Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How It Began

Before I start there are a few things I need to say.  First this is a Slenderblog so if you don't know what that means get the hell out NOW!  Second this blog with probably spoil the results of other blogs, mostly this one.

Now that that's finished my name is Kyle and this is my Slenderblog.  Before I can go any further I need summarize the events that started me on this path.  It all started with a friend of mine named Fred who got really sick at one point and missed a lot of school.  This caused him to almost fail English, but his teacher gave him a chance for extra credit by starting his own blog that he would need to write in each day.  For a while it was him talking about his day but then Slender Man / Slendy / TPF / Mr. Thin / Whatever the fuck people are calling him now, appeared.  Slender Man constantly appeared around Fred's little brother which started to drive to Fred despair and even lead him to doubt his sanity.  Fred ended his story on a cliffhanger debating whether he should become a runner, stay and fight, or even commit suicide.

Fred instead chose to do nothing.  The day after his final post Fred' s brother, Tim, went missing and Fred just sat in his room with a vacant stare.  He wouldn't respond to anybody, wouldn't move even to go to the bathroom, and he barely ate.  Fred was put in a mental hospital two day after Tim's disappearance.
 We were horrified by what happened to Fred's family and tried to help comfort his mother, but while we all took it bad it was Emily who took it the worst.  One day she went to visit him at the mental hospital and he seemed to be doing slightly better as he started to talk and move about, but he was still unstable and could easily be sent into shock again or into an angry outburst.  Emily sat there talking to him hoping that her presence would somehow help heal him.  From what she told me it was going great for thirty minutes or so but then he went into a fit where he just raved about how "the monster" was coming for him.  While the doctors were trying to calm him down he mentioned his blog and Emily being Emily decided to investigate it.

Unfortunately she became "infected" by the knowledge of his existence much faster the Fred had, she saw him the next day.  Emily didn't become depressed or shut herself off from everyone, like Fred, instead she seemed to developed tranquil fury.  Emily was determined to do something about Slender Man which only became worse later that week when Fred disappeared from the hospital.  That was the last straw for Emily.  Not long later she decided that she would try to kill this thing.

She came over to see me that night and she told me about what happened to Fred.  She needed someone to talk to and since I had already seen the blog I seemed like the best choice I guess.  She told me that she was going to do something about it and left.  For the first time in, I forget, two months I went to "A Stupid Summer Assignment" and was shocked by what I read and the steady decline of Fred's sanity.  I ran after Emily to persuade to not try and kill Him but when I went to her house her dad said she wasn't there.  Those words hit me like a ton of bricks for I never imagined she would try to kill Him so soon.  Later that night the police called her parents to say they found Emily in the park impaled on the branches of a tree.

I'm so sorry Emily.

Witnesses told the police that when she got to the park she pulled a hand gun out of her purse and started to fire in the air yell, "Where are you you bastard!  Show yourself you fucking piece of shit!"  Many people ran but a few lingered to see who see was firing at.  Many at the time thought Emily had lost it because of Fred's disappearance, but now they believe she found the person that killed him and his brother because who else would have killed her in such a horrible way.  The thing that worries me is that Slender Man evidently talked to her because some witnesses remember her shouting, "What do you mean?" and "No you're a liar!"

I'm done for the night I can't continue.  Tomorrow I'll tell you why I started this as well as a bit about myself.

I'm sorry everyone.  I'm sorry.

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