Sunday, October 28, 2012

Interview #3

I have no excuse for why this one is late I'll merely apologize instead.

<Knocks on door and Katelyn opens the door staring at me blankly.>
Katelyn:  Are you the Champion?
Kyle:  Uh... no.
Katelyn:  <stares at me with those eerily, blank eyes for a moments> No I guess you're not.  Please come in anyway, Kyle.  You want to know about my experiences with the Tall Man correct?
Kyle:  Yes.
Katelyn:  There isn't much to talk about all we did was play games.  I didn't know anyone who died like you.
Kyle:  How did you know that; did Source tell you?
Katelyn:  No it's written in your eyes.  Anybody, even a child, can see the pain and misery that you have gone through.
Kyle:  Regardless I would still like to hear about your experience.
Katelyn:  Of course.  It started fifty years ago when I was seven years old.  My parents were often busy with my older brother, Theodore, who was terminally sick often focusing so much on paying attention to him that I would be forgotten.  One day when I was playing ball by myself in the backyard I noticed a strange man walking out of the woods on four black tentacles that were attached to his back.  That probably should have scared me but instead I laughed, not because he was funny but because he was neat.  That got his attention and he came over to examine me.  I sat there and wave to him, he waved back and from then on we played games together.
Kyle:  What games did the Slender Man play with you?
Katelyn:  Tag, ball, hide and seek, checkers, and go fish except he nodded instead of saying go fish.  You should call your family.
Kyle:  What?
Katelyn:  Say hello they probably miss you.
Kyle:  Sooo did he ever ask you to go with him or leave?
Katelyn:  Once but I said no.
Kyle:  Then what happened?
Katelyn:  We continued to play and would do so until I was ten when he stopped going.
Kyle:  Did your parents ever notice you playing with the Slender Man?
Katelyn:  Once or twice but they never truly saw him like you could Kyle.  You won't wrong Kyle my story is proof of that.
Kyle:  Thanks<though it's empty>
Katelyn:  Be careful Kyle the game isn't over yet.  I think you should leave now.

I left after thanking her for the interview and wow that was weird, but if there is anything I learned from TV/video games/movies its that the cryptic old lady is usually right.  What did she mean by the Champion?  Is that like the Hero Robert (BTW does anybody know a place I can read White Elephants in its entirety it would be much appreciated) talked about, because if so I sure as hell know it isn't me.  Anyway please comment on anything interesting you find besides the lack of tragedy in this interview.  

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