Sunday, December 22, 2013

Spectator's Christmas Present

Well we had a weird before Christmas event, War came and visited at Trish’s dad’s place of all places.  Well technically it’s Trish’s dad’s father’s friend’s house that he is looking after.  Not important, point is War is here somehow.  (You can thank me later, but applause is needed. – Spectator.)   As you can see on War’s blog here he summarized everything for us and agreed to help with our little problem.  No really, the Unnamed Child is short, she is a kid.  Though I don’t think he has a choice as Spectator would let him leave anyway. Yeah Spectator is kind of brat. You’re one to talk. Hey I’m not a brat! 
But the real party happened yesterday, aka the Winter Solstice, and I mean it when I say we had a party.  And the first guest that arrived was Stag who Trish and I notice standing outside of the house.

“Everybody out the back now!” I yelled.

“Why?” War asked as he grabbed his weapon and started to head towards the back.

“Let’s just say there is an evil Xerneas out there,” I said dragging War out the door faster.

“What’s a Xerneas?” 

“Giant super-horned deer thing.”  We need to work on randomly naming things.

“Oh, Stagnation,” War said finally grasping what I meant.

The three of us made a mad dash outside where we jumped the fence and ran through some of the neighbors’ yards to escape the Miyazaki Rip-off.  One of the neighbors’ dogs tried to chase after us but out of nowhere *poof* Stag appeared.  Me and Trish ran to the left than ran straight past him and kept going forward, War took a sharp right and ran of getting separated from us, but the dog that was chasing us just suddenly drop probably joining Stag’s doll collection. 

Me and Trish kept going until we reached the deeper sections of the city where we stopped to catch our breath.  “Running… from… Hates… pretty damn good… exercise,” I said between breathes.  Did we really need to run from that guy?  Yeah, it does seem like a waste of energy.

“Oh god run!” Trish said before taking off down the city’s streets. 

“Goddamnit more running.”  I chased after her, not willing to leave her alone while Stag is after us, but when I looked back I didn't see anything behind us.

“What did you see,” I asked once I caught up to her.

“Eyes, those fucking red eyes.”

Then came the bigger surprise, Door. I then pulled out one of my M1911’s and aimed it at him.

“What do you want Pseudo?” I said to Door.

“Pseudo or not, and the answer is not, a gun is not going to kill me.”

“Maybe it won’t kill you, but that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt like a bitch.”

“But isn’t that your friend?” questioned Trish.

“Only in physical appearance.”

“Wow, you’re a dick,” Door deadpanned.

“Oh so this is new information.” 

Then War suddenly ran up towards me, “Oh good there you guys are.  Look we’ve got another issu- oh fuck is that Kyle?”

“Hey there Fred,” Door said waving.

“Virgil don’t tell me you plan on shooting him.”  

“Not in the head.  You’ve got to protect that pretty face.”

“Hey there pseudo.  Having fun in that separate dimension where I can’t see you like a little bitch,” said Spectator who appeared leaning on Door’s shoulder.

“Ugh, you.”

“Ah, so friendly.”

“What do you want?”

“I was here to give you a Christmas present.” 

“But it’s not Christmas yet,” I added then under my breath.

”But little Source the Solstice is OUR Christmas.”

“While do I feel like you’re BSing me since you did say you can’t tell mortal time.”

“Damnit he’s catching on to me,” gasped Spectator.

“Do you mind?” Door rudely interpreted, “I was in the middle of something.”  Behind him the space started to ripple and fire and ice formed floating in the air behind him.

“Seems like a lot of people are in the middle of something.”

“Actually I do mind.  You see that guy there,” said Spectator pointing towards me, “he is my favorite tv show and I really wouldn’t like to see you cancel him.  So back off Cartoon Network.”

“First my host would like you to know that he enjoyed your joke.  Second do you really want to take me on during the Solstice?  I will make you my little bitch.”

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I’m sorry I can’t take you seriously,” Spectator paused and looked around really quick.  “We’ve got company.”  At that moment Stagnation appeared on the road behind me.

“Crap I thought we outran you.”

“That’s not all,” said War pointing to something else.  It looked like three giant people standing in a triangle
with their eyes closed, holding hands, and they were all made up of other smaller people.

“What?” said Trish.

“I wonder what happens when I put bullets into that.”

“Ah, it is you.  I knew it was you,” Spectator said to the new monstrosity.

 “He isn’t here,” I overheard Door mention.

“You’re right pseudo.”

“We’re fucked,” War muttered.

“Eh, I’ve gotten out of pretty bad situations before.”  Then it got worse, which I should have seen coming. Next I saw Slendy standing there behind Door.

When Door noticed Slendy behind him he jumped and floated away from him.  “Great you of all beings.”

Spectator teleported beside Slendy and put his arm around his shoulder, “Hey buddy how are you doing?  Long time no see.”  Naturally Slendy just stared straight ahead not reacting at all.  “That’s why I like you buddy, you don’t talk and you’re a great listener.”

Then our last guest the Unnamed Child arrived. 

“Damnit, where are the Easter Bunny and Master Chief.  John 117 was supposed to invite Solid Snake to the Christmas party this year and I still haven’t been invited.”

“Oh hey what are you doing here?” Spectator asked the Unnamed Child.  “Yeah, yeah I know that her mom is your property but that’s not what this about.  So, that’s not what this is about.  So what if they are planning to get rid of you that’s later.  Hey! No need for that kind of language young lady!  ‘Kay you want a fight we’ll give you a fight.”  Then he teleport over to Door and leaning over to him said, “Hey you might want to run again.  You don’t want to die a third time and you know what they say, third time is the charm.”  Then the entities all start to get ready for a fight with Stag lowering his head pointing out his antlers, the new guy just stood there, Door started to affect the space around him and engulf himself in a shield of ice and flames, the Child just glared, and Slendy had thousands of tentacles erupting out of him.  Spectator looked at the three of us standing there in awe, “Sorry kids, but this show is for adults only.” 

With that there was a snap and War, Trish, and myself all we all woke up on the couch in the living room. 

“Well that was a thing,” I said.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The 12 Fears of Chirstmas

On the 1st day of Christmas the Smiling Man gave to me 1 crimson Cypress.

On the 2nd day of Christmas the Dying Man gave to me two sibling shards and a crimson Cypress.

On the 3rd day of Christmas the Choir gave to me 3 banshees a screaming, two sibling shards, and a crimson Cypress.

On the 4th day of Christmas the Black dog gave to me 4 severed limbs, 3 banshees a screaming, two sibling shards, and a crimson Cypress.

On the 5th day of Christmas the Archangel gave to me 5 possessed corpses, 4 severed limbs, 3 banshees a screaming, two sibling shards, and a crimson Cypress.

On the 6th day of Christmas the Intrusion gave to me 6 nests a crawling, 5 possessed corpses, 4 severed limbs, 3 banshees a screaming, two sibling shards, and a crimson Cypress.

On the 7th day of Christmas the Plague Doctor gave to me 7 vials of doomsday juice, 6 nests a crawling, 5 possessed corpses, 4 severed limbs, 3 banshees a screaming, two sibling shards, and a crimson Cypress.

On the 8th day of Christmas the Intrusion gave to me 8 nests a crawling, 7 vials of doomsday juice, 6 nests a crawling, 5 possessed corpses, 4 severed limbs, 3 banshees a screaming, two sibling shards, and a crimson Cypress.

On the 9th day of Christmas the Wooden Girl gave to me 9 puppets dancing, 8 nests a crawling, 7 vials of doomsday juice, 6 nests a crawling, 5 possessed corpses, 4 severed limbs, 3 banshees a screaming, two sibling shards, and a crimson Cypress.

On the 10th day of Christmas the Grotesque gave to me 10 waking nightmares, 9 puppets dancing, 8 nests a crawling, 7 vials of doomsday juice, 6 nests a crawling, 5 possessed corpses, 4 severed limbs, 3 banshees a screaming, two sibling shards, and a crimson Cypress.

On the 11th day of Christmas EAT 11 ichors a spreading, 10 walking nightmares, 9 puppets dancing, 8 nests a crawling, 7 vials of doomsday juice, 6 nests a crawling, 5 possessed corpses, 4 severed limbs, 3 banshees a screaming, two sibling shards, and a crimson Cypress.

On 12th day of Christmas the Slender Man gave to me 12 proxies hunting, 11 ichors a spreading, 10 walking nightmares, 9 puppets dancing, 8 nests a crawling, 7 vials of doomsday juice, 6 nests a crawling, 5 possessed corpses, 4 severed limbs, 3 banshees a screaming, two sibling shards, and a crimson Cypress.

On the last day of Christmas the Quiet gave to me... nothing, absolutely nothing.


I can hear all of you at your computers thinking, "Did Source really just waste time with that?"  Yes, yes I did.  No we didn't!  That was not a waste guys.  Actually, I must agree with that prediction, it was a bit waste.  I don't know I thought it was fun.  Agreed.  Oh, oh I can't wait to hear our new song on the radio!  That may be going to far.

