Saturday, October 5, 2013

BLUE LANTERN?! No not really just a guy using the name of one-_- My favorite one-_-

I was visited today. At a rest stop of all places. It was by that proxy that Runner mentioned. I don't like him he's too friendly it's really creepy. Maybe I should explain myself a little. It all started with a knock at the door. I answered hold my gun behind me at the ready, for insurance reasons. A guy that looked like one of those annoying door-to-door church people was standing there. He looked about forty something.

"Hey there.  How are doing?  I'm your proxy!," the proxy said,  "I just wanted to say hello before we had to try to kill each other," he explained, "Sorry about that by the way, but it's part of the job by the way," he told me, "You know how it is.  Oh call me Saintwalker by the way," that statement annoyed me, "I heard you're a DC fan so I thought I would borrow a name from them, plus the name kind of fit.  So, want to play some Brawl."

"I am not calling you Saintwalker," I told him annoyed.

"Why?" he asked

"Well for one you don't care for the hope of the entire universe," I replied, "In fact you and your buddies, also your master and his rivals tend to work more towards the universes demise."

"No, no, no, you miss understand I do my work for the benefit of the universe," he told me

"Yeah and so are the Cyberman," I replied

"Everyone miss understands at first," he said, "Either way I am not here to bug you with that," he told me, "Wanna play Brawl? I call Pit."

"I don't play Smash Bros," I told him.

"Come on man everybody plays Brawl," Walk retorted

"Not everyone cause I don't," I told Walk, "Now could you please leave cause this kindness coming from a proxy is just creepy as hell."

"Look I'm just trying to be nice to you," he told me, "I really hate the killing part," he explained, "I rather convert than kill."

"You might as well give up on the converting bullshit," I told him, "Especially cause of what I have gone through, my home town burning down, my best friend breaking my mind cause of your bullshit 'religion', and now I'm permanently on the run thanks to you people."

"I don't believe anyone one is unsaveable," he said

"Well you better start believing cause I am not joining you or your more psychopathic friend," I told the false lantern.

"Well, we'll see about that," he said, "I have my own game wanna play Mario Kart?" he asked

"Not really Nintendo console guy," I told him.

"I guess I'll got then, give my regards to Trish," he told me, "Oh! This guy wanted  me to give you this, he said he had an event to go to," he said handing me a piece of paper with names, places, and dates on it.

Well that's all that happened today. If you noticed the other voices weren't talking it's cause we are all annoyed by the creepiness of the False Walker.


  1. Wouldn't call that guy creepy. Deluded, maybe, but dude. Seriously. Don't be a dick, eh?

  2. Hey I just woke up when he visited and my cereal keeps disappearing. I was grumpy.

  3. Late note, but you are a fucking liar. You use to love Brawl you just were mad everyone kicked your ass.