Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween/Interview #4

Hey everyone just wanted to say happy Halloween and I have a new interview already =D. . . OK it isn't that exciting -_- but whatever here it is.

Source told me about someone here found in a chatroom online who encountered a "Black Tree" that sounded very Slender Man like when he described it.  I was also intrigued because it reminded me of Zero's Bleeding Tree.  So the person who Zero found online is named Peter Bauer and use to live in Germany.  His English was amazing and he only had the slightest hint of an accent.   

Peter:  Please come in.
Kyle: Thanks.
Peter:  So you wish to know about my experience with the Black Tree correct?
Kyle:  Si.
Peter:  Si?
Kyle:  Sorry, yes.
Peter:  First I want to know about your experience with the Slender Man correct?  Your friend, he called himself... Source I believe, told me a little about your problem but not too much.
Kyle:  <I detailed my story.>
Peter:  I am sorry for the loss of your friends, may they rest in peace.  Here is my story.  When I was  a child living in Germany my mother use to warn me of the Black Tree that would steal naughty children from the village if the wandered to close to the woods.  At first I didn't believe them thinking it was just another story like the Feral Boy b-
Kyle:  I'm sorry did you say the Feral Boy?
Peter: Yaa.
Kyle: Yes?
Peter: Yaa <nodding>
Kyle:  What was the Feral Boy?
Peter:  An old story about a boy that got lost in the woods and turned into a wild animal.
Kyle:  Do you remember what this boy was suppose to look like?
Peter:  Uh like that precious guy from The Lord of the Rings movie.
Kyle:  Have you ever heard of the Rake?
Peter:  Oh course how do you think I clean the leaves from my yard?  What does this have to do with my story?
Kyle:  Sorry just nevermind.
Peter:  So as I was saying I had never believed until my best friend, Max, disappeared when we were seven.  The adults were running around wandering where he could have gone but I knew.  The night before he had told me that he was going to run away and live in the woods over something he and his parents fought about.  I had laughed at him and said he wouldn't do it and was shocked to find out he really had.  I felt guilty and that night went to the woods by our village to search for Max.  It was dark in the woods but I had been there many times during the day and knew my way around the outer edge of the woods.  After what was probably fifteen minutes I was going to give up when I heard a noise deeper in the woods.  I stopped to listen at first hearing nothing then there it was, Peter, I heard.  I started to run as fast as my little legs could go until I couldn't run anymore and had to stop.  I realized I should have been out of the woods, that I should have gone through the woods yet I was still in.  I looked around me and noticed the moon was gone as were the stars, and the trees they seemed taller than before.  I was afraid but I had to find Max I had heard, so I continued to wonder deeper into the heart of the forest.  Then I saw it.  A large black tree that was taller yet thinner than the rest of the tree which circled it but also kept their distance as if it was poison.  I don't know why but I crept closer towards the tree but I did as if I was mesmerized.  I was about to put my hand against the trunk of the tree when its roots shot out of the ground snapping my out of whatever called me towards the tree.  I did the smartest thing I had ever done in my life and ran, ran as if Hell and all its devils, demons, and Hellfire were on my heels.  I did look back to see the tree push itself out of the ground and condense to a more humanoid form, like this Slender Man you mentioned, still chasing me using several long, black roots as legs like a spider.  The forest too seemed smaller for I reached the edge of the woods within seconds then I felt one of the Black Trees roots around my ankle pulling me back in.  The root burned feeling as if it was on fire, to this day I can still feel the pain on particularly dark nights.  I wasn't sure how to get out of the root's grip but the on thing I knew for sure was that I didn't want to go with that fucking tree so I started to crawl and scream for help.  Soon adults from my village arrived to find me just outside the woods screaming for someone to get the Black Tree's root off me which they told me wasn't there before despite the burning I felt.  From that night on I never liked going to places with too many trees, which is why I moved here.
Kyle:  What happened to Max?
Peter:  They found him two days later staying friends in a nearby village.
Kyle:  And did you ever see the Black Tree again.
Peter:  No I never saw it but sometime I can still feel its presence even here in America.
<We talked some more mostly just small talk irrelevant to this study.>
Kyle:  Thanks for talking to me Mr. Bauer.
Peter:  It was no problem.  Actually it was kind of nice to talk to someone who believed me for a change.

And there is the bulk of our conversation and as always please leave notes on anything interesting you find in this interview or past interviews.

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