Friday, April 26, 2013

Shit Happens

but I really wish it wouldn't sometimes.

About an hour and a half ago I took a stroll along the town me and Virgil are currently stopped in to get some fresh air in addition to learning the layout just in case.  There was this restaurant we ate out the night before that was pretty good, so I thought I might grab a snack to go.  And there the well dressed bastard was across the street staring at me right in front of the place.  I hadn't seen him since that night with Door and to be honest I didn't miss a moment of it.  I just continued on down the street hoping it would ignore me, but nope he popped up right in front of me so that I almost bumped into him.  I froze up just him standing in front of me staring down at me. I realize the terror does not translate so well on on screen unless you've been in this situation(and even then), but I was absolutely terrified and convinced I would die.  He stood there looking at me more as if to study me when he started to slowly turn his to the right.  To say the least I was shocked I wasn't die.  I felt like he wanted to show me something so turning my head to the left I saw a... playground.  And the sick fucker standing there with a the children yelling about the man without a face and their parents dismissing it as a game.  Needless to say I felt sick.  I had to do something like Damian with that kid, but tripping one kid wouldn't work.  I had to do something bigger.  I dialed Virgil.

"Yeah?" he said.

"Get ready to leave."

"Why we've only been he one night?"

"We need to get away man.  Trouble will be coming our way soon."

"Is there a proxy in town or something?  If so I can always just kill it fo-"

"No, not a proxy; the police."

"What are you going to do?" he asked in a tone that begged to join in.

"You don't want to be involved in this one.  Just be ready I'll be there in ten minutes."

I did the first and dumbest thing I could think of.  I played the pedophile.  Not telling this part of the story because even I don't want to remember it, but Slender Man was alone within six minutes.  Gods, I feel stupid. 

I really wish this shit wouldn't happen.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Eerie Symbols

Today I woke up and found this on my arm.

To say I'm confused is an understatement.  First, this looks like something I would draw it is bad enough to be mine at leas, but I'm sure I didn't draw it.  But that's not all looking at the symbols they are both new.  I've never seen either of the two symbols before though the top looks like a door with an eye on the knob, but that would be too easy right?  The second I'm not so sure of it doesn't quite look like anything to me.  The message is easy enough, "HERE 4 U buddy," sounds like a new stalker.  And of course there is the big question HOW THE HELL DID THEY APPEAR ON MY ARMS!!??!?!?!?!?  Virg, said he didn't see anyone and I don't think it was him.  I.. I just don't know to be honest.  I got nothing.  Let the WMGing begin.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Dawn of a New Age?

So I've been thinking a lot and I've noticed that we (humanity) seem to be on the verge of a new age.  We are slowly becoming more and more aware of greater entities out there as well as concepts such as time travel and the multiverse.  First it started with Slender Man, but now there are the Fears, Habit(maybe, still not sure if he is an "entity" or another personality), and Door.  Not only are we being exposed to them but we are also setting up rules and strategies on how to survive encounters with them.  Sure we've fucked up ton of times, but we've learned from these mistakes and set up the aforementioned guidelines and rules.  Slowly we are being introduced to this multiverse of greater beings, and in response we are helping each other to overcome this challenge.  In a way they are uniting us so there are only two camps; Runners and Proxies.  We once thought that going to another planet would be a huge accomplishment, but now we have people who have ventured through time (ex: the Hybrids/Noah) and who have glimpsed or even been to other universes and pocket dimensions(The Path of Black Leaves).  Going to Mars just doesn't seem important anymore.  What if we have the potential to be like them, to do these impossible things they do?  What if humanity has that potential?  We seem to be able to receive gifts from them similar to what they can do such as the powers I received from Door(gone btw) or the supernatural sight that Snowblind might have(as I theorized here).  Can we unlock these powers by ourselves and gain even greater ones?  Door told me that there is a game going on that everyone plays the moment it is determined that they will exist, so why don't we(humanity as a whole) win?

Why did they come here anyway?  Why is Earth so special that more and more are drawn constantly?

