Sunday, October 14, 2012

Knowledge and Theories

 So I thought I would use today to talk about some theories on Slender Man as well as some other blogs

First off I thought it would be good to start off with listing my experience with other Slender Man victims.  I've read some of the more famous blogs such as Just Another Fool, Seeking Truth/The Mystic, The Tutorial, Dreams in Darkness, A Hint of Serendipity/The Last Refuge of a Dangerous Man, Anomalous Data, and Make it Count.  I also started A Really Bad Joke but for what ever reason I never finished(note to self: finish it damnit).  In addition to Blogs I have read the original thread on

The Vlogs I've seen are Everymanhybrid(BTW I need to say I wish Vinny luck especially after the last videos Habit posted.), TribeTwelve(Good luck on your birthday Noah), and Compiletruth.  Never could watch Marble Hornets for some reason.  I do intend to watch Darkharvest and if there are any other Vlogs/Blogs/Other thing related to Slendy that you thing would be good to watch please post them in the comments I would love to read others experience with Slender Man.  

Theories about the weird stalker guy


Slender Man or Slender Men

This theory was popular when we first learned about Slender Man but has since died down in popularity, now a days most people subscribe to there being one Slender Man.  I think the reason this has died down is because we only wanted to believe there were more Slender Men was because it would mean they aren't as powerful as He seems to be but since then we've grown to accept his strength(but not the lack of a weakness).  But if Slendy does indeed have a family I believe this would be the family tree.

Operator Symbol (X)

The operator symbol.  This simple circle with an x through it has plagued many runners ever since its appearance in Marble Hornets but what does it mean?  One extremely popular theory, first posted by M, is that it blocks his teleportation by making him think that someone is watching them Ala a Weeping Angel.  In Seeking Truth Conaghan told Zeke that the operator symbol is used to mark his target.  Personally I believe that its just a drawing emphasizing his lack of a face and its only purpose is to make places where He has appeared so us runners and warn other runners to be wary.


The theory that the more we learn about him the more he stalks us.  This theory according to personal experiences and the experiences of other bloggers is absolutely true, which is why I warned anyone unfamiliar with the term Slenderblog to leave in my first post.  This theory also leads to another very interesting theory, what if we forget him?  Will we be safe?  If you go by the Jay's experiments the yes at least temporary.  Is it possible to prolong the effect though?

Where Is He From

The big question where did this thing come from?  Among the many theories are; He is an alien, He is from another planet, He was born through the powers of Tulpa, and He has always existed.  According to his former college roommate he's from the internet though.  Seriously though its impossible to know for sure, but I personally believe in the Tulpa Theory.

Remember everything discussed here is a theory and if you any questions or comments or additional theories please post them below.

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