I didn't get on just to post my Christmas parody, but I've got some actual news too.  Last Saturday Trish asked me for a favor that I was really against.  For good reason.  Trish told me that we weren't that far from where she lives, about 3 hours, and she was hoping she could see her family and let them know she was okay.  I told her no at first but after a while she wore me down and I agreed to drive down there and we just arrived two hours ago.  I just know her house is going to be surrounded by proxies.  EXACTLY I'LL BE SO MUCH FUN.  I feel like my Christmas will be like Iron Man 3's.  Oh I wonder if I can get an Iron Man suit.  I want a Mark XXXIX armor.  Naturally we told Trish to be careful while we're here and not to leave the RV without us, because there are probably proxies looking for her.  I hope this turns out well for her.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Update Time!

Don't worry we're all alive! No that anyone seems to care about us three. Trish has been having bad dreams though. She won't tell me what about but I've noticed her falling asleep at strange intervals. Course I don't sleep like normal people anyway even before I went crazy. I blame the games we play. There is no conclusive proof of that. There kind of is actually. Shut it! You will never take video games away from me. Of coarse not we play them too. Plus the new Zelda is out I love that game series. Bottom line we are okay pretty much. Trish or I will let you know if anything comes up.

She was attacked when she earlier this week when she was sleeping I was up for some reason or another. I don't remember why I can't sleep anymore. Could have been the energy drinks. You know those don't effect us. Oh wait I remember it's cause I have been playing the Oracle games in the Zelda series. The idiot though we were both asleep, so I put a bullet in his head and splattered his grey-matter back of the RV. Sorry Kyle. Which woke her up and cause her to freak out for the next hour at me. Can you really blame her? We do seem like psychopaths, don't we? Hey I've told everyone I'm crazy. But it's a in control kind of crazy. While she yelled at me I cleaned up and moved the body outside where I burned it into ash. Now I need some sleep after driving for two or three days. Probably more. Source and his other selves signing off for now.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Book of Slender 1:1 - 41

Hello there readers of Kyle and Source's blog.  It's Saintwalker as I'm sure you've guessed by the title.  I thought it was about time I posted something so I had someone crack Virgil's password in traditional proxy fashion, so I could introduce you to a project of mine.  I am making an effort to create a bible worthy of our God to help new members and interested persons understand our organization.  It is tiring work to tell the story of God, his saints, and the rest of us but I find it to be very rewarding myself.  Here is the account of the Creation, best as I can understand it, because might as well start at the beginning.

In the beginning there was only him, our God,  1
Alone he dwelled in the emptiness,
Until God decided to fill the universe,
With beauty and life.
He experimented with the layout of the universe,    5
Until finally God was satisfied with its beauty.
Now there was just one thing left to do,
The most important thing,
To create life to occupy this new universe.
God knew the difficulty of the task though,    10
For the perfect universe God,
Would need the perfect life form,
So our God chose one small,
Insignificant rock to be his Eden.
Here he would produce his masterpieces.   15
God started small with the creatures he made,
But gradually grew them, split them,
Evolved them until the creatures reached,
Their peak.
But God was not satisfied with the    20
Creatures that he had produced;
They were giants that towered over,
The mountains themselves,
 Made for air, land, and sea
And among the best, natural, hunters    25
The world was destined to see. 
Yet they did not possess the spark,
That God had hoped they would.
These monsters were fast, strong,
Clever, and above all entertaining,   30
But God did not want a universe filled,
With chaotic slaughter and bloodshed.
So God restarted his Eden leaving only
A fraction of what was left prior.
This time God did not make his creations    35
As large or as strong.
Forcing them to rely on intellect and cunning,
To survive.
And from this thought process God,
birthed his most favored life form,    40

So there you go.  Feel free to critique and make suggestion as I don't really have an editor so I'll just use peer review.  Next timeIdontevenwatchthat I'll give the origins of the multiverse and the Fears.  Have a good Halloween everyone.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Maleficent's Revenge

Sorry Batman distracted me from posting. IT'S SO GOOD! Troy Baker is a god among voice actors. YES!!!! Goes without saying. C͏̛́͢à̢̢n̶̕͟͝͡'̸̢͢t͘͠͠͡ ̨́̀͠͠a̴͝r̴̨̀g̶͏͏͝u̴͢͟ę̸̵͞.͏̢͘͏  Well I guess it's time to tell our readers about the interview. I went to the coma dudes house. Coma dude seriously? What do you want me to call him? Codename: Sleeping Beauty! Why the fuck not? So basically he answered the door and invited me in and I started the interview.

Me: There are several similar cases to what you have gone through. The symptoms being, slow talking, staring into the distance for long period of time, and finally falling into a coma after a one to two week period of the latter events happening. Would you confirm this to be similar to what happened to you in the past before finally waking up?

Sleepy: Yeah that about covers it.

Me: Do you know what you could trigger your coma? Like anything that you did or were around that was odd in your opinion that you remember?

Walt: If you mean any drug or weird fumes, no. Not that I can remember. But I was in a coma for a pretty long time.

Me: For the paper can you tell me the date you woke up?

Aurora (Keep in mind this guy is actually a dude): April 6th

Me: Seriously?


Me: reason? I know it's probably hard to remember but did you by a chance see a twenty point buck with highly elongated horn?

Prince Philip (There we go): You said you were a med student correct?

Me: Yeah?

Grumpy: Cut the bullshit or get out of my house

Me: Okay fine god. I'm not a med student but in my defense I doubt most people would talk to me if I didn't make up an excuse like that. Plus most people have been believing the acid trip excuse.

Snow White: So you're here about the deer?

Me: So you did see it?

Insert Disney Character here: You still haven't answered my question.

Me: Well given that I personally met it yeah

Recycle name: Wait you met the Deer?

Me: Yeah If it wasn't for another entity I probably would be in the boat you were in for those many years.

King Stephan (Google saved my life): So let me get this straight you not only me the deer physically but also another entity?

Me: You don't know about the Fears do you? Meh...It's best you don't find out. Bottom line yes.

(Oh man it's hard to keep this joke going): That's amazing I've never seen him manifest in the real world before.

Me: Oh fuck! You're telling me that him showing up here hasn't happened before.

Coma dude: No, I've only seen him in my dreams or when I spaced out.

Me: And you said you woke up April 6th right?

Coma dude: Yeah I'm pretty sure I know the day I woke up.

Me: Well just to make sure I covered everything, what happened in your extremely long sleep?

And now he becomes the Narrator:  What I remember is a lot of flashes of people I knew like my wife, parents, friends.  But all it was, was just those people smiling or saying, "hello."  It was really simple, but it made you really happy all the same.  But then, then my family started to say something different instead of "hello," it was, "wake up," or, "please wake up."  I was confused.  Why would they tell me that I needed to wake up when I was so satisfied?  Then it happened my mind realized it was being trick and I saw.  This time though for real.  What I saw looked like a... I don't know rows of tall, crystal towers each of which contained a persons standing still with their eyes closed.  They were, for lack of a better word, sleeping like I was.  Then the Deer appeared in front of me and said something, but I only remember parts of it.  Uh, I think it said something about how I shouldn't have been able to awake, how things were changing soon, and that I learned my lesson or some bullshit like that then I woke up.  Now here, we are a few months later.

Me: So you saw his dimension too huh?

Coma dude: You mean you escaped from that place also?

Me: Dragged out is more accurate.

Coma dude: Anything else you need to know?

Me: Not that I can think of but I'll call if I think of something.

After that I left his place and drove in a random direction as usual. Best to keep stuff off our trail as best as possible. And if you guys don't realize what April 6th is here you go. I still need to piece things together but April 6th is a puzzle to a picture that's coming together nicely.

Friday, October 25, 2013


You know that meeting I was suppose to have right?  Yeah it got delayed for a bit for reasons.  Not fear reasons mind you.  Yeah, they've left us alone.  The man I was suppose to meet said he was visiting family and just asked if we hold off a bit on the meeting.  Until today that is.  I'll post the full dialogue tomorrow for everyone to see.

Also, Trish has been having night terrors recently, and I was wondering if that's normal for average runners because I'm not normal according to Kyle.  We've got God Mode on!  No.  It was a Mary-Sue complex.  Not the point.  Point is that I'm new to this and it doesn't seem natural for someone to wake up screaming in the middle of the night, but we've got serious shit to deal with so maybe it is.  Thanks for the advice.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Trish Logs 2: Trish Strikes Back

Hey everyone.  It's Trish again.  Virgil asked me to make a post for him, because he's too busy playing the new Pokemon whatever game that just came out.  Isn't he a bit old for those kid games btw?  I mean most of the people I know stopped playing that at like 10.  Also he picked the title not me.

Anyway, I'm suppose to write about what Virgil found out from Spectator's note that the proxy gave him.  He looked into some of the dates, names, and locations listed and found out that each victim listed is in a coma.  At first Virgil was lost on why Spectator would give him a list of coma victims until I reminded him he was in a coma after Stagnation appeared.

"Some of these dates are from decades ago."


"So I thought deer boy was a new thing, but maybe not.  It looks like he's been a dick to people since at least the 50's maybe even longer."

