Friday, March 29, 2013

Can't Think of a Title

It hasn't been really busy around here surprisingly not that I'm complaining of course.  In fact I really enjoy not having to deal with random proxy attacks, who knew.  Sorry about being quiet for a bit but I had to make sure I was far enough away when I posted this.

I went to the place where Fred and his gang are holding Source.  It's an old printing plant on the edge of town that shut down, I think, 8 - 10 years ago.  Proxies were patrolling the outside of the building, six, with probably more inside.  I saw Not Jeff and a few others in the usual hoods, but no Fred.  Chances are he was inside with Source.  I only did a quick survey of the area than left before any of them could spot me.  I have to do something but I can't fight through this and if I don't do something well they'll kill him probably.  Could I use that as one of my boons maybe?  No things aren't that desperate yet.  


  1. In the event that you do go in, I would try to remain unnoticed if I were you. That way you don't have to confront anyone at first, plus if they saw you they might kill Source. Or - could you blend in with a mask and a hood?

    1. Can you actually be sure Source is in there? They could've moved him. Maybe get the police involved; say they're cooking meth in there or something.

    2. Great ideas you two! @Sanna the (minor) issue with that is I noticed proxies like to have similar outfits, but they personalize them. Each one is unique with subtle differences. What I could do is find one separate from the rest of the others and take his outfit maybe, but it would be dangerous. @pHIL the thing is they managed to take down an entire town would the police do manage to do it? Hmm actually that might give me an idea.

      P.S. Sanna good luck on your end. Looks like you'll need it.

  2. I like pHIL's idea of telling the police the warehouse is a meth lab. You can give tip offs to the police anonymously which is useful.

    P.S. Kyle thanks. I do my darndest.