Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Message from Kyle Brought to You by the Path of Black Leaves!!!!1!!1!

Not does the Path have amazing wifi, but it also improved my 3DS's browserso I can use Blogger on it.  Thinking about getting a house here there are plenty.

On topic, continuing from where Virgil left off.  I had tackled CM at the exact moment that she shifted into the Path bringing me along too.  It felt weird for me going into the path fot the first time,but I had bigger things to worry about.  CM pushed me off of her, "This was unplaned... but I can work with it."   And then that bright haired, zombie bitch started up her teleporting attack again.  This time I wasn't lucky enough to punch her and long story short I got a lot of cutss and holes in me. Fucking hurt btw.   I couldn't do anything until she shifted back with two little knives lodged into her back; thanks Virgil!  I shoved my knife through the front of the throat then twisted her head to shatter her spinal cord or whatever.  Like the headshot this worked for about aminute then didn't.  I guess that azoth can conduct the signals to the other nerves or something, I don't know there is someone science fair there.  Something changed when she got up.  Then... I'll have tofinish later I can't finish now.The next part is hard to tell and I'm still figuring shit out.


  1. Wait, the post says it's past 7 tomorrow, but it has only been four hours since I've shifted over. That's annoying.

  2. Lucky you. Most of my electronics get fucked over in any Slendy related presence.

    1. Oh and by the way. GET OUT OF THERE. The Path will completely fuck you over as well.

    2. If I knew how to get out I would be, but you don't need to tell me how it'll fuck me up I've been reedingyour trainer's records of his time in.