Since then Virgil has been looking up family members of the coma victims and phone numbers to contact them.  He tells them that he is a med student who is writing an essay on them or some other BS like that because he thinks there is something unnatural about their comas.  Some of them were willing to talk, but others of course didn't want to talk about it.  From what I gather most of the victims started to slow down a week or two before they fell into a coma, they talked slower and often about stillness, and often froze up for a few seconds just staring at nothing.  The kicker was when he asked about deer.  Of course most of the people were confused why he would bring up deer, but Virgil explained that he believed that the person often saw a deer when tripping or as he put it "A hallucination of a deer seems to be a common symptom for patients."  Some people hung up right there but others said that the person did mention often dreaming about the victim.  Oh but here is the best part.  One of the people that was on the coma victims list actually answered the phone.  Virgil is suppose to meet with him later this week that is if he ever stops playing Pokemon and moves his ass.

So I guess that's all for this post.  See you.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

BLUE LANTERN?! No not really just a guy using the name of one-_- My favorite one-_-

I was visited today. At a rest stop of all places. It was by that proxy that Runner mentioned. I don't like him he's too friendly it's really creepy. Maybe I should explain myself a little. It all started with a knock at the door. I answered hold my gun behind me at the ready, for insurance reasons. A guy that looked like one of those annoying door-to-door church people was standing there. He looked about forty something.

"Hey there.  How are doing?  I'm your proxy!," the proxy said,  "I just wanted to say hello before we had to try to kill each other," he explained, "Sorry about that by the way, but it's part of the job by the way," he told me, "You know how it is.  Oh call me Saintwalker by the way," that statement annoyed me, "I heard you're a DC fan so I thought I would borrow a name from them, plus the name kind of fit.  So, want to play some Brawl."

"I am not calling you Saintwalker," I told him annoyed.

"Why?" he asked

"Well for one you don't care for the hope of the entire universe," I replied, "In fact you and your buddies, also your master and his rivals tend to work more towards the universes demise."

"No, no, no, you miss understand I do my work for the benefit of the universe," he told me

"Yeah and so are the Cyberman," I replied

"Everyone miss understands at first," he said, "Either way I am not here to bug you with that," he told me, "Wanna play Brawl? I call Pit."

"I don't play Smash Bros," I told him.

"Come on man everybody plays Brawl," Walk retorted

"Not everyone cause I don't," I told Walk, "Now could you please leave cause this kindness coming from a proxy is just creepy as hell."

"Look I'm just trying to be nice to you," he told me, "I really hate the killing part," he explained, "I rather convert than kill."

"You might as well give up on the converting bullshit," I told him, "Especially cause of what I have gone through, my home town burning down, my best friend breaking my mind cause of your bullshit 'religion', and now I'm permanently on the run thanks to you people."

"I don't believe anyone one is unsaveable," he said

"Well you better start believing cause I am not joining you or your more psychopathic friend," I told the false lantern.

"Well, we'll see about that," he said, "I have my own game wanna play Mario Kart?" he asked

"Not really Nintendo console guy," I told him.

"I guess I'll got then, give my regards to Trish," he told me, "Oh! This guy wanted  me to give you this, he said he had an event to go to," he said handing me a piece of paper with names, places, and dates on it.

Well that's all that happened today. If you noticed the other voices weren't talking it's cause we are all annoyed by the creepiness of the False Walker.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!! And the last part of Saturday too With a bit of Monday.

Today's post is where the real crazy shit happens. I found myself in this weird white place with these platforms that looked like skyscrapers with no windows. It was a really boring place. No pancakes either. What does that have to do with anything? I'm hungry. We are fragments of his mind we don't feel hungry.

 "Welcome to my domain.  Do not worry poor, child of madness I shall put you at ease.  Soon you will not have to worry about the curse that is known as action for you will be still.  You see it is action that is the root of your problems.  When a person acts that action will always result in pain perhaps not for themselves, but it will cause pain to someone else around them; a ripple effect.  It is only once you humans abandon action, chaos, that you will be perfect.  You will be at peace."

"You want ME to stand still," I said getting ticked off, "You think my madness is a curse?" I said getting angrier

"Of course," said the deer s-l-o-w-l-y stretching out his words, "it is a curse that all your kind suffers."  I reached for my guns but they weren't on me.  "See you prove my point.  Your actions only bring pain to you and those around you."

"Will you shut up?" I said getting even more angry at the stupid deer fuck.

Who then proceeded to (again slowly) smile, "Oh dear you have it much worse than the others I've encountered."

I ran at him wanting to rip those fucking antlers off his stupid fucking golden head.  Only to find that the bastard somehow preventing me from moving.  I slowly started moving my foot it feel like every muscle in my body was put on breaks and frozen.

"Tell me son of madness why do you struggle so?  I am only trying to heal you."

"I AM NOT SICK!" I yelled angerly.

"You say that, yet your actions do nothing to improve your condition only worsen it."

"CAUSE I WANT TO BE CRAZY YOU FUCKING IDIOT!" I yelled at the retarded entity.

He chuckled at me, "Shhh.  Now why would you want that?"

"Your actions, your chaos, prevents you from living a happy life.  You always struggle in search of something missing in your lives that you think will provide you with happiness; sex, love, children, enjoyment, but it's all meaningless.  these things only provide you with a temporary numbness to the pain.  That thing you are searching for does not exist though.  It's a design flaw in you humans, and because of this you can not enjoy the perfect, pure lives you were meant to have.  I though have taken pity on you humans and seek to aid you in a recovery from chaos."

"Why would I want to recover from something so....exciting," I said smiling devilishly taking a step towards him finally.

 The miserable deer fuck looked at me with a face(?) full of confusion that I must admit I enjoyed, "I don't understand."

"I don't look for any of those petty things you mentioned," I told the stupid deer, "What do I need to look for when I found what I want?" I asked, "I love the feeling of being insane, I'm actually grateful to War for doing this to me."

 "How can you deceive yourself so, child of chaos?  Every action that you make is governed by how much excitement you will get to ease your pain.  You claim also that you seek not love or sex, yet you lusted after the child of Darkness despite the risk to your health.  And what of the lost child of fear that you now 'protect' do you not always comment of her pleasing physical appearance?"

"WILL YOU SHUT UP ALREADY!" I yelled at him starting to move my feet one after the other feeling like lead blocks were on my feet and my joints were rusted.

 "Poor child of madness, when you are are faced with your true flaws you only deny them and lash out at the one trying to free you from the illusion.  Can you not see that I am here to help you, to erase the very source of all you pain?"


 "I count three errors in your logic; I am not a devil but a healer, I cannot be killed, and I am not offering a deal but  panacea."

By this point I made it to right in front of the deer face to face(?).  I moved my arm to punch it when I found myself back where I started as if I never moved.  Suddenly I was force on to the ground and was completely unable to move, breath, or even blink.

"But worry no more for in mere moments you will be cured of you mad desires," The golden deer told me.

 "I think what he needs is a Phoenix Down," A new voice said.

"Who intrudes?" questioned the now pissed off deer(at least I think he was mad. Hard to tell really)

"Intrudes?" the voice said, "Bitch I go where I please."

"Ah, Apathetic One, what is it that you want?"

 "Hey! If anyone is apathetic here it's you," the voice replied, "Now get your sorry excuse to exist out of here before I have to actually do something, venison."

 "Apathetic One you are the one that has entered my domain uninvited.  Again, why have you come?"

 "I don't feel like telling you," the playful voice said in a childish manner. (Not a child)

 "Then leave my domain," The 'angry?' deer said.

"Fine then I'm taking the kid," the strange voice said.

 "That is why you have come?  Why have you taken an interest in the child of chaos?"

 "He's one of the only entertaining things I have seen in this game for a really long time," Awesome voice said.

"It is sad to see you taking joy in their flaws, Apathetic One," Buzz-kill Bambi said.

 "Why should I give you the child of chaos?  You threaten me but you seem to forget this is my domain and here you hold no power."

"Are you brave enough to back your claim?" The heroic voice said.

 "If need be I shall," said the dickish voice.

"Eh your boring anyway," the voice said, "I'm mean seriously Slendy is much more entertaining than you, deer meat. And why would I let you take away a channel to watch?"

"So you shall leave my domain?" the deer asked the voice.


"This child's soul has been poisoned and I will purify it," the Prince of the Forest of Boredom said. (Man he just won't quit with that curing shtick will he?)

"I could annoy you for eternity you know," the voice said.

"This grows old.  This is your last chance Apathetic One," the deer trying to be scary said

A man in a grey suit and blue dress shirt appeared in front of me between me and the stag. He then slapped me. After that I woke up in the RV at the table next to the man eating cereal.

"Morning sunshine," he said in between bites

"Who the hell are you?" I asked utterly confused

He didn't answer, just continued to eat.

"Well?" I asked him getting annoyed.

"Hey," the man said, "I am eating it's rude to have a conversation with someone eating."

He went back to eating every bite I got more annoyed. He finally finished after eating the entire box. To bad those anime ticked off marks don't exist. He took my favorite cereal.

"Now who the hell are you?" I said pissed off.

