Friday, March 1, 2013

Offered a Deal

     This should sound familiar to you guys by now; I was eating in a restaurant thinking of strategies to try and free Source when a certain masked and suddenly appeared out of nowhere.  Door just kinda stood at the other side of the table watching me eat my fish for a few minutes.

     "Yes?" I asked after getting sick of his standing there in silence.
     "You lost your friend."
     "Thanks for telling me I hadn't noticed."
     "I can help you save him."
     I looked up towards him, "And the catch is?"
     "You become my herald.  It even comes with some great benefits."
     "Doesn't matter," I told him, "because the answer is no."
     "Odd.  In my experience you humans tend to accept offers such as this instantly if you are benefited. "    
     "Yeah, well we've wised up thanks to media.  The term is 'a deal with the devil.'"
     "I won't call myself a devil"
     "I won't call you human either."
     "Neither would I, but you never heard what I offer as a bonus for accepting.  You get 3 boons."
     "Like a genie, yeah that helps you convince me."
     "Has anyone ever told you that you're a dick?"
     "Yeah," I said, "plenty of times."
     "Well the offer is still on the table if you ever want to accept it," Door said as he disappeared in a manner like the Cheshire Cat, without the smile of course.
     Why is this freak so determined to get me to accept his damn deal?


  1. What's the betting you'll end up gettig screwed over somehow by the end of this? On the other hand, Door seems like he's against Slendy, and powerful enough to pose a minor threat, so him getting more power (eg a herald) would be a good thing. Door,if you're reading this, what's the pay like? Any decent perks? And what're the hours?

  2. You could ask him for some answers. Is he allied with Slendy? What does a herald of his do? If he's legit, he won't have any problem telling you.

    Also think carefully about how you could use the bonus to your advantage. And he hasn't tried to kill you yet. That's quite something.

    1. On th other hand, if he isn't legit, whats to stop him straight up lying about it? If He's against the slender man, he'll say so. If he's with the slender man, he'll say he's against the slender man anyway, because people who work with the slender man learn to lie very quickly. Trust me.

    2. @pHIL - Good point, actually. Door, in the event you read this, what made you choose Kyle to be your herald?

    3. Both of you have make good points. Next time I see the SOB I'll ask some questions, maybe even learn some stuff, but what's to stop him from lying? Still maybe Door will slip up if he does lie. Ugh, things were bad enough with just Slendy but now I have to deal with this weirdo.

  3. Any news from the front? I'm starting to get a little worried our skinny friend has caught up with you. And we wouldn't want that yet.