Saturday, November 10, 2012

Interview #5

     This time I decided to introduce you readers to Source through the Skype conversion we had when he told be about Beth.

     Necessary note, Leold is not my real last name I just bullshitted something.  So I met up with Beth Thursday.
K:  Hi Beth, I'm Kyle.
B:  Yeah I guessed that.
K:  Just thought you would want to be sure.
B:  Whatever.
K:  Sooo are you going to let me in?
B:  Oh yeah, sure.
K:  So what's this video Source told me about.
B:  It's the final video from when my sister was put into a mental institution before she disappeared.
K:  Wow.
B:  Poor Kelly had been seeing things for years, she was a schizophrenic you see, but it was more or less manageable up until last year when we were forced to take drastic measures.  Here take a seat. <Beth inserts the tape and a girl appears on the TV that reminded me of Emily which honestly sent a shiver down my spine.>
K:  How old is she?
B:  Seventeen.
Ke: Doctor what do you want?
Dr: I wanted to see how you've been Kelly.
Ke: Okay.  Can I go back to my room now?
Dr: Not yet.  I've heard reports that you've been screaming in the night is that true?
Ke: Yes doctor.
Dr: What is causing your screaming are you having nightmares?
Ke: No doctor it the scary man that visits me and his friends some days.
Dr: Now Kelly you need to remember this man isn't real-
Ke: Yes he is.
Dr: Then why did a security guard tell me that he didn't see anything in your room when he went to investigate?
Ke: Because he didn't want Mr. Cross to see him. They never see him until its to late that's how it always begins.  Doctor why have so many heroes fallen?
Dr: What heroes Kelly?
Ke: The ones that are brave enough to fight back, to inspire courage, that help others.  I've never met them but I can feel when they fall, it f-
K:  Pause it.
B:  Why?
K:  Rewind a bit WAIT there.  Look beside the door.
B:  Shit it's that guy, the Slender Man.  I've seen this at least five time before but I've never seen him in it before.
K:  I'm not not surprised since he seems to use a perception filter.
B:  A what?
K:  Never mind.
<Tape starts to play again.> 
Ke: -ll, it feels horrible it tortures me knowing that the scales shift in his favor and that I can do nothing to help.
Dr: Kelly we've talked about this before remember?  This is just your mind playing tricks on you because of your disorder.  You need to realize that then you can go back home like before.
Ke: No doctor I can tell the hallucinations from reality well most of the time I do slip ever now and them, but the scary man is real.  <pause> You're next. Remember you will face more than just the scary man but you have to stay strong Kyle.
K:  What the fuck!?  Was that all was on the tape!?
B:  Uh no it wasn't she always talked to m- to the family at that point.  <rewinds>
Ke: Mom, Dad, Beth it's almost my time just remember to keep your eyes open. 
Dr: Now Kelly you are safe in her you don't need to worry.
Ke: Good-bye to you too doctor.  I'll miss you too.  You're so nice and you do try hard.
Dr: Why thank you Kelly I like you too, but I'm afraid I need to go, its my son's birthday, and you need to return to your room. 
Ke: Happy birthday to your son.
Dr: Thank you Kelly.
<Tape ends there>
B:  I think you should go now.
K:  What?
B:  You've seen the video now please leave.
K:  Okay, sure.  Before I leave can I ask one question, why did you show this to me?
B:  Because Kelly would disappear two days later the same day your friend disappeared from his mental hospital.

And there is the entire interview.  As I'm sure you've noticed Beth was very cold and kinda of a bitch but she was going through a lot.  That part of the tape where she addressed me that was pretty creepy too.  I need more time to think on this one.

But the scariest part was when I left.  He was standing on the roof of the building across the street just staring down at Beth and I, so much for rule 1.  This was the first time I saw him in person and to be honest I almost shit my pants when I noticed him.  But the truly odd part was the way Slendy seemed to ignore me.  Instead when I walked away he seemed to be "looking" at Beth instead.  I feel like tough times are coming for her.   

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