"You're so easy to tick off," the man said, "That dumbass deer feeds off that, you know."

"He feeds off what?" I asked.

"Anger," he said as if I was a child (which you are), "do I have to spell it out for you?"

"No," I growled, "Can you tell me who you are now?"

"Hmmm," the man voiced thinking, "Well since I don't really play like the others you can call me Spectator."

"What do you mean you don't play?" I asked, "Wait you mean The Game, that Door guy was talking about is actually something?

"Door?" Spectator asked, "Oh! You mean that Psuedo that's possessing your bud."

"Psuedo?" I asked him.

"You know false, wanna-be, not even good enough to be like bambi," he explained.

"Why did you save me?" I asked him

"Your interesting kid," he said putting his hand on my shoulder, "You remind me of me when I was your age, super-duper long ago."

"How long is that child way of explaining time?" I said (Not A Child)

"I don't know a day......or is it three millennia," he pondered aloud, "I don't know I suck with time. See ya around kid." And then he disappeared.

That was a crazy as HELL weekend. End of Post. NEXT TIME ON DRAGON BALL Z! This isn't DBZ. Be cool if it was.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Saturday Part 2

As you know from the last post we went to a graveyard, all because genius here thought it would be a good idea. Hey don't ruin the story. Well I'm smarter than you. We the same person. I'm still smarter.

"Why are we randomly walking through this graveyard?" Trish asked in utter confusion.

"I...uh...ur...I've...I've got no idea," I told her.

"You are really strange you know that," she said.

"Yeah I know," I said before pausing randomly, "I wonder if the Easter Bunny and Master Chief are gonna have Thanksgiving together again."

She was made even more confused by that statement.

"You know since I really have no reason to be here," I said still wondering why I came into the graveyard, "We should probably go."

"Halt," a voice said to me from behind. I turned and saw a gold Patronus/Xerneus like deer. And it talked. 

I leaned over to Trish and whispered, "I'm not the only one that sees the ahead of schedule release of Pokemon X's shiny legendary that is talking to us am I?" Yay! Free game! To bad it's the Lost Silver edition. Wouldn't it be Lost Chromosome?

She just nodded quietly not sure if to be afraid or curious.

"Poor, sick child," said the almighty deer fairy, "Do not worry though for I shall fix you."  And then I collapsed.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Saturday Part One

Well for those that read the comments, I got a message from a "Proxy?" named Runner. And those that read Wars blog he is a "friend?" of Freds. I'm really confused. Especially since we kind of annouced to the world that we want to kill proxies. Well it's more like a less violent  Jason Todd, I kill them if they kill other people. What if they sell drugs to kid? Like I said a less violent Jason Todd. I will beat the shit of them. You know that doesn't sound less violent. Hey Jason Todd kills people for doing most crimes. Oh right went to meet Runner.

For some reason he wanted to meet in a BAM! Book-a-Million! In other words. Hey I got no complaints I catch up on comic books. I met L I mean Overweight L wait no that's not right. Oh right he's called Runner. Damn you Kyle why do I even know what L looks like. Yeah he kind of already is with the whole Door thing. Damn you again!

"Hello Mr. Virgil or do you prefer being called Source now," Runner L said.

"Ehhhhhh! It's an either or thing," I replied to Obese L.

"Very well," he said before looking over at Trish, "Ah! Ms. Trish how is your time with Mr. Source?"

"Good," she said trying to say behind me unsure of Runner

"Glad to hear it," Runner told her with a smile.

"Before you creep me out more from how polite you are can we get down to business?" I asked him.

"Very well," Runner told me, "I wanted to give you a warning that you have been assigned a Proxy."

"Okay I can just put a bullet through his head, decapitate him, and burn him," I told Runner coldly.

Trish looked at me in utter shock.

"Hey it's what you gotta do in this Dark Age," I said to Trish.

"I have to admit I agree with her it seems a little extreme," he said, "But then again I guess we are bias on the matter."

"Well I'll have to see what he or she's like," I told Runner, "But if he is a psychopath that kills for pleasure, like Cutie Mark was, I'm kind of gonna have to do that."

"I feel you might get a different feeling of this agent," he told me, "Actually I think you two might get along very nicely."

"Okay fine," I said, "But the first violent action towards me or Trish and he's going to be worse off than the Headless Horseman."

"Uh, okay," said Runner.  "There was another reason I asked you here though.  Warrior."

"Okay?" I said confused.

"If you have reading his blog lately," he said, "You should know that he has been beating himself up lately," he explained, "If you could talk to him and convince him to stop dwelling on the past."

"Eh! He'll work it out himself," I said.

"He'll likely get himself killed before that happens," L wanna-be said

"He's your friend isn't he shouldn't you help him," Trish said speaking up.

"Look if I run into him I'll try to help but I have to worry about you and me as of now thanks to Slendy taking interest again," he told her, "So I kind have to stay away from my friends because Proxies and the tall guy tend to make traps when people plan to help each other."

"Thank you I appreciate it," Runner dude said, "You know you are the only one he has now that Kyle is missing. I am more of an acquaintance anyway."

After planning on heading outside of town to camp I past a graveyard and felt like I was meant to go there.

"Why does the name look so familiar?" I asked myself out loud. Hey I'm kind of crazy talking to myself is a given, "OH! This is the graveyard that was mentioned Interview #2 I looked this place up for Kyle." Ah! The good old days. I don't remember those. That's because we weren't around. Good times. Hey! I find that insulting! Perceptive aren't you.

"We're visiting the graveyard,"I said parking on the side of the road.

"What?" Trish asked in utter confusion.

I admittedly kind of ignored her. I don't really know why. Well now I do. Didn't at the time. We'll get to that later but I'm tired after all the crazy stuff that happened. You're telling me. And we're voice in your head. CLIFFHANGER! Like Young Justice Bitches. Sorry didn't mean to insult you by calling you that but it fits.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trish Log

Hello, my name is Beatrice, Trish for short. Virgil told my to checkout this blog to find out about him and he told me to post so that his and Kyle's readers know more about me. These guys have been though some crazy things. Not that I haven't but still, holy crap! So here's my story.

3 months ago I started having these weird ass nightmares where I was running through the woods around what seemed like dusk. Right at the end of the dream I ran into a black tree, which cause wake up. Figure I need to stop eating dinner before heading to bed. A few weeks later, I was heading home on the bus. Not sure why Kyle thought it was a tour bus. I mean the most important place in my hometown was the local Starbucks, and there are like three of those there. Anyway, I saw the faceless bastard out the window with those weird tentacles coming out of his back. I freak the hell out. And from the earlier blog post you know what the crowd reaction to my freaking out was. Bunch of assholes. Glad I took Kyle's advice and started running. I sucks running from "him", miss my family, mainly my little sister, and my friend too. After traveling on my own I was really tired, mostly because I was scared to stay anywhere long enough to actually sleep. Then Virgil came offering safe way to travel and his protection and knowledge since I am not used to this. He's a good guy. He helped me out even if he is....eccentric.

I hope Kyle's okay I mean if it weren't for him I don't know where I would be right now.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Knight of the Realm. Cause we are basically in a new Dark Age.

       Sorry for not posting in awhile. Yeah we figured it would be better to keep a low profile instead of Proxy hunting like War is doing. Why can't we just kill like one or two! Because we don't need Slendy on our tail. I mean look what happened to Sanna lately. Yeah getting kidnapped by Symbiote Morningstar and tortured is not good. Granted we were already tortured like that. We still have nightmares about those months. Hey both of you stop thinking about back then we start feeling the pain all over my body when you do. I'm worried about Sanna now. Yeah but we are in the US, we have no way of getting to where ever she is in Europe. I hope she doesn't end up as insane as we are. 

       The reason for this post wasn't to feel guilty for what Symbiote Morningstar did to Sanna. True it's to tell everyone about who we found on our hiatus. That adorably cute girl we stood up for on that! Her name is Trish. We have decided to take her in under our protection. After all gotta help the cuties when you can. Tis the way of a gentleman. Chivalry for the win! She was tired so she is sleeping now in Kyle's bed in the back. We have been using the couch in here anyway. It would be rude to have her sleep out here.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ROY MUSTANG!!!!!!!!! No seriously fire solves everything.

Well the last few days have been boring even after I got my guns three days ago. I  even setup a few bear traps throughout my campsite and I left some near the RV if some proxies thought I was in there. AND WE CAUGHT NOTHING!!! Well that's not totally true. Today just to see if this trick works, I spray painted a few Operator symbols around the camp. Some noobs fell for that obvious trap in a matter of second. Well that's exaggerating a little bit. Point being that with in a short time don't really recall the amount. Two dumbass came to the camp not realizing it was a trap. They got their legs broken. Ankle first of all. Also turns out these guy didn't know how to teleport.  Did you guys know Kyle has a katana in the RV. He gonna be pissed we used it before him. Kyle's such a nerd. I love it *petting sword now*. Oh right back to the story. So two idiot got bear trapped and yell out in shear and utter pain. I went to where the scream were coming form. We were packing at the time the idiot show up so we were not at our campsite. When I found them they curse a few times and I returned their insults with a bullet to one's head and decapitated the other. DECAPITATIOOOOOOOOON!!!! Did you really have to yell that? After I cut the dudes head off I picked it up, and I know you think that gross or something thing a bat-shit crazy dude would do. BUT HOW MANY TIME DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU PEOPLE......I.......AM.......CRAZY?!!!! YAY INSANITY!!! Well that did happen in Hamlet so it's more poetic I guess. Not to mention Sin City. Yeah cause that's why we did that, cause Frank Miller is poetic. I'm sensing sarcasm. Once picking the disemboweled head up I started talking to it. And no it didn't start talking back. At least this time. Probably is going to happen in the future.

