Monday, September 23, 2013

Saturday Part One

Well for those that read the comments, I got a message from a "Proxy?" named Runner. And those that read Wars blog he is a "friend?" of Freds. I'm really confused. Especially since we kind of annouced to the world that we want to kill proxies. Well it's more like a less violent  Jason Todd, I kill them if they kill other people. What if they sell drugs to kid? Like I said a less violent Jason Todd. I will beat the shit of them. You know that doesn't sound less violent. Hey Jason Todd kills people for doing most crimes. Oh right went to meet Runner.

For some reason he wanted to meet in a BAM! Book-a-Million! In other words. Hey I got no complaints I catch up on comic books. I met L I mean Overweight L wait no that's not right. Oh right he's called Runner. Damn you Kyle why do I even know what L looks like. Yeah he kind of already is with the whole Door thing. Damn you again!

"Hello Mr. Virgil or do you prefer being called Source now," Runner L said.

"Ehhhhhh! It's an either or thing," I replied to Obese L.

"Very well," he said before looking over at Trish, "Ah! Ms. Trish how is your time with Mr. Source?"

"Good," she said trying to say behind me unsure of Runner

"Glad to hear it," Runner told her with a smile.

"Before you creep me out more from how polite you are can we get down to business?" I asked him.

"Very well," Runner told me, "I wanted to give you a warning that you have been assigned a Proxy."

"Okay I can just put a bullet through his head, decapitate him, and burn him," I told Runner coldly.

Trish looked at me in utter shock.

"Hey it's what you gotta do in this Dark Age," I said to Trish.

"I have to admit I agree with her it seems a little extreme," he said, "But then again I guess we are bias on the matter."

"Well I'll have to see what he or she's like," I told Runner, "But if he is a psychopath that kills for pleasure, like Cutie Mark was, I'm kind of gonna have to do that."

"I feel you might get a different feeling of this agent," he told me, "Actually I think you two might get along very nicely."

"Okay fine," I said, "But the first violent action towards me or Trish and he's going to be worse off than the Headless Horseman."

"Uh, okay," said Runner.  "There was another reason I asked you here though.  Warrior."

"Okay?" I said confused.

"If you have reading his blog lately," he said, "You should know that he has been beating himself up lately," he explained, "If you could talk to him and convince him to stop dwelling on the past."

"Eh! He'll work it out himself," I said.

"He'll likely get himself killed before that happens," L wanna-be said

"He's your friend isn't he shouldn't you help him," Trish said speaking up.

"Look if I run into him I'll try to help but I have to worry about you and me as of now thanks to Slendy taking interest again," he told her, "So I kind have to stay away from my friends because Proxies and the tall guy tend to make traps when people plan to help each other."

"Thank you I appreciate it," Runner dude said, "You know you are the only one he has now that Kyle is missing. I am more of an acquaintance anyway."

After planning on heading outside of town to camp I past a graveyard and felt like I was meant to go there.

"Why does the name look so familiar?" I asked myself out loud. Hey I'm kind of crazy talking to myself is a given, "OH! This is the graveyard that was mentioned Interview #2 I looked this place up for Kyle." Ah! The good old days. I don't remember those. That's because we weren't around. Good times. Hey! I find that insulting! Perceptive aren't you.

"We're visiting the graveyard,"I said parking on the side of the road.

"What?" Trish asked in utter confusion.

I admittedly kind of ignored her. I don't really know why. Well now I do. Didn't at the time. We'll get to that later but I'm tired after all the crazy stuff that happened. You're telling me. And we're voice in your head. CLIFFHANGER! Like Young Justice Bitches. Sorry didn't mean to insult you by calling you that but it fits.

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