Monday, November 12, 2012


Well after all that Noah lived!  Noah spent the first part of the interview getting drunker and getting bitched at by people to disable the chat because of lag, which kind of shocked me because my computer was fine and it was broke for a while today.  Noah couldn't disable the chat for whatever reason and we waited for 11:11 while Noah talked about being ready to die though to me he seemed to be trying to reassure himself. *shrugs*  When the time finally came nothing happened.  Nothing.  After a few minutes someone said to check his twitter and we got this message, "im holding him off as much as i can noah. hang in there. ~ F" and Noah being the graceful man that he is responded with this "go suck a dick, F. ~ Noah".  Noah was then being an emo and whining for 20(?) minutes but finally decided that he wanted to live after this, "im trying to save you, you ungrateful fuck. i dont know ho much longer i can hold him. ~ F".  One thing I want to point out notice how F only posts in lowercase except his name the opposite of the Observer (except that one time he was mocking that guy XD) and the opposite of Habit as well hmm.  Then a minute after midnight Noah saw someone offscreen and shit went down.  It was silent except for some Dubstep that was playing for a few minutes while we viewer were all saying WHAT THE FUCK?  Luckily he recorded something but judging by Noah's The Scream face it was fucked up and he stayed he might show it to us later and that he would need to think on it.

So who is this F that saved Noah?  What is on the video?  Well here are a few theories.  Regarding F the first is that he is Firebrand(Milo?) due to the mystic shit that went down that is a trait of the Collective.  The second was that it was someone one the manifest which brought of something very weird we saw a different F on the manifest than Noah did.  What does this mean, not sure he could have just been to drunk. *shrugs again*  The video well I think it may have been a video from when the Observer forced him to kill Kat.  Another livestream watcher raised the point that it may have been Jeff's murder because the music played during the video is similar, but why would Habit who is at least as power as the collective let the Observer have the video?  Doesn't Habit HATE the Slender Man and why would he care about Noah?  

Well there is my late night summary and theories.  If you watched too and noticed something I missed pleas write it in the comments section below.  Now I'm tired and in the words of Noah I'm, "Going to sleep now."

Edit 11/12/12 9:04 PM:  Noah posted the first of two videos from last night.

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