"Well it's time to burn you two," I said to the head, "Too many people have been coming back lately that are proxies. At least as far as I've caught up to the ones I'm looking at," I continued, "Then there was Cutie Mark who REALLY had a problem dying, and fire seemed to really keep her dead sooooo Disco Inferno Dude." Then I poured gas all over the bodies and made sure they were ash before leaving and heading somewhere. We really don't have a plan on actually going somewhere do we. Nope. Not really.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

FUN TIME!!!!!! Not Really-_- Stupid Waiting List Crap.

Kyle gave me control of his blog. Not really sure but I guess it has something to do with the fight yesterday. He was acting really weird. He did say he was possessed basically. None of us believe in that so he is probably finally starting to crack if he hasn't already. Hey I believe in ghosts! Yeah but none of us actually believe in the Fears really. And even if they are real they aren't unstoppable like everyone seems to think. Door isn't a Fear though. You know what I mean! But he told us he wasn't one. We are way off track just so you know. OH CRAP! WE NEED TO TELL THEM WHY WE TITLE THIS POST THAT! I was going to but we tend to get off track easily don't we. Yeah! That's an understatement.

Bottom line after Kyle left I went to a gun store with to buy a gun and now I have to wait for the background check to clear me so that I can get the two M1911's I've been wanting for awhile. You forgot to tell them that Kyle also gave you access to his huge account of money. But you just told them. Anyway I also am getting bayonet attachments. The excuse I gave him was that it makes it easier to skin the animals I'm hunting. The animals being rabbit and groundhog. Good thing we made that new identity. As whole government wiping us off the face of the Earth. If you guys did remember I am an accomplished hacker. That's one reason I could track info down so nicely for Kyle earlier in this blogs days. Course tracking Proxies with those skills are nigh impossible. Stupid proxy bastards cheating with their crazy superpowers. I have a four day waiting period for those guns so I'm stuck here till then.

No Idea for the Title

It all started when I went to download Clipped Wings 2 DLC for Shin Megami Tensei IV but could not find it. After looking around and still not being able to find the game I asked Virgil if he saw it.

     "Oh good.  Where was it?"
     "I'm not tellin'."
     "What why not?"
     "Because I," cue big smile to accompany a dramatic pause, "hid it."
     "What!  Why the fuck would you do that?"
     "Cuz you talked about it too much and you were getting pretty damn annoying."
     "That was your reason?" I said grinding my teeth in anger.
     "All you do is go on and on; oh look I <the contents of this rant was removed due spoilers>"
     "One, it is one of the best games I've played so hell yeah I would.  Second, you do the same with Borderlands and other similar games despite the fact I hate shooters you hypocritical bastard!"
     "Hey that's your fault if you hate shooters."
     "Third, the new DLC is out today, and I get to kill the Archangels!"
     "I wonder if we will do that in the next Darksiders.  I sure hope so, but the game does mostly focus on the forces of Hell.  That's just not fair."
     I was pissed.  I am passionate about games and that was a dick move, but he didn't fully deserve that punch I gave him.  The fight started.  For the most part it was back in forth with punches until I kicked him down and started to choke him.  Kill him now, I heard a voice within my head say; one I recognized.  It was hard trying to take my hands off his neck but I did manage to do it.
     "I'm so sorry, Virgil, I didn't mean to do that."
     "You're stressed I get it.  It's fine.  I'll get your game from the pill bottle I put it in."

And now I'm leaving.  With you-know-who back and I can feel him trying to possess me I figure it will be too dangerous to be around other people.  Don't wonder to explode fire or choke someone and not be able to stop myself.  Starting tomorrow Virgil will "inherit" the blog, but I'll probably comment on other blogs once in a while.  Godfuckingamnittomotherfuckinghell this sucks.  See you later.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


As the title suggests today's post deals with me reviewing/making notes of what happened to me while I was in the Path.

 1.  Time was different between the two planes.  According to Virgil and the time stamps I was gone for about four days, but according to my watch I only spent about 13 hours on the Path.

2.  I encountered none of the Rake like creatures in the Path.  Why is that?  Does it have something to do with the Rake's recent death or is it have to do with the lack of time I spent among the trees they inhabit?  Both?

3.  Speaking of the Path of Black Leaves I didn't see many black leaves during my time there.  I find it perplexing that I was a mere minute walk from Stirling City where CM and I shifted in.  She had no intention to bring me in so why was it there?

4.  The fire that killed Cutie Mark.  Where the hell did it come from?  pHIL came up with a disturbing theory to say the least,
"Done some more digging. This is going to be, what's the phrase, 'Brutal, Bloody and Short'. Worth noting that deals with otherworldy entities usual have negatives to them. At least as a proxy my augmentations are contained within me. Yours aren't, so you can't rely on them to not, say, kill someone close to you.
Referring to my Herald powers I received from Door.  Yet the other disappeared after I made Door fight Slendy, so why would entirely new powers appear now?  A reaction to the path could be the answer, but not the only one...

5.  Lastly, the entire exchange in the park.  Fuck, where to begin?  Ok so the shades what was the point when they are there then disappear?  Then the entire place disappeared too with a taller Slender Man looming over followed by the fire again but this time with ice.  Then poof back at home, HOW?

Did I miss anything?

End of a Journey

After the end of the last post I continued to explore Stirling City for an exit. I found the hotel I stayed at for Christmas, and the clerk didn't remember me though why would one customer be remembered.  Than again I was running away from a masked man with a knife trying to unalive me, but who'd remember that.  Not important though I thought it was kinda odd.  Same clerk btw.  Moving on, have I mentioned before that I hate eldritch locations because this one kept shifting to lead me to a certain location.  That location was the library.  It was burnt down already with nothing of importance among the remains, but there was an aura of importance to the place; you knew something important happened there.  Well besides the obvious.  After that it lead me to the one place that I really did not want to go, of course, the park.  If library had an aura of importance than the park had a n foreboding aura.  What can I say I froze.  There he was, the Slender Man, standing under the tree near the slide and by the picnic table just like in the photograph.  Suddenly, there were shadows, wait shades would be a better fit, of the people I knew.  Emily, Leo, my parents, Virgil's, and other people I knew killed by him were there.

"Kyle," they all said to me in a sad tone.  Then gone as quick as they were there.  The park then the city followed leaving me standing on solid darkness, but there was something that was even darker and growing so that he could tower over fucking Godzilla.  His tentacles started to come down and wrap around me.  Then there was fire around me again, but this time large icicles accompanied them forming a protective circle around me.  Slender Man stopped for a moment as if surprised yet I could feel that it was closer to amusement than surprise.  He started moving down towards me again and as I began to scream in both defiance and fear when I was joined in screaming by Virgil,

"Dude, What?  How did you get back here?  Where did you come from?  Why are you screaming?  When is the next History of the Power Ranger coming out?"

"Wait?"  And that's my story.  I've got a lot to think about.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Fuck Happened? No Really

Like I said in the last post something changed when I saw Naomi get up after I killed her a third time.  It's hard toodescribe what exactly happen, but I didn't feel like myself anymore.  I felt an almost inhuman rage within me.  Next thing I know I'm holding her up in the air by the face with her screaming in pain.  Why was she screaming in pain?   She was on fire somehowbeingburnt to a crisp. Worse I don't think it was just her body that was being burn, but her soul as well.  That's only based on a feelingand screaming that lasted after her body was reduced to dust, but that could have only been the Path fucking with me.  This time I'm sure Cutie Mark won't be bothering me ever again.  I wish I knew how that came to happen.

I've been wandering around since then hoping to found an exit with no luck, but I did find something more interesting, Stirling City.  It's exactly like it was when I last visited on Christmas, and there are people in here too except they treat you like a silent from doctor who; they moment they aren't paying attention to you they forget about you until you taaalk to them again or something.  It's weird that a city is in the path, but I don't believe it is the city itself but a moment of time that Slender Man has collected.  Specifically, the moment from the first photograph that Victor Surge posted.  Should I look for the park?  No that would be the stupidest thing I can do.  But I do need to find an exit.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Message from Kyle Brought to You by the Path of Black Leaves!!!!1!!1!

Not does the Path have amazing wifi, but it also improved my 3DS's browserso I can use Blogger on it.  Thinking about getting a house here there are plenty.

