Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Conclusion of the Battle of the Doll Maze

We walked into the Brat's lair which looked like a really fancy, rich person dining room.  It even had one of those long tables so you could have those awkward conversions where family members sat on opposite ends and had to yell at each other.

"I hate rich people," I said.

"Kyle's rich," War said.

"Yeah but he wasn't one of those people that showed off his money just cause he had money," I responded.

"He would have been if his parents gave him more," War retorted.

"Eh, I don't think he would," I said.

"Greetings! The young mistress wishes to extend her greetings," Said on of two Nameless acting as maids standing at the sides of the Unnamed Child, "Please take a seat."

"Yeah I'ma gonna stand," I said, "I'd rather not do what a eldrich abomination says in the middle of it's personal dimension when anything and everything around could be a trap."

"She merely wants you to be comfortable while she discusses what you owe her," the Nameless maids said.

"What do we owe that bitch?" War said.

"Dude, I get you don't like Fears and their lackeys, I mean neither do I, but calling one a bitch to it's face when we have no fucking idea how to kill it, it is a dumb idea to piss it off," I scolded War.

While Saint sits he responds, "Not as dumb as saying you don't have a plan in front of said abominations face." He then motioned to tell his Proxy underlings not to sit.

"Hey I never said I didn't have a plan, I was just scolding War for being the dumbass that mouth off to something that is going to easily kick his ass, I mean look at all of the attempt he made to kill a Proxy Lieutenant," I replied.

"It was still stupid to let her know you didn't have a plan at all," He retorted.

"I killed all of them without trouble, except for a few," War said before I had time to respond, "Unlike you who has only killed a few mooks."

"Granted I haven't been living up to my title, but at least I'm playing it smart, instead of going out hoping someone will kill me just to get redemption for torturing a good friend of yours for months," I retorted.

War doesn't respond and looks at the ground.

"Can you two save the drama for later and just sit down?" Saint said.

"Yeah you're the one with plan and I'd stand in case that plan includes fucking us," I told Saint.

Trish breaks out of her silence, "Just do it," sitting down.

War then forces me to sit down, "You're the one that didn't want to piss off the eldritch abomination."

"Fine," I said pissed still not trusting Saint or the Unnamed Child.

"The mistress is crossed that you broke her toys," One Nameless maid said.

"She demands you replace them," the other said.

"Saint Wannabe since your men killed the greatest number of her 'toys', I think you should replace them," I told Saint.

"All of you must replace them," the maids said in unison.

"Well I don't  think you take money so, and I'd rather keep random innocents out of this, so I can't really pay you back," I told the child.

"You misunderstand, you must replace them," the maids told us.

"Sorry but I don't like being a bitch's bitch," I said.

"You just told me not to say that, fucking hypocrite," War said.

"Yeah but calling her a bitch, isn't you," I told him.

"Have you read my blog," War replied.

"Yeah but your just being dumb in that, I on the other hand am just fucking insane," I replied.

"No arguements there," Saint, Trish, and War said in unison.

 "You don't have a choice, either serve the mistress or die," the maids said.

"Saint can we initiate the plan or are we going to sit here all day?" I said.

"So what is your plan?" he said with a smirk.

"My plan is the same as the Doctors most of the time, run," I told him.

"So let me get this straight, your plan was to come here, hope you find me along the way, come along into the house with me, find out my plan, and run?"

"Yeah I wasn't planning on meeting you," I said, "So whatever I had planned was fucked when you showed up."

"So will you join the mistress?" the maids asked.

Saint ignores them, "So then what was your plan before I showed up, because I am really interested to know."

I take the backpack I had off and put it on the table, "What do thinks in this back?" I asked Saint Wannabe.

Stares waiting for an answer, "Well since your not much for guessing, it's homemade explosives," I told them, "War and I have been working on a fireworks display for the little brat over there."

"The mistress does like explosives," a maid said.

"Thought she would," I said.

"Good because we had something...similar in mind," Saint said.

I looked towards the mooks that Saint brought with him and the were all holding hands in a circle.  It would have been touching if there heads hadn't exploded a moment right after.  Actually strike that it was MUCH more touching.

