Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Hey bloggers!  Here in America it's Memorial Day, at least for the next hour it still is, which as we all  know is a day we honor those that died for our nation.  I only thought that it would be appropriate for us to honor the Runners we've lost trying to survive/defeat Slender Man and the Fears.  Hell, even the   Proxys that honestly thought they were doing the right thing or were forced into His sway.

I moment of silence please.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Quick Update

Like I said in the last post I had given the police a knife that had a sample of CM/Naomi's blood.  Well they did some test and it seems that she's suspected for about a dozen murders and known to have committed two.  Joy.  I asked if there was any pattern between her victims, run aways.  Anyway they police asked if I wanted any protection but I told them no, and before anyone says I would be safer I would like to remind them of this.  End of quick update.

Friday, May 17, 2013

My Time to Shine [My Day Off]

Hey , we saw Cutie Mark today, well Virg did, and he requested to type today's post and here it is(with my comments).
'Well, today that hot proxy bitch attacked. We stop to eat something and to finally actually get supplies because Kyle every time CM shows up he runs like a pussy [Sorry do you want more of Slendy's servents to appear?]and we haven't actually stocked up on supplies in a week or two. This time she attacked me. Course before the attack on my home I learned to fight just cause I felt like it. Basically I can hold my own fighting someone if need be.

“Greeting,” Naomi the MLP Fan said before she threw a knife at me, I dodged it ran up to her and stabbed her in the shoulder of her throwing arm so she couldn't lift her arm well enough to throw another knife and I took another knife out and stabbed her in the back of the knee.

“Well your afternoon has been eventful,”  I said sarcastically.

“Nice attempt, but it will not suffice,” She replied as she got up and pulls the knife out of the back of her knee and then kicked me away with that same leg.

“How is that possible?” I asked her, “I mean you would have to be on bath salt to do something like that,” I then added, “Course that would explain the worshiping of fictional creatures.”

“You saw the Dark Abomination yourself,” She responded.  [That you did.]

“I also saw Master Chief and Easter Bunny having Thanksgiving in Kyle's RV that same day,” I told her, “They could've shared I mean I was tortured for months with no water or food, could of gave me some turkey.” [0.0]

CM giggled, “I find you amusing,” she told me. [that you are.. no doubt there, I mean see above]

“Well I could amuse you some more if you joined me and stop worshiping that ridiculous meme god of yours,” I said to her flirting. [-_- I think we got that.]

“Poor prospect of that, Source,” Ponygirl said, [REJECTED!!!!] then holding up the knife from her leg, she took the one out of her shoulder then pulls out a few more daggers and throws them at me, as she did so she said, “I hear you are collecting these.”

Three of the knives stuck into me, one into my chest but since I had my awesome leather jacket on that one didn't do much damage. The second hit my arm and went through the leather but since the leather is thinner, it pierced through leather on the sleeve and actually went into my arm and did some damage. The third went into my leg and did the most damage so I pulled that one and the one in my chest out. The leg one was painful as hell. The last knife hit an innocent bystander so I helped that person out but taking it out of the person, patched them up, and called 911. CM left after throwing the knives just so you all know. [Look on the bright side she did give you gifts for your collection ;-)]

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Spoiler Alert:  Ouch.

As you've no doubt guessed we saw "Cutie Mark," as Virgil has dubbed our new proxy, today and it fucking hurt.  Oh, where to start?  Well I guess first would be how the hell did I miss her when she has white and bright pink hair!?  She punched me from the side while I was walking down a sidewalk, "Miss me?"

"Ow, what was that for?  I mean I know you're our new personal proxy and everything, but why'd you hsve to punch me?"

"I was bored and needed something to rid myself of that dreadful boredom."

"So you-" I punched her.  She was knocked back a step or two but quickly recovered with a big smile on her face.

"Ah, you play dirty."

"Well you sucker punched me so I thought I owed you." 

"Good I enjoy it when the runner fights back," she punched me, I dodged, I punched her, she blocked, she hit me in the gut with her other arm.

"Can't you just leave me be?  Not my best day," I told her before delivering a side kick to her thigh.

"Of course it isn't.  You naturally would be reminiscing about you dead mom and by extension your dead father too."  Low blow.  We both paused for a moment to catch our breath and noticed that we had drawn a crowd that was watching us.

"Shit, Cutie Mark we should have sold tickets to this."  That got some laughs from the crowd but it was probably the name.

"Shouldn't you have tried to stop us?" she questioned the crowd sincerely confused.

