Friday, March 29, 2013

Can't Think of a Title

It hasn't been really busy around here surprisingly not that I'm complaining of course.  In fact I really enjoy not having to deal with random proxy attacks, who knew.  Sorry about being quiet for a bit but I had to make sure I was far enough away when I posted this.

I went to the place where Fred and his gang are holding Source.  It's an old printing plant on the edge of town that shut down, I think, 8 - 10 years ago.  Proxies were patrolling the outside of the building, six, with probably more inside.  I saw Not Jeff and a few others in the usual hoods, but no Fred.  Chances are he was inside with Source.  I only did a quick survey of the area than left before any of them could spot me.  I have to do something but I can't fight through this and if I don't do something well they'll kill him probably.  Could I use that as one of my boons maybe?  No things aren't that desperate yet.  

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Family Connections

It was suggested that I look up a little about my family history because Door let it slip that he made my family rich.  Myself I had never been interested about family history, but I did have an aunt who was and after talkin' to her for the past couple days there isn't to much to unusual except for two things.  The first was that one male on my fathers side would always have a unspecific job(herald?) but still be able to pay any and all expenses that came up.  This happened for four generations until finally it stopped.  According to some letters my aunt inherited the job would always be offered by a mysterious man when the last person to have the job was too old to work, but the man never showed up after the fourth man got too old(sounds like when Door 'died'.).  The second was that it even after the man stopped showing up my family never had to worry about money it just showed up in different forms; jewelry in the backyard, land deeds discovered in the attic, or an invention that everything would use.  Maybe a member of my family used that as a boon to insure his kids would be fine if something happened to him.  So today I learned my family use to serve a humanoid abomination and that's why my family is so rich.  Damn if I know my family history was so interesting I would have study my family years ago!!!  Anyway I'm tired and about to pass out, so peace or whatever.       

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Assualt Part 2: Another Proxy Rises

     In case the title didn't make it obvious enough another Proxy attempted to attack me today.  Fun week.  Anyway, after taking pHIL's advice and moving to a new location quickly I found that I needed some more food.  I went to the local grocery store and when I left someone pulled me into the alleyway beside the store(clichĂȘ much).  "Where are you going?" asked a average sized man holding a pocket knife at me.
     "Who they hell are you?" I questioned.
     "Where are you going?" he repeated?
     "I don't know."
     "You're going the wrong way." he said glaring at me.
     "More info please."
     "You're running away.  You are suppose be charging us, damnit!"
     "Oh," I said, "you work for Fred.  How did you find me so quickly?"
     "Simply we've been watching you," he answered.  "The hunt has started." he said smiling.
     "Shit.  I don't want to know what that means right?"
     "It means we can bring you to us."
     "What are you going to do?" I asked him letting worry slip into my voice causing his smile to grow wider.
     "I'm going to jab this knife into you so that you can't fight back then I'l-" I kicked him in the stomach, and when he went down I smashed my knee into his face.  I clutched my knee in pain, but was satisfied that he was in more pain.  Clapping.
     "Nice job, Kyle!"  Door. 
     "Were you just watching that?"
     "Yeah I figured that you could hold your own."
     "Have you reconsidered my offer yet?"
     "That reminds me someone was wondering what the pay is and if there are any benefits."
     "You get enhanced everything and your family is already loaded because of me.  What more do you want?"
     "You made my family rich?"
     "Of course they've been my heralds for a millennium now."
     "I'm not surprised they've forgotten since I have been dead for a few hundred years.  I'll tell you the story next time."  With that he was gone and I was too after taking care off the proxy on the ground.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


I was attacked today.  I was walking into my camper when I was hit hard in the back and fell to the floor.  I turned around to see a figure in a white hoodie with a knife laughing to himself.  "Get up Kyle," he told me.  I did though slowly and watching for him to make some move.  This man in front of me had black hair that reached down to his shoulders, a white face, and black circles that surrounded both of his eyes.  It can't be, I though to myself, and I was right.   I looked a little closer and noticed that it was face paint the man was wearing.

 "Do you know who I am?" he asked
"No," I confessed, "but I know who you aren't, Jeff."  Unsurprisingly this angered him.
"What of course I am," he said switching between yelling and mumbling to himself ever word.
"Sure.  Of course you are."
"I can see why both the master and the Warrior want your punk ass dead."
"I'm a dick, I know.  Everyone seems to be telling me that.  Now why are you here?" I questioned.
"The Warrior sent me to tell you that your friend is still alive, and we're waiting for for you to join us at <location>."
"Why the hell would Fred tell me this?"
"'What good is a warrior and his army if he has no one to fight?'" Not-Jeff quoted, I think.  I started to edge back a little towards the counter as if to steady myself, and slowly started to open a drawer.
"So Fred wants he to run in on a suicide mission just so he can kill me?  What a great friend and he even provided a nice location for me to die," I said as sarcastically as I could.  "Great, thanks for the message.  You can leave now."  Not-Jeff paused for a moment looking at his knife.
"I can't kill you, Kyle, but the Warrior did say that I could leave a few scars!"  The maniac jumped towards me with his knife ready to carve my flesh.  "Go to sleep." he whispered.  By this time I already pulled my gun out of the drawer and fired it.  For a blind shot I was very lucky because the bullet went into the forearm of the arm hold the knife.  No  Not-Jeff screamed in pain as he ran out the already open door.  Why do proxies always forget melee weapons don't work as well against a guy with a gun?  Oh well it helps me out so I'm glad for it.

Overall a boring day.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Offered a Deal

     This should sound familiar to you guys by now; I was eating in a restaurant thinking of strategies to try and free Source when a certain masked and suddenly appeared out of nowhere.  Door just kinda stood at the other side of the table watching me eat my fish for a few minutes.

     "Yes?" I asked after getting sick of his standing there in silence.
     "You lost your friend."
     "Thanks for telling me I hadn't noticed."
     "I can help you save him."
     I looked up towards him, "And the catch is?"
     "You become my herald.  It even comes with some great benefits."
     "Doesn't matter," I told him, "because the answer is no."
     "Odd.  In my experience you humans tend to accept offers such as this instantly if you are benefited. "    
     "Yeah, well we've wised up thanks to media.  The term is 'a deal with the devil.'"
     "I won't call myself a devil"
     "I won't call you human either."
     "Neither would I, but you never heard what I offer as a bonus for accepting.  You get 3 boons."
     "Like a genie, yeah that helps you convince me."
     "Has anyone ever told you that you're a dick?"
     "Yeah," I said, "plenty of times."
     "Well the offer is still on the table if you ever want to accept it," Door said as he disappeared in a manner like the Cheshire Cat, without the smile of course.
     Why is this freak so determined to get me to accept his damn deal?