Sunday, July 21, 2013


As the title suggests today's post deals with me reviewing/making notes of what happened to me while I was in the Path.

 1.  Time was different between the two planes.  According to Virgil and the time stamps I was gone for about four days, but according to my watch I only spent about 13 hours on the Path.

2.  I encountered none of the Rake like creatures in the Path.  Why is that?  Does it have something to do with the Rake's recent death or is it have to do with the lack of time I spent among the trees they inhabit?  Both?

3.  Speaking of the Path of Black Leaves I didn't see many black leaves during my time there.  I find it perplexing that I was a mere minute walk from Stirling City where CM and I shifted in.  She had no intention to bring me in so why was it there?

4.  The fire that killed Cutie Mark.  Where the hell did it come from?  pHIL came up with a disturbing theory to say the least,
"Done some more digging. This is going to be, what's the phrase, 'Brutal, Bloody and Short'. Worth noting that deals with otherworldy entities usual have negatives to them. At least as a proxy my augmentations are contained within me. Yours aren't, so you can't rely on them to not, say, kill someone close to you.
Referring to my Herald powers I received from Door.  Yet the other disappeared after I made Door fight Slendy, so why would entirely new powers appear now?  A reaction to the path could be the answer, but not the only one...

5.  Lastly, the entire exchange in the park.  Fuck, where to begin?  Ok so the shades what was the point when they are there then disappear?  Then the entire place disappeared too with a taller Slender Man looming over followed by the fire again but this time with ice.  Then poof back at home, HOW?

Did I miss anything?

End of a Journey

After the end of the last post I continued to explore Stirling City for an exit. I found the hotel I stayed at for Christmas, and the clerk didn't remember me though why would one customer be remembered.  Than again I was running away from a masked man with a knife trying to unalive me, but who'd remember that.  Not important though I thought it was kinda odd.  Same clerk btw.  Moving on, have I mentioned before that I hate eldritch locations because this one kept shifting to lead me to a certain location.  That location was the library.  It was burnt down already with nothing of importance among the remains, but there was an aura of importance to the place; you knew something important happened there.  Well besides the obvious.  After that it lead me to the one place that I really did not want to go, of course, the park.  If library had an aura of importance than the park had a n foreboding aura.  What can I say I froze.  There he was, the Slender Man, standing under the tree near the slide and by the picnic table just like in the photograph.  Suddenly, there were shadows, wait shades would be a better fit, of the people I knew.  Emily, Leo, my parents, Virgil's, and other people I knew killed by him were there.

"Kyle," they all said to me in a sad tone.  Then gone as quick as they were there.  The park then the city followed leaving me standing on solid darkness, but there was something that was even darker and growing so that he could tower over fucking Godzilla.  His tentacles started to come down and wrap around me.  Then there was fire around me again, but this time large icicles accompanied them forming a protective circle around me.  Slender Man stopped for a moment as if surprised yet I could feel that it was closer to amusement than surprise.  He started moving down towards me again and as I began to scream in both defiance and fear when I was joined in screaming by Virgil,

"Dude, What?  How did you get back here?  Where did you come from?  Why are you screaming?  When is the next History of the Power Ranger coming out?"

"Wait?"  And that's my story.  I've got a lot to think about.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Fuck Happened? No Really

Like I said in the last post something changed when I saw Naomi get up after I killed her a third time.  It's hard toodescribe what exactly happen, but I didn't feel like myself anymore.  I felt an almost inhuman rage within me.  Next thing I know I'm holding her up in the air by the face with her screaming in pain.  Why was she screaming in pain?   She was on fire somehowbeingburnt to a crisp. Worse I don't think it was just her body that was being burn, but her soul as well.  That's only based on a feelingand screaming that lasted after her body was reduced to dust, but that could have only been the Path fucking with me.  This time I'm sure Cutie Mark won't be bothering me ever again.  I wish I knew how that came to happen.

I've been wandering around since then hoping to found an exit with no luck, but I did find something more interesting, Stirling City.  It's exactly like it was when I last visited on Christmas, and there are people in here too except they treat you like a silent from doctor who; they moment they aren't paying attention to you they forget about you until you taaalk to them again or something.  It's weird that a city is in the path, but I don't believe it is the city itself but a moment of time that Slender Man has collected.  Specifically, the moment from the first photograph that Victor Surge posted.  Should I look for the park?  No that would be the stupidest thing I can do.  But I do need to find an exit.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Message from Kyle Brought to You by the Path of Black Leaves!!!!1!!1!

Not does the Path have amazing wifi, but it also improved my 3DS's browserso I can use Blogger on it.  Thinking about getting a house here there are plenty.

On topic, continuing from where Virgil left off.  I had tackled CM at the exact moment that she shifted into the Path bringing me along too.  It felt weird for me going into the path fot the first time,but I had bigger things to worry about.  CM pushed me off of her, "This was unplaned... but I can work with it."   And then that bright haired, zombie bitch started up her teleporting attack again.  This time I wasn't lucky enough to punch her and long story short I got a lot of cutss and holes in me. Fucking hurt btw.   I couldn't do anything until she shifted back with two little knives lodged into her back; thanks Virgil!  I shoved my knife through the front of the throat then twisted her head to shatter her spinal cord or whatever.  Like the headshot this worked for about aminute then didn't.  I guess that azoth can conduct the signals to the other nerves or something, I don't know there is someone science fair there.  Something changed when she got up.  Then... I'll have tofinish later I can't finish now.The next part is hard to tell and I'm still figuring shit out.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Three Flavors of Madness (with skittles*)

* Please note skittles are not included.  Sorry.

