Friday, October 19, 2012

Interview #2

Sorry for the late update I've been following a lead that turned out to be unrelated, so I'll just get on with the interview.

Source found a, now removed, video online where the interviewee warned viewer about the Slender Man, though he refer to him as the Demon, and Source managed to contact him.  At first John, the interviewee, was understandably reluctant to meet but source managed to convince him.

Kyle: <Knocks on the door>
John: Hello. 
Kyle: Hi are you John?
John: Kyle?
Kyle: <nods>
John: Please come in.
<As John lead me into the living room the first thing that I noticed about John was that he was about Fred's age.  The second thing I noticed was how religious he was, with a cross around his neck and a bible between his arms that he would keep with him the rest of the visit.>
Kyle: How old are you?
John: Fifteen.
Kyle: Do your parents know about this interview?
John: No.  They wouldn't believe.  What was it like for you when Fred died?
Kyle: Did Source tell you?
John: He mentioned a bit but I looked the rest up online.
Kyle: It was horrible.  The pain it burned... and it hurt worse because I didn't help.
John: That was how I felt.
Kyle: So you obviously know my story, what happened to you?
John: Me and Brandon, my best friend, for in our local graveyard filming a ghost story that we hoped would be the next be YouTube video.  We were arguing about who would be the main character or something when we noticed someone else in the graveyard.  He was in the shot and we when over to ask if he could move out of the shot for a moment, but he just ignored us staring at a grave.
Kyle: Do you remember whose grave it was?
John: I think it started it an "E" or maybe it was a "T" I'm not sure.  Anyway I was getting impatient and annoyed that he wasn't listening to us, so I more or less told him to "Move your ass out of our shot!"  That got his attention.  He turned around and we both were knocked backwards by an invisible force.  When we looked up was a man without a face standing there watching us.  For a while we just stayed on the ground waiting for him to do something, but that something never happened so we ran while he stayed there watching us run.
          Ten minutes later we were both back here trying to explain to my mom and dad what happened to us.  Both my parents yelled at us for going to the graveyard at night instead of the library like we said but they did call the police and reported a mysterious masked that was in the graveyard.  Me and Brandon felt better now that the police were involved so we went to my room putting the incident behind us.  Unfortunately for us it followed us back home standing in the doorway to my parent's room.  We again this time downstairs yelling for help, but when we reached the bottom we found ourselves back at the top of the stairs.  Brandon said, "Its a demon from Hell sent by Satan."  Back then I wasn't as religious as I am now and criticized him for believing something like that.  We probably would have fought over the issue more like we often did but I saw the Demon behind us at the bottom of the stairs.  As we ran the hallway seemed to stretch growing longer and longer to make sure that we would never get away but some how we did make it in to my room.  We slammed to door shut hoping that it would somehow stop the Demon.  It didn't.  He stood there in the doorway when tentacles suddenly burst out of his back then started to twist together until they looked like long, black wings and the Demon looked like the Angel of Death coming for our souls.  Beside me Brandon started to pray while I took out my frustration by criticizing his praying again until I curled up on the floor crying in defeat.  I waited forever for death but it never came.  Later my parents found me in my room crying with no sign of Brandon.  Brandon saved me because that night he wasn't preying for God to save him.  Brandon was preying for God to save me.
Kyle:  Did you ever see the Demon again.
John:  No.

Shortly afterwards I left.  I have to admit I find John's story interesting because it seems like Slender Man in toying with them in it.  Remember if you find anything interesting please discuss it below.


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