Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Fuck Happened? No Really

Like I said in the last post something changed when I saw Naomi get up after I killed her a third time.  It's hard toodescribe what exactly happen, but I didn't feel like myself anymore.  I felt an almost inhuman rage within me.  Next thing I know I'm holding her up in the air by the face with her screaming in pain.  Why was she screaming in pain?   She was on fire somehowbeingburnt to a crisp. Worse I don't think it was just her body that was being burn, but her soul as well.  That's only based on a feelingand screaming that lasted after her body was reduced to dust, but that could have only been the Path fucking with me.  This time I'm sure Cutie Mark won't be bothering me ever again.  I wish I knew how that came to happen.

I've been wandering around since then hoping to found an exit with no luck, but I did find something more interesting, Stirling City.  It's exactly like it was when I last visited on Christmas, and there are people in here too except they treat you like a silent from doctor who; they moment they aren't paying attention to you they forget about you until you taaalk to them again or something.  It's weird that a city is in the path, but I don't believe it is the city itself but a moment of time that Slender Man has collected.  Specifically, the moment from the first photograph that Victor Surge posted.  Should I look for the park?  No that would be the stupidest thing I can do.  But I do need to find an exit.  


  1. You burned her? This is bad. This is bad. Fuck, this is bad. Not just for us, either. Fire burns both ways.

    1. I'm sorry can you elaborate some, pHIL?

    2. No can do. Azoth has a memory, but it plays it's cards close to it's chest, all I get is flashes. This has happened before, I'm sure, and it ended badly for all involved. Links to something far older than any of us, something of power. Something that should be dead.