Today started out annoying. Kyle would not shut up about Shin Megami Tensei IV. I wanted to stab him, in the hands, just so he couldn't play the damn thing. Upside I got Deadpool the Game. BULLETS YEAH!!!!!! Also why can you use the Equalizer when you have no more bullets. Oh right getting off track. When we got back we met up with and old friend. Kyle face didn't like it.

“OH MY GOD!!!! IT'S A ZOMBIE!!! With really cute hair!” I said to the revived Cutie Mark.

“Dude she dead move on,” Kyle told me.

“I have,” I told him, “Especially after meeting that cute girl on that bus the other day. Also she is a zombie, which necrophilia, not a fan.”

“How do you do?” CM said, “Wait I don't really care I'm going to kill you.”

“Are you sure you don't want to eat our brains?” I asked teasing her.

“Don't temp me,” she replied.

After our little exchange I throw a punch at her. She caught it and threw me out a window. GLASS IS EVERYWHERE (in my back). Well not anymore, I got it all out. Kyle ran out and helped me up and aimed his gun at CM.

“Good plan,” I said, “Zombie are weak to headshots.”

Kyle pulled the trigger and hit CM in between the eyes. Her head fell backwards.

Yay! We killed her,” I said, “How many times is that?”

Her head snapped back up.

“Son of a,” Kyle said feeling disappointed.

OH!!! MY!!! GOD!!! IT'S A ZOMBIE IMMUNE TO HEADSHOTS!!! WERE ALL DOOMED!!!” I said panicking, “Wait we can just decapitate her. YAY!!! DECAPITATION SOLVES EVERYTHING!!!!,” I said calming down rapidly, “Didn't you say that about fire....and bullets. Shhhhhhh! No one needs to know about that,” I told myself.

My god I'm insane. YAY! INSANITY FUN! Get back on track. Sorry. BUT THERE'S VIOLENCE EVERYWHERE. We still need to tell the readers about the story. FINE! So I started throwing knives at her. Of course being the cheater she is, she teleported away from my knives. She then cut the fuck out of us. With her stupid Path powers. Then the bitch fucking traquilizes me. WHY DOES SHE EVEN HAVE THAT! She a proxy don't question it. Just like you don't question Deadpool. I thought it was Pinkie Pie you don't question. DAMN IT LEO!  She teleported to Kyle. Somehow he landed a hit on her. Weather or not it was predicted or dumbass luck I don't know. Probably dumbass luck. He grabs his knife and jumps. I guess he was trying to decapitate her. With a knife? Well it was a pretty good size. And it was the sharpest thing he had at the time. Right after he jumps on her she teleports. AND POOF!!! THEY BE GONE. Poor literacy is not not cool. Bottom line I'm in the RV by myself playing Deadpool. Kyle's been gone for a while. He'll probably be back.

And this is Source in case you couldn't tell.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fireworks Gotta Love Em

Man I love the 4th of July.  No matter where you are in America you always see fireworks.  The best part isn't even the "oh" and "awe" of seeing bight colors exploding in the sky, but the comfort of normalcy.  Even helped me ignore the (minor) odd stuff that happened while we were watching, all of which will be added sometime tomorrow.  That's all for today just praising the calming effects of fireworks.

 Edit:  Looking back I wonder why the hell I posted because I was just rambling.  Sorry.  As I mentioned yesterday there was some odd occurrences.  The first one was when this weird guy walked up to me and said, "What are you so afraid of?"


"I am sorry, why are you so afraid would be the better way to put it."

"Again, what?"

"Of hope.  You are afraid to hope.  I wish to know why."

"Dude, I'm watching shit explode in pretty colors can you wait?"

"Then I will leave you be," he said.  Why do I bring this up?  Well, I like to think I am genre savvy enough to know all odd conversations are important and will come into play later.

The second was I noticed the symbols that appear here everyway around me.  On trees, posters, and building graffiti.  Worse I was the only one that saw it.  Ffffffuck.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Witness to the Beginning

Music because hell everyone is doing it.

Today I have a short but sad story.  Whenever Virgil and I get to a town we scope out the area incase we need to make a quick exit or something, but I've lately noticed that nothing good happens when we do that.  Case in point, today on a tour bus we were having a nice boring drive when I saw Slendy standing outside in all his Tendrilness.

"You see that, Virg?"

"You mean Memeboy and his hentai tentacles?  Yep." 

Suddenly the girl in front of us screamed, "Fuck!  What the fuck was that... thing?"  

"Kid, what's wrong?"

"Didn't you people see the tall thing with the tentacles?"

"What drugs are you on dumbass?"

"None.  I swear I really saw it."

"Yeah right.  This is why you should do drugs."

"What is wrong with you assholes?" said Virgil having enough of this, "This poor girl might have some mental illness and instead of helping you are just making her cry."

I went to sit next to the girl, "Hey what's your name."

"Trish,"she said sniffing.

"So you saw him."

"You too?  You're not just saying that to make me feel better are you?"

"Tall fucker in a nice, black suit right?"

"Yeah that's the one."

"Trish, I'm sorry."  I told her about Slender Man, proxies, Fears, Vlogs, us(bloggers), and most importantly to run while Virgil shamed the crowd.  I don't know if she'll take my advice.  Sucks watching another person's start.