On topic, continuing from where Virgil left off.  I had tackled CM at the exact moment that she shifted into the Path bringing me along too.  It felt weird for me going into the path fot the first time,but I had bigger things to worry about.  CM pushed me off of her, "This was unplaned... but I can work with it."   And then that bright haired, zombie bitch started up her teleporting attack again.  This time I wasn't lucky enough to punch her and long story short I got a lot of cutss and holes in me. Fucking hurt btw.   I couldn't do anything until she shifted back with two little knives lodged into her back; thanks Virgil!  I shoved my knife through the front of the throat then twisted her head to shatter her spinal cord or whatever.  Like the headshot this worked for about aminute then didn't.  I guess that azoth can conduct the signals to the other nerves or something, I don't know there is someone science fair there.  Something changed when she got up.  Then... I'll have tofinish later I can't finish now.The next part is hard to tell and I'm still figuring shit out.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Three Flavors of Madness (with skittles*)

* Please note skittles are not included.  Sorry.

Today started out annoying. Kyle would not shut up about Shin Megami Tensei IV. I wanted to stab him, in the hands, just so he couldn't play the damn thing. Upside I got Deadpool the Game. BULLETS YEAH!!!!!! Also why can you use the Equalizer when you have no more bullets. Oh right getting off track. When we got back we met up with and old friend. Kyle face didn't like it.

“OH MY GOD!!!! IT'S A ZOMBIE!!! With really cute hair!” I said to the revived Cutie Mark.

“Dude she dead move on,” Kyle told me.

“I have,” I told him, “Especially after meeting that cute girl on that bus the other day. Also she is a zombie, which necrophilia, not a fan.”

“How do you do?” CM said, “Wait I don't really care I'm going to kill you.”

“Are you sure you don't want to eat our brains?” I asked teasing her.

“Don't temp me,” she replied.

After our little exchange I throw a punch at her. She caught it and threw me out a window. GLASS IS EVERYWHERE (in my back). Well not anymore, I got it all out. Kyle ran out and helped me up and aimed his gun at CM.

“Good plan,” I said, “Zombie are weak to headshots.”

Kyle pulled the trigger and hit CM in between the eyes. Her head fell backwards.

Yay! We killed her,” I said, “How many times is that?”

Her head snapped back up.

“Son of a,” Kyle said feeling disappointed.

OH!!! MY!!! GOD!!! IT'S A ZOMBIE IMMUNE TO HEADSHOTS!!! WERE ALL DOOMED!!!” I said panicking, “Wait we can just decapitate her. YAY!!! DECAPITATION SOLVES EVERYTHING!!!!,” I said calming down rapidly, “Didn't you say that about fire....and bullets. Shhhhhhh! No one needs to know about that,” I told myself.

My god I'm insane. YAY! INSANITY FUN! Get back on track. Sorry. BUT THERE'S VIOLENCE EVERYWHERE. We still need to tell the readers about the story. FINE! So I started throwing knives at her. Of course being the cheater she is, she teleported away from my knives. She then cut the fuck out of us. With her stupid Path powers. Then the bitch fucking traquilizes me. WHY DOES SHE EVEN HAVE THAT! She a proxy don't question it. Just like you don't question Deadpool. I thought it was Pinkie Pie you don't question. DAMN IT LEO!  She teleported to Kyle. Somehow he landed a hit on her. Weather or not it was predicted or dumbass luck I don't know. Probably dumbass luck. He grabs his knife and jumps. I guess he was trying to decapitate her. With a knife? Well it was a pretty good size. And it was the sharpest thing he had at the time. Right after he jumps on her she teleports. AND POOF!!! THEY BE GONE. Poor literacy is not not cool. Bottom line I'm in the RV by myself playing Deadpool. Kyle's been gone for a while. He'll probably be back.

And this is Source in case you couldn't tell.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fireworks Gotta Love Em

Man I love the 4th of July.  No matter where you are in America you always see fireworks.  The best part isn't even the "oh" and "awe" of seeing bight colors exploding in the sky, but the comfort of normalcy.  Even helped me ignore the (minor) odd stuff that happened while we were watching, all of which will be added sometime tomorrow.  That's all for today just praising the calming effects of fireworks.

 Edit:  Looking back I wonder why the hell I posted because I was just rambling.  Sorry.  As I mentioned yesterday there was some odd occurrences.  The first one was when this weird guy walked up to me and said, "What are you so afraid of?"


"I am sorry, why are you so afraid would be the better way to put it."

"Again, what?"

"Of hope.  You are afraid to hope.  I wish to know why."

"Dude, I'm watching shit explode in pretty colors can you wait?"

"Then I will leave you be," he said.  Why do I bring this up?  Well, I like to think I am genre savvy enough to know all odd conversations are important and will come into play later.

The second was I noticed the symbols that appear here everyway around me.  On trees, posters, and building graffiti.  Worse I was the only one that saw it.  Ffffffuck.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Witness to the Beginning

Music because hell everyone is doing it.

Today I have a short but sad story.  Whenever Virgil and I get to a town we scope out the area incase we need to make a quick exit or something, but I've lately noticed that nothing good happens when we do that.  Case in point, today on a tour bus we were having a nice boring drive when I saw Slendy standing outside in all his Tendrilness.

"You see that, Virg?"

"You mean Memeboy and his hentai tentacles?  Yep." 

Suddenly the girl in front of us screamed, "Fuck!  What the fuck was that... thing?"  

"Kid, what's wrong?"

"Didn't you people see the tall thing with the tentacles?"

"What drugs are you on dumbass?"

"None.  I swear I really saw it."

"Yeah right.  This is why you should do drugs."

"What is wrong with you assholes?" said Virgil having enough of this, "This poor girl might have some mental illness and instead of helping you are just making her cry."

I went to sit next to the girl, "Hey what's your name."

"Trish,"she said sniffing.

"So you saw him."

"You too?  You're not just saying that to make me feel better are you?"

"Tall fucker in a nice, black suit right?"

"Yeah that's the one."

"Trish, I'm sorry."  I told her about Slender Man, proxies, Fears, Vlogs, us(bloggers), and most importantly to run while Virgil shamed the crowd.  I don't know if she'll take my advice.  Sucks watching another person's start.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fuck to the Yeah to the !

Today was schway.  If you know what that means and where it's from you're awesome.  Okay, so today's story begins at a blessed place called Sweet Frogs.  If you have not been to a Sweet Frog's I'd highly recommend it.  I feel like they should be paying me for that comment.  Anyway, I was getting my yogurt, cookies n cream mixed with orange and a shitload of skittles and a few of those animal crackers with icing, when Virgil had a visitor.

"Virgil," said Cutie Mark before sitting down at our table.

"What's up with your hair?" asked Virgil referring to her burnt pink and white hair.

"Compliments of your friend, Kyle," she replied to me pouring the skittles on my yogurt, "Tell me, Virgil, are you seeking a date from me?"

"Well you see you are hot and all, even, with the short hair that's been burnt at the tips, BUT you tried to kill me a few times.  Now you see I can forgive that once or maybe even twice but three time and hurting my friend not so much."  Around this time I arrived at the table to table to see CM sitting there.

"What's she doing here?"

"Just asking me for a date, but I turned her down."


"Are you still trying make that popular."

"IT WILL BE DAMNIT!"  I turn to CM, "So what are you really here for?"

"I simply wish to have a conversation with the two of you." 

"Hey, Kyle, did you see my toppings?" ask Virg ignoring CM.

Looking, "Waffles really?  Oh and maple syrup.  Schway."

"It's so fucking delicious!  So Cutie Mark what is your favorite topping?"


"Called it!" I shouted.

"Wait. Wait. Wait. W...ait," said Virgil, "rainbow or chocolate?"

"Rainbow of course."

"Damn I thought you wouldn't be so obvious," said Virgil.

"So what are you here to talk to us about?"

"I just was curious as to why you tried to incinerate my alluring and luscious hair as well as myself."

"You did stab us on multiple occasions," I said.

"Plus you must admit that it was AWESOME!!!"  That got us a few stares XD.

"That too!"

 "But that was rather inconsiderate.  I never tried to kill you."

"Yet," Virgil added.

"True I would have tried to sooner or late, but not too soon as that would ruin the chase."

"Got to agree there, Kyle."

"Whatever.  You liked the idea of a fairy type."

"Not really I just don't hate it."


"Should call it the Fae type though, sounds better."

"Hey Cutie Mark," I turned to her, "I just wanted to say-" at this point I flipped over the table(shoulda seen Virg's face 0.0) knocking CM onto the ground in surprise.  I pulled out a gun and fired at her head until I ran out of bullets and you couldn't tell she had a face, "burn in Hell."  I dropped the gun and put my hands up in the air, "Someone call the police please."  Most people started screaming and running around(can't say I blame them really), but Virgil called for me.  Th people started cornering me, checking me for other weapons, and so on while waiting for the police to arrive.  The police arrived quickly and I was taken to the station(Virgil tells me that he was playing Borderlands 2.)  After I explained that Cutie Mark was a suspected serial killer that has been stalking(read: stabbing) me for some time now, had police from the other towns we visited verify my story, and showed them my permit to carry concealed weapons they let me off the hook.  They did suggest I don't empty out my gun on one person next time because it's extreme and suspicious, but I told them it was just a combination of paranoia and nervousness.  Yay for understanding police!

