Thursday, October 11, 2012

Interview #1

Here as I promised is my first interview.  Quick note: I will never use the full name of a person and may be using an alternate name for a person in order to protect their identity and prevent proxies from picking new targets to stalk.

I got tipped off by a friend, who insists I refer to him as "Source", about a man whose son went missing recently in the area I was currently in.  Source said that it looked like a Slender Man case so I went to visit the man.  I had tried to interview a few people before this but all of them refused to talk about it but I managed to get the father to talk a bit about it. I recorded the following conversion.

*Knock on the door*
Jim:  Can I help you?
Kyle:  Are you Jim ****?
Jim:  Yeah. Why?
Kyle:  Hi my name's Kyle and I was hoping to talk to you about your son.
Jim:  Go away.
Kyle: Hold on-
Jim:  Look I don't want to talk about it, especially to a reporter for a newspaper.
Kyle:  I'm not a reporter.
Jim:  Great because I want to talk to it about a stranger so much more.  Just leave me be.
Kyle:  Wait.  Look I understand if you don't want to talk about but-
Jim: Why do you care so much kid?
Kyle:  Because I lost two friends and I believe the same guy who killed them may have taken your son.
Jim:  *Brief pause* Come in.
*We introduce ourselves a bit more and I describe what happened to Fred and Emily though I did leave out the paranormal parts*
Jim:  That...that's terrible but why do you believe that the bastard who did that also kidnapped my son?
Kyle:  According to the article from one of the local papers police found some odd drawings done by your son.  Could you describe them?
Jim:  **** said that the drawings were of his imaginary friend, uh it was really weird, it think it was  Anic.  Wait no it was Amicus.
Jim:  A tall man with a good fashion sense because he was always in suits.
Kyle:  Fred's little brother use to draw someone just like that before he disappeared.
Jim:  Are you saying that ****'s imaginary friend did this?
Kyle:  I believe so.
Jim:  That's impossible.  I use to watch **** and even a few of his friends play with Amicus and there was no Amicus there.
Kyle:  Did ****'s drawing of Amicus ever become more fearsome and involve a lot of lines or extra limbs coming off him?
Jim:  Yeah.
Kyle:  As did Tim's.  You can't tell me that that's a coincidence.
Jim:  Maybe.
*Jim gets a little off topic for a few minutes trying to process this*
Kyle:  Can you tell what happened the day **** went missing?  I understand if you don-
Jim:  *quietly* No it's okay.  It was a normal day where I went to work and **** went our neighbor's who would watch him for me.   I pick him up and took him out to eat at Wendy's then we went home and watched sports together before it was his bedtime.  I tucked him in bed then went to brush my teeth.  When I finished I went in to say good night one more time and...**** was just missing.  I called his name but **** never came out so I checked his and mine in case he was in there, but when he wasn't I called the police but they couldn't find a trace of where he went.
Kyle:  I'm sorry about your lose.  I think I should get going thanks for the help.
Tim:  No problem and if you find anything out about this fucker please tell me.
Kyle:  Sure.  One more thing before I leave, tell the parents of the other children playing with Amicus to keep an eye on them.

There is my first piece if anyone notices something helpful please comment and I probably won't post again until this weekend.

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