Maybe I'm just blabbering on here maybe not.  You guys think that we are on the verge of a new age?  A Cosmic Age?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Quick Update

Hey guys just wanted to do a quick update on how Source and I are doing.  Fine.  That was quick.  We are constantly on the move like before and no sign of proxies which is great. Source has been staying on the couch telling me story of how he'll start kicking ass and taking names or whatever.  To be honest I tune him out whenever he starts talking about this stuff(now he'll probably be pissed when he reads this).  Uh, that's all I think really.  Have a good day everybody, I guess.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


     I don't know where they hell to start.  Uh, I guess noon is as good as any.  Today(yesterday I guess now) I decided that it was time to do something about Fred and his insane militia.  Around noon I went over to the old printing plant to check what it was like.  Same amount of guards though I did see some new outfits out there.  I started to put my plan into motion.
     I snuck down the hill and quickly hid behind a large rock by the old parking lot.  I waited there for three or so minutes to insure no proxy saw me and was waiting for me to pop my head out.  When nothing happened I pulled out my phone and stuck it out using its camera to look around the rock.  It wasn't long before I saw what I was looking for a tall man wearing a black duster, cowboy hat, and a white and gold mask that looked like something a lucha libre wrestler's.  The reason I was looking for him was I noticed on the hill that he had a limp.  I waited patently behind that rock for him to head my way while also praying that no other proxies would come instead.  Finally my wish was grant.  I pulled my phone back when he started to head my way and held my breath.  Then he was close enough.  I rolled out to the side, taking him by surprise, and stabbed the back of his bad knee with a knife I brought with me.  He collapsed on to the ground and let out a scream but I stuffed a piece of cloth in his mouth before another guard on patrol could hear him.  I ended the fight quickly and took his clothes and mask before putting the body behind rock.  I looked around the rock and silently gave my thanks that the proxies seemed to all be busy on the other side and dashed up the hill with my new disguise.  It was time 1:21 and I did the next part of my plan.  I called the police.  I took pHIL's advice and said that they would stocking illegal drugs as well as adding that they were a gang that had recently committed murders against anyone that neared their building.
      It was 1:37 when the cops arrived.  There were three cars and seven cops in total all packing heated.  The moment that the guards spotted them they pulled out their melee weapons (seriously still?!) and rushed the cops.  The police wasted no time shooting their assailants but they still moved despite being fill with fucking bullets, but whatever them moving didn't keep them moving long with most falling dead seconds after being hit by a wall of additional bullets.  Still some made it to the police killing two of them.  By the end of the assault on the hill there were nine bodies on the ground; two police and seven proxies.  I saw the remaining police slowly head down the hill after the leader gave them the signal.  They were about to raid the building when He appeared.  I don't thing the police even saw Him until He pierced there hearts with his tendrils.  In a mere second four cops were on the ground dead with the remaining one standing there in fear unable to move.  The Slender Man walked up towards him and simply stared at him until the cop slumped to the ground devoid of life then He was gone.  I stayed in my hiding place paralyzed with fear that He would appear by me any moment.  After a long time I finally put on my my disguise and went down the hill.  The time was 1:49.

     No additional proxies ventured outside the building during the time I was hiding from the Slender Man which surprised me leading me to hope most died, but as I ducked beside a door that was opened when backups arrived to attack the police.  I could here several voices that were yelling.  I thought I heard at least five but I was sure there were more.  "Shit," I muttered to myself.  I had hoped that they police would be able to take out more Proxies, maybe even do the job for me, but I hadn't counted on Slendy being so damn attached to his servants.  I did bring weapons but not for this many people.  I was so close I couldn't turn back, I was desperate.  In retrospect I should have called the police again or something, but doesn't matter now.

     It was 1:52 when I ran in the doorway with my gun firing randomly.  I was lucky I managed to hit three proxies with nonfatal wounds, but their pain and surprise gave me enough time to finish them with my other gun.  Then I realized my mistake.  The four proxies I killed I had killed with a combination of stealth and (mostly) luck, but my gun was loud and I could hear more heading my way.  I wasn't Batman or one of his ancestors I couldn't just disappear after that.  What an idiot I was.  Baka.  So I did the only thing I could which ironically was the stupidest thing I had done yet.  I called out, "Door!"     