"Usually I support spontaneous explosions of any kind, but how does this help?" I asked Saint.

"We're bringing the master here to teach her a lesson personally," Saint said.

"Damn it I knew you were trying to kill us along with her!" I said pissed off getting out of my seat.

"No I told you that isn't my intention," Saint told us.

"How the fuck is this not going to kill us?" War asked Saint pissed as well.

"God will be busy, and won't have anytime to deal with any of you," Saint said

"What do blood explosions have to do with your so-called god?" I asked.

"Unfortunately the Unnamed Child put up barriers to block out the master and other minor deities," Saint said, "The master can track any of his servants, and these proxies volunteered to be his gateway to bypass the barrier."

"Wait blood everywhere, plus the gateway thing, and the fact they all died...Blood Magic is real?" I said confused.

"What? No, no! Of course not! The body could not take the strain of the masters gateway," he told us.

"Then it looks like we should leave now!" I said

As I grabbed Trish I turned to see War on the ground grabbing his head in pain screaming.

I looked at Saint Wannabe, "What did you do?!" I asked him pissed off.

"N-nothing...I had nothing to do with this. I have no idea what's going on," he told me.

I then picked War up and put his arm around my shoulder starting to drag him out of the room with Trish following. War was mumbling something about memories and voices. As I left I activated the timer in the pack with the explosives just as Slendy started to appear. Saint grabs the War's other arm and starts helping drag him out.

"You know you didn't need to set that," Saint said

"Let's just say it's payback for what those two did you my friends," I told Saint.

"How cute you think you can hurt a god," he replied

"Let's just say I'm in the Shinto way of thinking meaning even gods can die," I told him, "Plus didn't you say they were going to be to busy to deal with so called minor things."

He shrugs and keeps going.

We dragged out War as the dimension started to destabilize, shown by halls disappearing, the structures becoming fussy. The destabilization of  the maze let us exit the dimension. A few moments after we got out the build that let us enter the dollhouse maze collapse showing no sign of either entity.

"Well if those bombs didn't hurt either of the abominations they definitely killed a ton of Nameless. Which probably means I am now a target for the Unnamed Child's revenge."

"No you were just kind of there, she will probably come after us servants...if she didn't learn her lesson," Saint said. He then laid down War who was now calm but unconsious before saying, "Okay, my mission is now complete so I will see you later." Before turning around and waving.

"No you won't," I said putting a bullet in the back of his head before he could respond.

"Virgil!" Trish said in surprise.

"He almost killed us and if I let him leave he would most likely, probably sometime very soon be order to finally us," I told her walking over to Saint's body curb-stomping his head in.

Trish stared wide-eyed saying nothing this time.

I then took his body and put in in the pile of collapsed wood that was Trish's house and started a fire cremating Saint Walker's body.

After War woke up finally the three of us headed back to where her dad was staying. War and I then told him what happened to his wife and the house. At first he was at War killing his wife but when War told him about his wife attempting to kill Trish, and that there was no way of stopping her, Trish's father was quiet and very sad.

A few hours afterwords War left because he felt Trish wouldn't want him around being the person that killed her mother. Once we got back on the road Trish locked herself in the back bedroom of the RV and is still there not really wanting to talk to me about anything. Not even to yell at me for not showing any mercy towards Saint Walker. When does want to talk or yell or even punch me, I'm here for her.


  1. You enormous asshole! You had zero reason to kill Saintwalker especially after he saved your life from the Unnamed Child and was kind enough to try and console Trish after her tragic loss. Trish I am sincerely sorry about what transpired with your mother. You have my sympathies. But you Virgil, you killed a man when he was leaving in peace. A man who was nothing but nice to you, and even tried to play Smash Brothers with you. Oh, and before you say he was probably going to kill you I highly doubt that, as it was always his least favorite part of the job. Saintwalker probably would have just nagged you to convert until he was reassigned. You, Virgil, are truly a horrid, atrocious monster.

    - Runner

  2. Wait, he was being sincere all that time, truly sincere? I thought he was just trying to make me let my guard down all that time. I am everything you said if that is really how he was. I just couldn't let myself trust him even after all that. If he was your friend I know this apology won't appease you, but I am sorry. I do not deserve forgiveness.