Sunday, May 12, 2013


Spoiler Alert:  Ouch.

As you've no doubt guessed we saw "Cutie Mark," as Virgil has dubbed our new proxy, today and it fucking hurt.  Oh, where to start?  Well I guess first would be how the hell did I miss her when she has white and bright pink hair!?  She punched me from the side while I was walking down a sidewalk, "Miss me?"

"Ow, what was that for?  I mean I know you're our new personal proxy and everything, but why'd you hsve to punch me?"

"I was bored and needed something to rid myself of that dreadful boredom."

"So you-" I punched her.  She was knocked back a step or two but quickly recovered with a big smile on her face.

"Ah, you play dirty."

"Well you sucker punched me so I thought I owed you." 

"Good I enjoy it when the runner fights back," she punched me, I dodged, I punched her, she blocked, she hit me in the gut with her other arm.

"Can't you just leave me be?  Not my best day," I told her before delivering a side kick to her thigh.

"Of course it isn't.  You naturally would be reminiscing about you dead mom and by extension your dead father too."  Low blow.  We both paused for a moment to catch our breath and noticed that we had drawn a crowd that was watching us.

"Shit, Cutie Mark we should have sold tickets to this."  That got some laughs from the crowd but it was probably the name.

"Shouldn't you have tried to stop us?" she questioned the crowd sincerely confused.

"I wouldn't," I said honestly, "but someone called the police already I'm sure."  Somebody raised their hand.  "C.M. you mind if I call Virgil really quick?"


"Thanks," I pulled out my phone.  "Hey man it's me.  C.M. is down here and we're in a fist fight.  I'm sure she'll do the same for you sometime too.  Yeah.  Cool.  Anyway I'm down at uh... (...) about a minute away from you with police coming soon, so meet me down here soon.  Yeah they are giving me weird looks about this call.  Kay." 


I punch her across the face again, "Yep."

"Good."  She jumping roundhouse kicked my ass.  Crowd loved it.  Then she stabbed me in the leg with one of her throwing knives, "I used one of these to off dear old mom you know."  With that she was gone.  Fuckin' bitch.  She wanted to piss me off and that remark did it.  Now the crowd was rushing to try and help me since a weapon was used, but couldn't agree on what to do.  Virgil arrived about twenty seconds later and rush to the front of the crowd and looked at my wound.

"Damn man.  How are you Kyle?" 

I responded by repeating "Burn in Hell!" multiple times.

"Good, you're fine."  He ripped out the knife and wrapped my wound in a piece of cloth he tore from his shirt.  The cops arrived two or so minutes later and escorted us to the hospital where they questioned me and checked the wound.  Basically I told them that a woman with white and pink hair had started to stalk us a few weeks ago and for some bizarre reason was obsessed.  Been taking care of police and hospital stuff the rest of the day, but now me and Virg are back on the road.

Moral of the story; holidays suck for me and often hurt.  


  1. A spot of girl knowledge for you: hair dye can make your hair rather flammable. Hairspray (to maintain that look while fighting, you'd likely need it) makes your hair *extremely* flammable. If she takes pride in her hair, it will take the smug bitch down a notch or two if anything (I know this because I take pride in my hair.)

    1. I second this notion. Very much.

    2. Oh this is going to br fun.

  2. Well that escalated quickly...
    Probably can't help much, since I don't know shit about fighting, but I'll second the 'kill it with fire' plan. Possibly also shout out that she has a knife if there's a crowd; that way they'll probably step in before you get stabbed. And if she doesn't have a knife, it still saves you the effort.

    1. hindsight I should have done that in the first place, but I thought we were only going to have a friendly fist fight. Damn that was dumb of me.

  3. Naomi that's Cutie Mark's real name. Be careful guys she is one tough bitch.

    1. You know her? Anything that could be used against her? Like, where she gets her hair dye, where she stays when not fucking with runners (I'm assuming she has a permanent base and paths out when necessary. It's what I would do). Where does she eat, even. Any habits that could be used to get the jump on her, is what I'm getting at.

    2. She was part of my unit that attacked our hometown so I don't really know her.

      1. No idea.
      2. She doesn't have a base but maybe the path
      3. Actually I don't recall seeing her eat...
      4. She really loves fucking with her prey prolonging the hunt. While most members of my team instantly killed their victims Naomi tortured them for days. She also loves the path to the point you could say she is addicted, because if it takes more than a minute to get to she goes through the path. That's the best I can think of.

    3. Sorry just noticed I never finished that first part. What I meant to say was that while she was part of the group during the attack she left almost right after she finished torturing her prey, so I don't know her to well.