So yeah no more(I hope) Cutie Mark =D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh and I got my signed copy of The Ocean at the End of the Lane.  FUCK YEAH!!!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Actual Blogging/Venting

(Warning contains spoilers from A Sword of Storms and Game of Thrones season 3 and a little of season 1 that everyone probably knows about, but be careful just in case.)

Fuck you George R. R. Martin!  Fuck you!  Fuck you to Hell where you will suffer eternal hellfire and damnation.  Ok I know that was uncalled for, but I am so pissed at him (duh).  He killed off Robb and Catelyn within a page off each other.  Catelyn was a good character who had her flaws which did annoy me some but made her a great character.  Robb on the other was one of my four favorite characters, (Ned, Robb, Jon, and Tyrion), and the king I was rooting for.  Long live the King of the North!  Yeah right.  The worst part is he died for the stupidest reason in-universe, He slighted an old man by marrying another woman, when Robb promised to marry one of Frey's thousands of daughters and granddaughters, in the heat of the moment.  First this is so hypocritical because Frey has fucked so many different girls, just look at all his bastards.  Second it was just stupid.  Ok you're not going to be royalty, I'd pissed too I understand, but you still have Riverrun in your pockets AND the King owes you.  Besides that Robb, despite his young age, was arguably the best king.  So to recap; 1. You had Riverrun, 2. You were owed a favor or too from the king, 3. He was the best king and the one that wouldn't instantly kill you right after you got your favor(Lannisters and their always paying debts).  I'm so pissed that after I finished the chapter I couldn't even touch the book.  And I know someone is thinking, "well of course he was going to die A Song of Ice and Fire kills off all of your favorite characters."  Valid point but in my defense I thought that was a meme based all on Ned's shocking death, no one really died in the second book I mean.



More on the usual stuff.  Uh, me and Virgil are doing fine.  No Slendy or proxies lately excluding an operator symbol drawn on the side of a Walmart.  That's all.   

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Straight to the Action

"Be ready, Virgil, she'll be here."  The two of us were standing by the entrance of an alleyway waiting for Cutie Mark to show up.  We had both talked about it and after a bit I managed to convince Virgil ht we should try and kill CM.  He still wants to "save" her but he does realized that CM is dangerous and we have to do something about her.

"Hey guys," I heard.  Virg and I turned around to see the bitch with dyed white with a pink strip girl(surprise!) smiling towards us.

"What's up," said Virgil returning the greeting.

"Ready," I said and both of us pulled out our weapons; me a knife and Virg had his own knife plus the collection of throwing knives that he'd been building up.  I went first charging in recklessly with my knife, but I saw CM smile a little and I instantly ducked behind a dumpster as knives flew past me.  While she was distracted Virgil threw some knives her way giving her a few cuts and cut the lobe of one ear.  Aiming could use some work but he is getting good with those.

"Virgil, I am recognize that you are disappointed I turned down your request, but violence is not an appropriate way to express that disappointment."  CM threw more knives at Virgil that landed in his leg wound he got in his last fight with her.  He couldn't help but to go down screaming.  I ran towards him as MC went the other way.

"Virg are you okay?"

"Tis just a flesh wound or whatever the quote is.  Damnit that hurts."

"We can go after her later I need to-"

"Shit, no go after her now we decided to end this tonight and we will.  Go!" he urged me.

I ran after CM leaving Virg behind like he requested.  His leg may slow him down but he could still fight, and I had no doubt that if another proxy was around he could handle it. See was already out of my sight, just from a moment of hesitation, but luckily for me the alleyway lead to a dead end and she was there at the end. 

"Are we going to fight now or are you going to run back to the Path?"

"If you desire oblivion so much you can simply do the task yourself."

"But it'd be no fun if I did it myself."

"Then I shall grant your wish."  She came towards me holding her knives between her fingers punching me.  I dodged because me life does depend on it.  This part is a blur where I'm dodging her knives and CM dodges mine excluding a few minor scratches.  Then she got me in the side.  Fuck, did it burn as a grasped my side.  She kick me onto the ground then bent down and said, "This is what you deserve for going against the Dark Abomination's order."

"Burn in Hell," I said as I grabbed her hair and pulled bringing her face down onto my knee.  She covered her face, grunting in pain, as I struggled to my feet.  I ran over, running purely on adrenaline and desperation at this point, and grabbed her hair.  I dug in my pocket to pull out a light, "A friend told me to try this," and then her hair was ablaze.  Fire: it solves everything.  It was beautiful too.  I stood a careful distance away with my knife ready to end her life if the fire didn't.  He showed up.  That Bastard I remember how I felt my anger rising to see that Slender Fucker show up.  I think I was ready to pull an Evan when I grabbed my head screaming in pain.  I had the worst headache it was indescribable the pain.  I was tearing up, felt like my head was going to slowly explode, and felt blood draining down my nose.  Damn still hurts.   Then it went dark.  Next thing I know I'm in the RV laying on my bed with Virgil placing an ice bag or something on me.

According to Virgil he arrived right when Slendy took Cutie Mark away.  He got me back and has been making sure I wasn't(and would not be) dead.  He say his leg still hurts but it's nothing he can't deal with or so he says.  I'm dizzy myself and everything hurts hopefully it'll be better after a lot of sleep.  Now taking bets for whether CM still lives cuz it'd be too easy if she was.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Hey bloggers!  Here in America it's Memorial Day, at least for the next hour it still is, which as we all  know is a day we honor those that died for our nation.  I only thought that it would be appropriate for us to honor the Runners we've lost trying to survive/defeat Slender Man and the Fears.  Hell, even the   Proxys that honestly thought they were doing the right thing or were forced into His sway.

I moment of silence please.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Quick Update

Like I said in the last post I had given the police a knife that had a sample of CM/Naomi's blood.  Well they did some test and it seems that she's suspected for about a dozen murders and known to have committed two.  Joy.  I asked if there was any pattern between her victims, run aways.  Anyway they police asked if I wanted any protection but I told them no, and before anyone says I would be safer I would like to remind them of this.  End of quick update.

Friday, May 17, 2013

My Time to Shine [My Day Off]

Hey , we saw Cutie Mark today, well Virg did, and he requested to type today's post and here it is(with my comments).
'Well, today that hot proxy bitch attacked. We stop to eat something and to finally actually get supplies because Kyle every time CM shows up he runs like a pussy [Sorry do you want more of Slendy's servents to appear?]and we haven't actually stocked up on supplies in a week or two. This time she attacked me. Course before the attack on my home I learned to fight just cause I felt like it. Basically I can hold my own fighting someone if need be.

“Greeting,” Naomi the MLP Fan said before she threw a knife at me, I dodged it ran up to her and stabbed her in the shoulder of her throwing arm so she couldn't lift her arm well enough to throw another knife and I took another knife out and stabbed her in the back of the knee.

“Well your afternoon has been eventful,”  I said sarcastically.

“Nice attempt, but it will not suffice,” She replied as she got up and pulls the knife out of the back of her knee and then kicked me away with that same leg.

“How is that possible?” I asked her, “I mean you would have to be on bath salt to do something like that,” I then added, “Course that would explain the worshiping of fictional creatures.”

“You saw the Dark Abomination yourself,” She responded.  [That you did.]

“I also saw Master Chief and Easter Bunny having Thanksgiving in Kyle's RV that same day,” I told her, “They could've shared I mean I was tortured for months with no water or food, could of gave me some turkey.” [0.0]

CM giggled, “I find you amusing,” she told me. [that you are.. no doubt there, I mean see above]

“Well I could amuse you some more if you joined me and stop worshiping that ridiculous meme god of yours,” I said to her flirting. [-_- I think we got that.]

“Poor prospect of that, Source,” Ponygirl said, [REJECTED!!!!] then holding up the knife from her leg, she took the one out of her shoulder then pulls out a few more daggers and throws them at me, as she did so she said, “I hear you are collecting these.”

Three of the knives stuck into me, one into my chest but since I had my awesome leather jacket on that one didn't do much damage. The second hit my arm and went through the leather but since the leather is thinner, it pierced through leather on the sleeve and actually went into my arm and did some damage. The third went into my leg and did the most damage so I pulled that one and the one in my chest out. The leg one was painful as hell. The last knife hit an innocent bystander so I helped that person out but taking it out of the person, patched them up, and called 911. CM left after throwing the knives just so you all know. [Look on the bright side she did give you gifts for your collection ;-)]

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Spoiler Alert:  Ouch.

As you've no doubt guessed we saw "Cutie Mark," as Virgil has dubbed our new proxy, today and it fucking hurt.  Oh, where to start?  Well I guess first would be how the hell did I miss her when she has white and bright pink hair!?  She punched me from the side while I was walking down a sidewalk, "Miss me?"

"Ow, what was that for?  I mean I know you're our new personal proxy and everything, but why'd you hsve to punch me?"

"I was bored and needed something to rid myself of that dreadful boredom."

"So you-" I punched her.  She was knocked back a step or two but quickly recovered with a big smile on her face.