"I wouldn't," I said honestly, "but someone called the police already I'm sure."  Somebody raised their hand.  "C.M. you mind if I call Virgil really quick?"


"Thanks," I pulled out my phone.  "Hey man it's me.  C.M. is down here and we're in a fist fight.  I'm sure she'll do the same for you sometime too.  Yeah.  Cool.  Anyway I'm down at uh... (...) about a minute away from you with police coming soon, so meet me down here soon.  Yeah they are giving me weird looks about this call.  Kay." 


I punch her across the face again, "Yep."

"Good."  She jumping roundhouse kicked my ass.  Crowd loved it.  Then she stabbed me in the leg with one of her throwing knives, "I used one of these to off dear old mom you know."  With that she was gone.  Fuckin' bitch.  She wanted to piss me off and that remark did it.  Now the crowd was rushing to try and help me since a weapon was used, but couldn't agree on what to do.  Virgil arrived about twenty seconds later and rush to the front of the crowd and looked at my wound.

"Damn man.  How are you Kyle?" 

I responded by repeating "Burn in Hell!" multiple times.

"Good, you're fine."  He ripped out the knife and wrapped my wound in a piece of cloth he tore from his shirt.  The cops arrived two or so minutes later and escorted us to the hospital where they questioned me and checked the wound.  Basically I told them that a woman with white and pink hair had started to stalk us a few weeks ago and for some bizarre reason was obsessed.  Been taking care of police and hospital stuff the rest of the day, but now me and Virg are back on the road.

Moral of the story; holidays suck for me and often hurt.  

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Secret Admirer

Nothing really too much to talk about me and Source have been on the move for a while  to escape the proxy... whose name I just realized we don't know.  Need something to call her.  Anyway thought we were safe but I found a new note on the paper I use as my bookmark (pic below) 

Sorry for the quality but there is an eye with the words, "Always watching."  Go away secret admirer I'm not interested >.<  Also how the hell did you get that that on my bookmark?  Why my bookmark?

Friday, May 3, 2013

No Rest for the (punchline)

     As always me and Virg were on the move and today we stopped at a rest stop to stretch our legs for a bit.  Virg went to the bathroom and I was getting something from a vending machine when I felt a stinging feeling in my back.
    "Don't move," a voice urged holding something, a knife I guessed in my back.  "Kyle or Source?" she asked.
     "The hell you talking about, bitch?" I bluffed.
     "Nice attempt but I know who you are.  Now which are you?"
     "What a dumb bitch.  I'm telling you I d-" the stinging in my back grew worse.  
     "I don't appreciate being lied to."  I realized that she must had been following me for a while now if she was so sure about who I was.
      "Kyle" I answered.
      "Not so difficult was it?"
      "No but painful." At that moment the the door to the men's bathroom opened with Virgil walked out.  The women noticed this too and threw a throwing knife, redundancy ftw =), towards him.  Virgil saw them coming though and closed the door so the knife was stuck in the wood, and I used the opportunity to headbutt the woman to get some distance.  Note to self: headbutts hurt.  My head was fuzzy and it was difficult to focus but the headbutt did its job and put distance between us as well as disoriented the woman that attacked me.  Virgil tackled her from behind and the two started fighting on the ground for a few second before one pushed the other off.
      "See Kyle this is why you should let me get those guns I want."
      "Yeah, so you can scare the shit of people in a rest stop."  This was the first time I really got a look at the woman and damn she was not trying to hide.  She looked like she was around 25, wore a T-shirt and skirt, and had long, white hair with a pink strip going down the middle.  Best/worst hair ever.  Her weapons were throwing knives that she wielded like Larxene from Kingdom Hearts minus the lightning.  I pulled out my knife that I keep hidden for situations like this.
       "Think we should leave," I whispered to Virg.
       "Aw, but my first proxy.  You are a proxy right?" he called.
       "Indeed," she said amused by him.
       "You are under armed though, no weapons... except for that throwing knife you just picked up."
       "Point taken," he said backing up.
       "Not happening," and with that the knives were in the air and me and Virg were making a mad dash for it.  Next thing I know we're in the RV driving away with what happened in between running and driving away being a blur.  Virgil was lucky making it out with only a few cut, I on the other hand made it out with a knife in the arm.  We got it and cleaned out wounds.
       "Can I keep them?" Virgil asked holding up the two knives he acquired.
       "Sure why not."    Lucky for me the knife wasn't laced with anything so we are both doing okay.