Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Update Time!

Don't worry we're all alive! No that anyone seems to care about us three. Trish has been having bad dreams though. She won't tell me what about but I've noticed her falling asleep at strange intervals. Course I don't sleep like normal people anyway even before I went crazy. I blame the games we play. There is no conclusive proof of that. There kind of is actually. Shut it! You will never take video games away from me. Of coarse not we play them too. Plus the new Zelda is out I love that game series. Bottom line we are okay pretty much. Trish or I will let you know if anything comes up.

She was attacked when she earlier this week when she was sleeping I was up for some reason or another. I don't remember why I can't sleep anymore. Could have been the energy drinks. You know those don't effect us. Oh wait I remember it's cause I have been playing the Oracle games in the Zelda series. The idiot though we were both asleep, so I put a bullet in his head and splattered his grey-matter back of the RV. Sorry Kyle. Which woke her up and cause her to freak out for the next hour at me. Can you really blame her? We do seem like psychopaths, don't we? Hey I've told everyone I'm crazy. But it's a in control kind of crazy. While she yelled at me I cleaned up and moved the body outside where I burned it into ash. Now I need some sleep after driving for two or three days. Probably more. Source and his other selves signing off for now.

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