Sunday, September 15, 2013

Knight of the Realm. Cause we are basically in a new Dark Age.

       Sorry for not posting in awhile. Yeah we figured it would be better to keep a low profile instead of Proxy hunting like War is doing. Why can't we just kill like one or two! Because we don't need Slendy on our tail. I mean look what happened to Sanna lately. Yeah getting kidnapped by Symbiote Morningstar and tortured is not good. Granted we were already tortured like that. We still have nightmares about those months. Hey both of you stop thinking about back then we start feeling the pain all over my body when you do. I'm worried about Sanna now. Yeah but we are in the US, we have no way of getting to where ever she is in Europe. I hope she doesn't end up as insane as we are. 

       The reason for this post wasn't to feel guilty for what Symbiote Morningstar did to Sanna. True it's to tell everyone about who we found on our hiatus. That adorably cute girl we stood up for on that! Her name is Trish. We have decided to take her in under our protection. After all gotta help the cuties when you can. Tis the way of a gentleman. Chivalry for the win! She was tired so she is sleeping now in Kyle's bed in the back. We have been using the couch in here anyway. It would be rude to have her sleep out here.

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