Friday, May 3, 2013

No Rest for the (punchline)

     As always me and Virg were on the move and today we stopped at a rest stop to stretch our legs for a bit.  Virg went to the bathroom and I was getting something from a vending machine when I felt a stinging feeling in my back.
    "Don't move," a voice urged holding something, a knife I guessed in my back.  "Kyle or Source?" she asked.
     "The hell you talking about, bitch?" I bluffed.
     "Nice attempt but I know who you are.  Now which are you?"
     "What a dumb bitch.  I'm telling you I d-" the stinging in my back grew worse.  
     "I don't appreciate being lied to."  I realized that she must had been following me for a while now if she was so sure about who I was.
      "Kyle" I answered.
      "Not so difficult was it?"
      "No but painful." At that moment the the door to the men's bathroom opened with Virgil walked out.  The women noticed this too and threw a throwing knife, redundancy ftw =), towards him.  Virgil saw them coming though and closed the door so the knife was stuck in the wood, and I used the opportunity to headbutt the woman to get some distance.  Note to self: headbutts hurt.  My head was fuzzy and it was difficult to focus but the headbutt did its job and put distance between us as well as disoriented the woman that attacked me.  Virgil tackled her from behind and the two started fighting on the ground for a few second before one pushed the other off.
      "See Kyle this is why you should let me get those guns I want."
      "Yeah, so you can scare the shit of people in a rest stop."  This was the first time I really got a look at the woman and damn she was not trying to hide.  She looked like she was around 25, wore a T-shirt and skirt, and had long, white hair with a pink strip going down the middle.  Best/worst hair ever.  Her weapons were throwing knives that she wielded like Larxene from Kingdom Hearts minus the lightning.  I pulled out my knife that I keep hidden for situations like this.
       "Think we should leave," I whispered to Virg.
       "Aw, but my first proxy.  You are a proxy right?" he called.
       "Indeed," she said amused by him.
       "You are under armed though, no weapons... except for that throwing knife you just picked up."
       "Point taken," he said backing up.
       "Not happening," and with that the knives were in the air and me and Virg were making a mad dash for it.  Next thing I know we're in the RV driving away with what happened in between running and driving away being a blur.  Virgil was lucky making it out with only a few cut, I on the other hand made it out with a knife in the arm.  We got it and cleaned out wounds.
       "Can I keep them?" Virgil asked holding up the two knives he acquired.
       "Sure why not."    Lucky for me the knife wasn't laced with anything so we are both doing okay.


  1. You shoulda killed her. One less proxy is one step towards the slenderman alone. Not to mention she'd have done the same to you.

    1. She took me by surprise, we weren't ready, and if we did attack her I'm sure at the least one of us would die. Make no mistake (love)Craft I intend to kill for, but when I'm prepared. Minimize the damage and all that.