Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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Well I've had a great time here at home for the past week I think(it was a week right?).  Seeing uncle John was really nice even if he did have to leave Friday.  I played Risk with mom and dad, beat some noobs in Black Ops 2, and I had a lot of time to simply think.  I believe it was during a game of Risk that I had my epiphany.  Right as I was sending in troops to retake Japan it came to me... we're doomed.  I'm doomed.  We are trying to fight a god, an almighty god, how can we mere mortals do anything to counter a god?!  To this master of the universe we are less than ants, so what is the point fighting.  All hail Slender Man!  all hail slender man  So yeah I'm done.  I'm done wasting my time on this shit.  All you other runners out there listen up, we are all fucked up the ass so realize that now and just give in to fate!  Stop trying to stop the inevitable and get on with your lives.  Just pretend you never saw him and let him do what he wants with others.  I mean it isn't like you can stop him, right?  so yeah yeah other runners give up cause we're all fucked and just move on with your lives.  i will.

                                                                                                         so long 

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