Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Everyone Else

After yesterday's post one of the things you readers might be wondering about is the status of Fred's other friends. 

Liz committed suicide after Emily's death.  She couldn't take the death of two friends in so short a time.  It came out of nowhere and well I hope she rest in peace.   

Virgil started to go into his own little world for a bit but has since gotten better.  Lately he has been obsessing more over video games though, but except for that he is okay.

Ted had a falling out with his parents when they found out he was gay and worse(for them) that his boyfriend was African American.  His parents(those fucking bastards) tried to prevent him from ever seeing Andrew again, but Ted and Andrew ran away together.  I wish them the best of luck.

Now back to me.  I guess I should detail myself a little.  First off I'm a nerd.  Some hobbies include gaming(SWTOR, SMT:P3P, Dragon Age, and Pokemon[yes I got Black 2] being my favorites), reading(favorite authors being H.P. Lovecraft and Neil Gaiman.  Currently reading A Clash of Crowns), and anime(Elfen Leid FTW).  Second I am extremely sarcastic and am told I come off as a unfeeling dick.  Thirdly I practice Tarot as you may remember from Fred's blog(today's card fittingly enough is death[change for those of you unfamiliar with tarot not actual death]).  Also I'm a Troper as you may have noticed last post.  Finally  I have a confession to make.  I saw Him.  I saw Him months before Fred ever saw him.  I saw him at S.O.S. and at the mall but I thought he was dangerous.

I admit I did look him up online after I saw him and read some summarizes but it all looked like bullshit.  I had only seen him playing with children as an imaginary friend, no injures or missing children, just playing.  Watching him then he seemed like that guy in a movie that seemed scary but really had a heart of gold. Baka! Baka! Baka!

Anyway so now I'm running too trying prevent this from happening to someone else by learning about him and hoping to find a weakness.  Something you should know my case is different from other runners, I'm traveling in a camper.  My family is rich my grandfather invented one of those things that you find in everything but never think about.  I was suppose to go to college this year but I convinced my parents to let me travel the country instead for one year before I go to college.  Am I saying this to brag? No, I just wanted out runners to know if I'm around I might be able to help them for a bit at least.  So the reason I'm traveling now is to interview victims of the Slender Man from around the country.  I hope that by the end to analyze them and find some secret to surviving so I can save others unlike my friends.

On a closing note I'll post my first interview tomorrow.

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