     "Yes, Kyle?" said Door as he appeared at my side stopping time again. 
     "I accept your deal.  I'll become your damn herald."
     "I'm happy to hear you say that, Kyle, but you do understand the terms of the contract correct?"
     "I become your lapdog that helps you win this game and in exchange I get three boons."
     "Good to know.  I wanted to be sure we were clear."  Door held out his hand for me to shake which I accepted.  With that it was done.
     "Good my first wish is to survive this and to be clear I mean I would survive while completing my goal.  Teleporting me away doesn't count as surviving this."
     Door laughed, "Fine, it will be done."  With that I Door was gone, time was moving again, and I could hear the footsteps moving again. Suddenly I felt something urging me to jump to my side which I did though faster than ever before, most have been the enhanced everything Door mentioned before, as a tomahawk came soaring through the air where my head had been.
     "There's the bastard," one of them said.  "Slaughter his ass," said another.  They started to spread out to some o\at me from different sides, but I felt something urging me on, guiding me would be better, to attack.  I moved faster than any of them could and slit ones neck before they even knew it.  By the time that any of them realized what had happened I ripped the stomach of another of them apart.  Before I knew it myself another four mutilated bodies lay before me.  I was shocked but moved on not having time to thing about what just happened.  I could... fell two more proxies in the room around the corner and after refill my guns I killed both quickly and easily.  I was in the clear for now I felt.  Looking around I didn't see Fred among the bodies and prepared to have to face him too.
      I found a body in the next room, not-Jeff.  His neck was slit, had a smile carved on his face, and had his eyelids peeled off among other things.  I resisted the urge to throw off as I realized what this had to mean, I mean who else could have down it.  "Fuck."  I sensed I wasn't in any danger as I moved on trying to put the implication out of my head.
      It was 2:04 when I found the room that Source was in.  He was tied to chair and was covered in bruises and cuts.  "Yo Kyle is that you?" he said when he saw me entering the room.
     "My god, Virgil are you alright?" I shouted.  I know I've been trying to keep his name a secret but now it doesn't seem important anymore.
     "Of course it is.  Who did you think would be tied to a chair?  Fred and his LARP buddies?  Come on man that's stupid."
     "What have they done to you?" I questioned as I untied him.
     "Not much just the usual; beat me, tell me to worship a meme from the internet, start cutting me when I refuse, tell me to kill you, I laugh at the fact they think I would fall for their tricks."
     "And you resisted for months?"
     "It's been that long really?  Wow.  Any way yep no problem.  It'll take more to brake me."  I quickly learned that Virgil had become more detached from reality than he had before, but in a good way that resulted in a sort of "Mary Sue Complex" that actually kept him from being brainwashed.
     "I've been waiting for you."  Fuck.  Fred was standing in the doorway holding a sword.
     "Fred I came here to save you and Virgil.  Just come with me I can help you."
     "Why would I come with a Heathen like you?  No I'm he to kill you."
     "Hey Freddy you still worshippin' that same meme or have you move on to nein cat yet?" interjected Virgil all so helpfully.
      "Shut up you fuckin' Heathen!  Whatever now I can kill you both in the name of the Dark One.  Praise the Dark One!  Praise the one above God!" he shouted as he can at me with his sword.  Luckily for me my boon let me block the attack without a problem.  Unluckily for me that same boon tried to push me towards killing Fred.  I knew I couldn't resist the urge too long so I did what I had to do.  At 2:09 I called Door.
      "Kyle?  That was quicker than I thought how may I help?" he questioned.
      "It's time for my second boon," I said, "free Fred  from Slender Man's control."
      "An interesting, though unexpected boon, but sure no prob, Kyle."  Door dashed over to Fred and grabbed his head lifting him off the ground before dropping him.  "Done."
      "Oh no.  What... What have I done?" Fred started to mutter to himself.  He was free, going to suffer from trauma sure but free.  That's when Slender Man appeared, but this time I had planned for it.
      "Door, time or my final boon."
      "Of course I'll port you and your two friends away."
      "Wait, what?"  That was new I had never seen Door confused before.
      "My final boon is that you personally fight Slender Man to insure that we can get away."
      "You heard me.  Your Herald is in danger and I want you to personally fight to make sure that we can survive," I said hoping I was coming off as an over confident ass instead of the scared to death little kid I felt like.
      "As you wish," said Door though you could feel his anger in the air, "but when I win you can expect a face worse than hell as my bitch."  I grabbed both Fred and Virgil and ran not daring to look at the fight fearing what witnessing a between such divine being would do to me.
      It was 2: 59 AM when the three of us left and ran to my RV.  Virgil went inside to rest move too much for someone who had been malnourished and tied to a chair for who knows how long.  Me and Fred stood outside talking some.
     "I have to go Kyle,"  Fred said to me.
     "No you don't," I told him, "we need to stay together and protect each other./ We aren't safe yet and at least one of the survived that fight and they are going to be pissed.  We'll have a better chance of surviving if we stick together," I pleaded.
      "I can't I've down too much to both of you I can't live with mysel-"
      "Don't give me that bullshit!  Neither of us care about what the fuck you did to us will you were mind controlled.  We are back together again after what a year and you want to leave us already?"
      "Sorry," he said avoiding looking at me, "be careful I can feel that He is still out there."  And with that he was gone without giving me a solid reason.  I understand he has a lot of guilt and all but damnit!  For the past hour I've been sitting her with Virgil telling me about how he was able to heroically ignore the "batshit insane LARPers'" mind control at while I type this post up.  That's my day.  One question before I sign off at 2:42, did I win?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Bad Feeling

