Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Sorry to keep you fools waiting but I've been doing some work for my lord the past week.  I've had to help some of the other Blessed deal with Heathens.  We had a lot of fun doing our sacred duty.  But enough of that... wait, wait you Heathens still think I'm Kyle don't you?  Hahahahahaha.  No.  If you kept up with him you would have known that I hijacked this account he in order to introduce myself, so who am I well I'll let you figure my Blessed name.  So Kyle while we're on the subject I know how much you love games(the blog title made that obvious) so here is some Pokemon just for you.


Also I'll give you back your account for now but I'll still borrow it just for the lolz.  Have a good night Heathens =D

1 comment:

  1. Hey guys this is Kyle, the real one. I got my password back in an email from myself so it looks like I'll be able to post again. First order of business what the heck does that video mean?