Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Bad Feeling

Door:  "Life is a game so you need to play to win."
Kyle:  Where did you come from and will you stop fucking doing that?
D:  That's your family's saying correct?
K:  Yeah.
D:  It should be, "Life is the game."  That's what I told your ancestor before he agreed to become my herald.
K:  So that is why you've been so interested in me because of my family.
D:  Yes, your family were such good and loyal servants I thought you might take after them.  Also I guess you could say I had a sense of nostalgia.
K:  Did you give them the same option for three boons?
D:  Yes, I find you are more willing to accept if you get something out of it, and three favors from a being of cosmic powers is frankly a damn good deal.
K:  Did one of them request wealth for the rest of the family?
D:  He requested all his descendants be comfortable for the rest of time.  I was surprised Marcus's first wish was for his family not just now but for all time, so I threw in a little bonus that the direct family of my chosen herald would get a little more money as a bonus.
K:  Then I suppose I have you to thank for my comfortable life.  Thank you.  Now get out.
D: Kyle, it's almost time, so I thought I would answer some of your questions.  
K:  Time for what?
D:  That I can't say.  
K:  So you aren't really going to answer my questions?  Ass.
D:  You misunderstand me.  I can't say because I don't know what will happen, I only know something big is about to happen.  I can feel it.
K:  Hmm, what did you mean when you said that life is the game?
D:  It's the simplest way describe what is going on.
K:  Can you elaborate?
D:  Think of a sort of cosmic tournament.  Every being that has ever lived or will live was entered at the beginning of time, you included.  Only an incredibly small amount of human's are even vaguely aware of its existence because frankly it's way above what you can handle.  Life is where the players all compete to win the ultimate prize.
K:  What godhood?
D:  Better.
K:  Is Slendy involved with the tournament too?
D:  Like I said every being that has ever existed or will exist is entered, the Slender Man included.
K:  So that's why he does whatever he does.
D:  To be honest I don't think so.  He is one of the top players, but he doesn't seem like he is trying to win.  He's an odd one even to beings like me.
K:  So why do you want a "Herald" so badly?
D:  Alliances aren't uncommon in order to try and get ahead.  
K:  How did you die? 
D:  Another player killed me.
K:  Who?  How?
D:  Kyle, death is a private matter you shouldn't ask others about that.  I thought your parents would have taught you better before they were killed by your best friend.
K:  <Glare>
D:  Too soon? 
K:  If you died shouldn't that have disqualified you or something from the game?
D:  No death is more of a inconvenience or a time out than anything. 
K:  Darn I was hoping death was a hot, goth girl.
D:  ... Is that a joke?
K:  Yes, well more of a reference.
D:  The only true way to be disqualified is nonexistence, to have never existed.  Even some humans have escaped death "ghost" I believe you call them, but that is very rare.  I think it only happens around five times a mullinium or something.  Any other questions?
K:  Are there any limits to what I can request with my boons if I did accept the role as you herald?
D:  You can't use your last to remove yourself from my service.  Now if you excuse me I have to go.

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  1. So slendy is just playing for fun? That's pretty dangerous. Means he's unpredictable. Especially since he seems to have a warped sense of humour.

    Anyway, Door is seeming more and more suspicious. Why would someone want to use a boon to escape? (I'm assuming there's precedence). Don't become just another pawn. They tend to be the first to be sacrificed to win the game.