Door:  "Life is a game so you need to play to win."
Kyle:  Where did you come from and will you stop fucking doing that?
D:  That's your family's saying correct?
K:  Yeah.
D:  It should be, "Life is the game."  That's what I told your ancestor before he agreed to become my herald.
K:  So that is why you've been so interested in me because of my family.
D:  Yes, your family were such good and loyal servants I thought you might take after them.  Also I guess you could say I had a sense of nostalgia.
K:  Did you give them the same option for three boons?
D:  Yes, I find you are more willing to accept if you get something out of it, and three favors from a being of cosmic powers is frankly a damn good deal.
K:  Did one of them request wealth for the rest of the family?
D:  He requested all his descendants be comfortable for the rest of time.  I was surprised Marcus's first wish was for his family not just now but for all time, so I threw in a little bonus that the direct family of my chosen herald would get a little more money as a bonus.
K:  Then I suppose I have you to thank for my comfortable life.  Thank you.  Now get out.
D: Kyle, it's almost time, so I thought I would answer some of your questions.  
K:  Time for what?
D:  That I can't say.  
K:  So you aren't really going to answer my questions?  Ass.
D:  You misunderstand me.  I can't say because I don't know what will happen, I only know something big is about to happen.  I can feel it.
K:  Hmm, what did you mean when you said that life is the game?
D:  It's the simplest way describe what is going on.
K:  Can you elaborate?
D:  Think of a sort of cosmic tournament.  Every being that has ever lived or will live was entered at the beginning of time, you included.  Only an incredibly small amount of human's are even vaguely aware of its existence because frankly it's way above what you can handle.  Life is where the players all compete to win the ultimate prize.
K:  What godhood?
D:  Better.
K:  Is Slendy involved with the tournament too?
D:  Like I said every being that has ever existed or will exist is entered, the Slender Man included.
K:  So that's why he does whatever he does.
D:  To be honest I don't think so.  He is one of the top players, but he doesn't seem like he is trying to win.  He's an odd one even to beings like me.
K:  So why do you want a "Herald" so badly?
D:  Alliances aren't uncommon in order to try and get ahead.  
K:  How did you die? 
D:  Another player killed me.
K:  Who?  How?
D:  Kyle, death is a private matter you shouldn't ask others about that.  I thought your parents would have taught you better before they were killed by your best friend.
K:  <Glare>
D:  Too soon? 
K:  If you died shouldn't that have disqualified you or something from the game?
D:  No death is more of a inconvenience or a time out than anything. 
K:  Darn I was hoping death was a hot, goth girl.
D:  ... Is that a joke?
K:  Yes, well more of a reference.
D:  The only true way to be disqualified is nonexistence, to have never existed.  Even some humans have escaped death "ghost" I believe you call them, but that is very rare.  I think it only happens around five times a mullinium or something.  Any other questions?
K:  Are there any limits to what I can request with my boons if I did accept the role as you herald?
D:  You can't use your last to remove yourself from my service.  Now if you excuse me I have to go.

Monday, April 1, 2013


So I was trying to come up with some over exaggerated story about I single handedly kicked Slendy's ass, knocked some sense into Fred, and told Door to go fuck off, but then I decided that it seemed cruel to make up a story like that sooooo I went to the Internet for Slendy jokes instead.

^ Should be obvious.

 ^ The one Harlem Shake video I like.

^  Just makes me laugh for some reason.

Happy April Fools Day.