"Ah, you play dirty."

"Well you sucker punched me so I thought I owed you." 

"Good I enjoy it when the runner fights back," she punched me, I dodged, I punched her, she blocked, she hit me in the gut with her other arm.

"Can't you just leave me be?  Not my best day," I told her before delivering a side kick to her thigh.

"Of course it isn't.  You naturally would be reminiscing about you dead mom and by extension your dead father too."  Low blow.  We both paused for a moment to catch our breath and noticed that we had drawn a crowd that was watching us.

"Shit, Cutie Mark we should have sold tickets to this."  That got some laughs from the crowd but it was probably the name.

"Shouldn't you have tried to stop us?" she questioned the crowd sincerely confused.

"I wouldn't," I said honestly, "but someone called the police already I'm sure."  Somebody raised their hand.  "C.M. you mind if I call Virgil really quick?"


"Thanks," I pulled out my phone.  "Hey man it's me.  C.M. is down here and we're in a fist fight.  I'm sure she'll do the same for you sometime too.  Yeah.  Cool.  Anyway I'm down at uh... (...) about a minute away from you with police coming soon, so meet me down here soon.  Yeah they are giving me weird looks about this call.  Kay." 


I punch her across the face again, "Yep."

"Good."  She jumping roundhouse kicked my ass.  Crowd loved it.  Then she stabbed me in the leg with one of her throwing knives, "I used one of these to off dear old mom you know."  With that she was gone.  Fuckin' bitch.  She wanted to piss me off and that remark did it.  Now the crowd was rushing to try and help me since a weapon was used, but couldn't agree on what to do.  Virgil arrived about twenty seconds later and rush to the front of the crowd and looked at my wound.

"Damn man.  How are you Kyle?" 

I responded by repeating "Burn in Hell!" multiple times.

"Good, you're fine."  He ripped out the knife and wrapped my wound in a piece of cloth he tore from his shirt.  The cops arrived two or so minutes later and escorted us to the hospital where they questioned me and checked the wound.  Basically I told them that a woman with white and pink hair had started to stalk us a few weeks ago and for some bizarre reason was obsessed.  Been taking care of police and hospital stuff the rest of the day, but now me and Virg are back on the road.

Moral of the story; holidays suck for me and often hurt.  

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Secret Admirer

Nothing really too much to talk about me and Source have been on the move for a while  to escape the proxy... whose name I just realized we don't know.  Need something to call her.  Anyway thought we were safe but I found a new note on the paper I use as my bookmark (pic below) 

Sorry for the quality but there is an eye with the words, "Always watching."  Go away secret admirer I'm not interested >.<  Also how the hell did you get that that on my bookmark?  Why my bookmark?

Friday, May 3, 2013

No Rest for the (punchline)

     As always me and Virg were on the move and today we stopped at a rest stop to stretch our legs for a bit.  Virg went to the bathroom and I was getting something from a vending machine when I felt a stinging feeling in my back.
    "Don't move," a voice urged holding something, a knife I guessed in my back.  "Kyle or Source?" she asked.
     "The hell you talking about, bitch?" I bluffed.
     "Nice attempt but I know who you are.  Now which are you?"
     "What a dumb bitch.  I'm telling you I d-" the stinging in my back grew worse.  
     "I don't appreciate being lied to."  I realized that she must had been following me for a while now if she was so sure about who I was.
      "Kyle" I answered.
      "Not so difficult was it?"
      "No but painful." At that moment the the door to the men's bathroom opened with Virgil walked out.  The women noticed this too and threw a throwing knife, redundancy ftw =), towards him.  Virgil saw them coming though and closed the door so the knife was stuck in the wood, and I used the opportunity to headbutt the woman to get some distance.  Note to self: headbutts hurt.  My head was fuzzy and it was difficult to focus but the headbutt did its job and put distance between us as well as disoriented the woman that attacked me.  Virgil tackled her from behind and the two started fighting on the ground for a few second before one pushed the other off.
      "See Kyle this is why you should let me get those guns I want."
      "Yeah, so you can scare the shit of people in a rest stop."  This was the first time I really got a look at the woman and damn she was not trying to hide.  She looked like she was around 25, wore a T-shirt and skirt, and had long, white hair with a pink strip going down the middle.  Best/worst hair ever.  Her weapons were throwing knives that she wielded like Larxene from Kingdom Hearts minus the lightning.  I pulled out my knife that I keep hidden for situations like this.
       "Think we should leave," I whispered to Virg.
       "Aw, but my first proxy.  You are a proxy right?" he called.
       "Indeed," she said amused by him.
       "You are under armed though, no weapons... except for that throwing knife you just picked up."
       "Point taken," he said backing up.
       "Not happening," and with that the knives were in the air and me and Virg were making a mad dash for it.  Next thing I know we're in the RV driving away with what happened in between running and driving away being a blur.  Virgil was lucky making it out with only a few cut, I on the other hand made it out with a knife in the arm.  We got it and cleaned out wounds.
       "Can I keep them?" Virgil asked holding up the two knives he acquired.
       "Sure why not."    Lucky for me the knife wasn't laced with anything so we are both doing okay.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Shit Happens

but I really wish it wouldn't sometimes.

About an hour and a half ago I took a stroll along the town me and Virgil are currently stopped in to get some fresh air in addition to learning the layout just in case.  There was this restaurant we ate out the night before that was pretty good, so I thought I might grab a snack to go.  And there the well dressed bastard was across the street staring at me right in front of the place.  I hadn't seen him since that night with Door and to be honest I didn't miss a moment of it.  I just continued on down the street hoping it would ignore me, but nope he popped up right in front of me so that I almost bumped into him.  I froze up just him standing in front of me staring down at me. I realize the terror does not translate so well on on screen unless you've been in this situation(and even then), but I was absolutely terrified and convinced I would die.  He stood there looking at me more as if to study me when he started to slowly turn his to the right.  To say the least I was shocked I wasn't die.  I felt like he wanted to show me something so turning my head to the left I saw a... playground.  And the sick fucker standing there with a the children yelling about the man without a face and their parents dismissing it as a game.  Needless to say I felt sick.  I had to do something like Damian with that kid, but tripping one kid wouldn't work.  I had to do something bigger.  I dialed Virgil.

"Yeah?" he said.

"Get ready to leave."

"Why we've only been he one night?"

"We need to get away man.  Trouble will be coming our way soon."

"Is there a proxy in town or something?  If so I can always just kill it fo-"

"No, not a proxy; the police."

"What are you going to do?" he asked in a tone that begged to join in.

"You don't want to be involved in this one.  Just be ready I'll be there in ten minutes."

I did the first and dumbest thing I could think of.  I played the pedophile.  Not telling this part of the story because even I don't want to remember it, but Slender Man was alone within six minutes.  Gods, I feel stupid. 

I really wish this shit wouldn't happen.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Eerie Symbols

Today I woke up and found this on my arm.

To say I'm confused is an understatement.  First, this looks like something I would draw it is bad enough to be mine at leas, but I'm sure I didn't draw it.  But that's not all looking at the symbols they are both new.  I've never seen either of the two symbols before though the top looks like a door with an eye on the knob, but that would be too easy right?  The second I'm not so sure of it doesn't quite look like anything to me.  The message is easy enough, "HERE 4 U buddy," sounds like a new stalker.  And of course there is the big question HOW THE HELL DID THEY APPEAR ON MY ARMS!!??!?!?!?!?  Virg, said he didn't see anyone and I don't think it was him.  I.. I just don't know to be honest.  I got nothing.  Let the WMGing begin.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Dawn of a New Age?

So I've been thinking a lot and I've noticed that we (humanity) seem to be on the verge of a new age.  We are slowly becoming more and more aware of greater entities out there as well as concepts such as time travel and the multiverse.  First it started with Slender Man, but now there are the Fears, Habit(maybe, still not sure if he is an "entity" or another personality), and Door.  Not only are we being exposed to them but we are also setting up rules and strategies on how to survive encounters with them.  Sure we've fucked up ton of times, but we've learned from these mistakes and set up the aforementioned guidelines and rules.  Slowly we are being introduced to this multiverse of greater beings, and in response we are helping each other to overcome this challenge.  In a way they are uniting us so there are only two camps; Runners and Proxies.  We once thought that going to another planet would be a huge accomplishment, but now we have people who have ventured through time (ex: the Hybrids/Noah) and who have glimpsed or even been to other universes and pocket dimensions(The Path of Black Leaves).  Going to Mars just doesn't seem important anymore.  What if we have the potential to be like them, to do these impossible things they do?  What if humanity has that potential?  We seem to be able to receive gifts from them similar to what they can do such as the powers I received from Door(gone btw) or the supernatural sight that Snowblind might have(as I theorized here).  Can we unlock these powers by ourselves and gain even greater ones?  Door told me that there is a game going on that everyone plays the moment it is determined that they will exist, so why don't we(humanity as a whole) win?

Why did they come here anyway?  Why is Earth so special that more and more are drawn constantly?

Maybe I'm just blabbering on here maybe not.  You guys think that we are on the verge of a new age?  A Cosmic Age?