Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Assualt Part 2: Another Proxy Rises

     In case the title didn't make it obvious enough another Proxy attempted to attack me today.  Fun week.  Anyway, after taking pHIL's advice and moving to a new location quickly I found that I needed some more food.  I went to the local grocery store and when I left someone pulled me into the alleyway beside the store(clichê much).  "Where are you going?" asked a average sized man holding a pocket knife at me.
     "Who they hell are you?" I questioned.
     "Where are you going?" he repeated?
     "I don't know."
     "You're going the wrong way." he said glaring at me.
     "More info please."
     "You're running away.  You are suppose be charging us, damnit!"
     "Oh," I said, "you work for Fred.  How did you find me so quickly?"
     "Simply we've been watching you," he answered.  "The hunt has started." he said smiling.
     "Shit.  I don't want to know what that means right?"
     "It means we can bring you to us."
     "What are you going to do?" I asked him letting worry slip into my voice causing his smile to grow wider.
     "I'm going to jab this knife into you so that you can't fight back then I'l-" I kicked him in the stomach, and when he went down I smashed my knee into his face.  I clutched my knee in pain, but was satisfied that he was in more pain.  Clapping.
     "Nice job, Kyle!"  Door. 
     "Were you just watching that?"
     "Yeah I figured that you could hold your own."
     "Have you reconsidered my offer yet?"
     "That reminds me someone was wondering what the pay is and if there are any benefits."
     "You get enhanced everything and your family is already loaded because of me.  What more do you want?"
     "You made my family rich?"
     "Of course they've been my heralds for a millennium now."
     "I'm not surprised they've forgotten since I have been dead for a few hundred years.  I'll tell you the story next time."  With that he was gone and I was too after taking care off the proxy on the ground.


  1. If he's been dead for a few hundred years what's to stop it from happening again? and then you'll be pretty screwed.
    Of course, you can check you family history now. See how many went insane and killed themselves and the like.

  2. Just had a thought, and it's probably excessively optimistic, but what if the reason slendy hasn't been anywhere near you is because you've found a way of hurting him and just didn't realise it? I'll go through the archives, see if I can pick up any leads.

    1. Hmm, I never thought of it that way. Honestly I really really hope you're right. I'll have to think on that.

    2. Looking back on your previous posts, I've got a couple of interesting points. The child in interview 1 called slendy Amicus, from latin. 'I love' with a root meaning:
      Belonging to.
      Derived from.
      Of or pertaining to; connected with; -ish.
      (thank you wiktionary)

      I doubt a little kid would know latin, meaning it'd probably be from slendy hisself.

      Also, it may be worth chasing up the grave in interview 2. Seems to have some meaning to slendy.

  3. her·ald
    Noun: An official messenger of news.
    Verb: Be a sign that (something) is about to happen.
    noun. messenger - harbinger - forerunner - precursor - courier
    verb. announce - advertise - proclaim - declare - harbinger

    Source: Google

    If that helps any. BTW, what did the proxy mean by "the hunt has started"? Keep changing locations. Oh, and stick to more populated areas.

    Considering what pHIL said, how much do you know about your family history?

    1. Might be better to go to unpopulated areas, where the visibility is better. If you can see tham coming you can shoot them before they get too close, and for whatever reason Slendy isn't turning up, so crowds won't be as essential. I wouldn't be caught without a gun or something though. No reason for there to be an even playing field.


    2. I always thought it would be better to stick with crowded cities, so that it would be harder for a proxy to spot me. On the other hand you make good points. I think I'll try unpopulated areas for a bit see how it works out.

      @Sanna I've never been interested in family history, but I have an aunt who was. I contacted her yesterday but she hasn't called back yet but that's not unusual for her. I think the hunt is just proxies coming to bring me back considering I've been running.

  4. Just had a thought, reading through the archives. This mysterious benefactor of yours, Door. It's an odd name, but he's involved with slendy somehow, and with slendy everything is a code. You mentioned once that if Lovecraft was right, slendy would be nyarlonathoteps kid. Running with that theme, what if the name 'door' was a code? Door, as in gate, as in 'the gate and the key', as in Yog-Sothoth! Not that I'm suggesting Lovecraft was right, just that he was involved with this whole mess and that he wrote about it. If that was the case, Door'd be cousin to Slendy, and, more alarmingly, it is hinted that the favor of the god requires a human sacrifice or eternal servitude.

    1. So, who might be a likely target for a human sacrifice? Kyle?

    2. 0.0 Wow you blew my mind. I was kidding about the Nyarlathotep thing, but wow that is genius.

    3. @Sanna- No, it means to get door's favour, Kyle will need to kill someone (possibly Fred) or serve eternally (more likely, given Kyle's morals). Possily an anscestor sold out kyles family for a head start in life (or, like, survival).

      @Kyle Thanks for the complement, I'm something of a lovecraft geek myself and like coming up with crazy theories. Coming up with fanfiction for real life and all tht jazz.

    4. Just wondering but which Lovecraft story is your favorite? I like "Pickman's Model" myself.

    5. I have to say 'The Outsider' is my favourite. Hell of an ending, even if it's a wee bit scarce on the mythos front. But then, I used to be an outsider too. Had an imaginary friend 'till I was like ten.