales shift in his favor and that I can do nothing to help.
Dr: Kelly we've talked about this before remember?  This is just your mind playing tricks on you because of your disorder.  You need to realize that then you can go back home like before.
Ke: No doctor I can tell the hallucinations from reality well most of the time I do slip ever now and them, but the scary man is real.  <pause> You're next. Remember you will face more than just the scary man but you have to stay strong Kyle.
K:  What the fuck!?  Was that all was on the tape!?
B:  Uh no it wasn't she always talked to m- to the family at that point.  <rewinds>
Ke: Mom, Dad, Beth it's almost my time just remember to keep your eyes open. 
Dr: Now Kelly you are safe in her you don't need to worry.
Ke: Good-bye to you too doctor.  I'll miss you too.  You're so nice and you do try hard.
Dr: Why thank you Kelly I like you too, but I'm afraid I need to go, its my son's birthday, and you need to return to your room. 
Ke: Happy birthday to your son.
Dr: Thank you Kelly.
<Tape ends there>
B:  I think you should go now.
K:  What?
B:  You've seen the video now please leave.
K:  Okay, sure.  Before I leave can I ask one question, why did you show this to me?
B:  Because Kelly would disappear two days later the same day your friend disappeared from his mental hospital.

And there is the entire interview.  As I'm sure you've noticed Beth was very cold and kinda of a bitch but she was going through a lot.  That part of the tape where she addressed me that was pretty creepy too.  I need more time to think on this one.

But the scariest part was when I left.  He was standing on the roof of the building across the street just staring down at Beth and I, so much for rule 1.  This was the first time I saw him in person and to be honest I almost shit my pants when I noticed him.  But the truly odd part was the way Slendy seemed to ignore me.  Instead when I walked away he seemed to be "looking" at Beth instead.  I feel like tough times are coming for her.   

As always feel free to comment below.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall Cleaning

     So I was looking through some old posts and wow did I make some spelling errors(and grammar too), and I just wanted to give you readers a heads up that if a post looks different it probably is.  I'm not making any dramatic changes or anything just fixing some dumbass mistakes I made.  Man I really need to proofread better.

     On another note Source found me a new lead and we've agreed to meet Thursday, so the next interview should be up Saturday hopefully.