Monday, February 25, 2013


     We all make mistakes right?  I know I have, but there is one mistake that really haunts me.  I made a blog.  On this blog I wrote about my travels and my search for a weakness to the entity know as Slender Man.  It murdered two of my friends and I wanted to prevent something like that from happening to anyone else.  So I traveled for a while listening to other accounts of Slender Man and his victims, but in the end I learned nothing.  The story did reveal anything that we didn't already know.  I failed.  Still I continued trying desperately to find someway to help others, and then I learned that Fred lived.  I was so happy, if only for a moment, before realizing that he had been brain washed into a proxy.  But the worst part was I thought the others would be safe.

     I came back yesterday.  I returned home.  I missed my family so much and missed Christmas, so I thought to myself 'I'll go there for two days no more and I'll be out so fast nothing would happen.'  I opened the door and found the house was empty.  Nothing new they go out during the day and I would be able to surprise them when they came home.  I'm sure you have already figured out that I wouldn't get to surprise them.  Instead I found a disc on the couch with a note that said simply "To Kyle."  My heart stopped knowing what this meant.  How did Fred find out I was coming back?  I put the disc in the DVD player and was greeted by the worst movie that I had ever seen. 

     Fred appeared dressed up in his outfit with his Warrior mask staring at the camera.  I instantly recognized the setting as the park.  "Greeting Heathen!" was Fred's polite greeting to me.  "Welcome home.  I know that you've been wanting to come back so I thought maybe I would too and we could have a nice little reunion.  I did bring along some friends I hope you don't mind, you don't do you?  Hell like I care anyway.  So I wanted to make a nice big present for you, and when my friends and I put everyone's heads together well we knew what would be the best present.  We slaughtered the entire town!  Now I know what you're thinking 'Silly Warrior, you can't kill an entire town the police would get involve.'  Well that's where you are mistaken.  You see poor, confused Kyle they won't get involve because the higher-ups want to keep the existence of the Dark One on the down low."  He leaned in towards the camera and put up his hand to one side of his face like he was telling a secret, "Mass panic or something like that.  And the isn't all," he said jumping back quickly, "Look who we've got here."  the camera zoomed out to show two bodies lying down beside Fred.  "You remember Leo," he said holding up the head so I could see the face.  Leo was one of my best friends since middle he deserved so much better.  I can't believe Fred...  "Over here we have someone else you'll know, Source."  He held up Source's head.  He was in terrible condition bleeding all over and was bruised with several cuts, but he was breathing at least.  "Say hello."  Source looked up, "Hey Kyle looks like you may have been right after all."  Shit.  The reason I chose Source as my informant was because he already knew about Slender Man but refused to believe in him.  I thought he was safe.  "Hey Freddie think you could tell your LARPing buddies that their weapons are suppose to be plastic or foam?"  Fred slammed Source's face into the ground.  "You annoy me," I heard Fred tell Source.  "The party is just getting started Kyle and we have plenty of party games planned.  Can't wait for you to arrive."  Suddenly his tone changed to a more serious one and said off camera, "We're done.  Gather Knife and Jeff and tell them to come here.  The rest can continue doing what they are doing."  With that he walked off camera.

    It was a serious mistake to that I could keep my family safe if I would go on a quest like this.  They are dead because of me.  Everyone is dead.  Except Source and Fred  I will find you and him.  It was my fault that he was dragged into this and now I'm going to save him.  And you.

Friday, February 1, 2013


Ugh, what a terrible name.  Really Door?  Anyway if you haven't guessed already this "door" that I am referring to is the hooded man in a mask that showed up during the fucking Christmas incident.  Today while I was eating at a Burger King for lunch he just appeared in the chair across from me(really he teleported into the chair out of nowhere).

"Door," he said.

"The fuck!  Where did you come from and about a door?"

"That's my name, Door."

"Wow, what a lame name."

"To you maybe."

"Why are you telling me this now?"

"Because shit is going soon, but you already knew that right?"

"Yeah, I figured that.  So are you finally going to tell me what you are or why you scared off Fred so easily?"

"Silly silly herald there will be time for that later."

"That too, why do you refer to me as herald?  Are you Galactus or something?"

"Nope, not quite.  Anyway just thought I would tell you my name."


"You bet!"  And with that he was gone.  Something about him scares me but in a different way than Slender Man.  I can tell that he is as powerful as the Slender Man, but with the Slender Man you get a silent figure that just stares at you until it's your time to go.  Door on the other hand causally chats with me as if I was an old friend and somehow the fact that he is so... human makes him just as if not more scary.  Anyway that's all for the day.

Still a stupid name, but I'm willing to bet it's symbolic just a really stupid symbolic name.