Sunday, July 21, 2013

End of a Journey

After the end of the last post I continued to explore Stirling City for an exit. I found the hotel I stayed at for Christmas, and the clerk didn't remember me though why would one customer be remembered.  Than again I was running away from a masked man with a knife trying to unalive me, but who'd remember that.  Not important though I thought it was kinda odd.  Same clerk btw.  Moving on, have I mentioned before that I hate eldritch locations because this one kept shifting to lead me to a certain location.  That location was the library.  It was burnt down already with nothing of importance among the remains, but there was an aura of importance to the place; you knew something important happened there.  Well besides the obvious.  After that it lead me to the one place that I really did not want to go, of course, the park.  If library had an aura of importance than the park had a n foreboding aura.  What can I say I froze.  There he was, the Slender Man, standing under the tree near the slide and by the picnic table just like in the photograph.  Suddenly, there were shadows, wait shades would be a better fit, of the people I knew.  Emily, Leo, my parents, Virgil's, and other people I knew killed by him were there.

"Kyle," they all said to me in a sad tone.  Then gone as quick as they were there.  The park then the city followed leaving me standing on solid darkness, but there was something that was even darker and growing so that he could tower over fucking Godzilla.  His tentacles started to come down and wrap around me.  Then there was fire around me again, but this time large icicles accompanied them forming a protective circle around me.  Slender Man stopped for a moment as if surprised yet I could feel that it was closer to amusement than surprise.  He started moving down towards me again and as I began to scream in both defiance and fear when I was joined in screaming by Virgil,

"Dude, What?  How did you get back here?  Where did you come from?  Why are you screaming?  When is the next History of the Power Ranger coming out?"

"Wait?"  And that's my story.  I've got a lot to think about.

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  1. Done some more digging. This is going to be, what's the phrase, 'Brutal, Bloody and Short'. Worth noting that deals with otherworldy entities usual have negatives to them. At least as a proxy my augmentations are contained within me. Yours aren't, so you can't rely on them to not, say, kill someone close to you.