Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ROY MUSTANG!!!!!!!!! No seriously fire solves everything.

Well the last few days have been boring even after I got my guns three days ago. I  even setup a few bear traps throughout my campsite and I left some near the RV if some proxies thought I was in there. AND WE CAUGHT NOTHING!!! Well that's not totally true. Today just to see if this trick works, I spray painted a few Operator symbols around the camp. Some noobs fell for that obvious trap in a matter of second. Well that's exaggerating a little bit. Point being that with in a short time don't really recall the amount. Two dumbass came to the camp not realizing it was a trap. They got their legs broken. Ankle first of all. Also turns out these guy didn't know how to teleport.  Did you guys know Kyle has a katana in the RV. He gonna be pissed we used it before him. Kyle's such a nerd. I love it *petting sword now*. Oh right back to the story. So two idiot got bear trapped and yell out in shear and utter pain. I went to where the scream were coming form. We were packing at the time the idiot show up so we were not at our campsite. When I found them they curse a few times and I returned their insults with a bullet to one's head and decapitated the other. DECAPITATIOOOOOOOOON!!!! Did you really have to yell that? After I cut the dudes head off I picked it up, and I know you think that gross or something thing a bat-shit crazy dude would do. BUT HOW MANY TIME DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU PEOPLE......I.......AM.......CRAZY?!!!! YAY INSANITY!!! Well that did happen in Hamlet so it's more poetic I guess. Not to mention Sin City. Yeah cause that's why we did that, cause Frank Miller is poetic. I'm sensing sarcasm. Once picking the disemboweled head up I started talking to it. And no it didn't start talking back. At least this time. Probably is going to happen in the future.

"Well it's time to burn you two," I said to the head, "Too many people have been coming back lately that are proxies. At least as far as I've caught up to the ones I'm looking at," I continued, "Then there was Cutie Mark who REALLY had a problem dying, and fire seemed to really keep her dead sooooo Disco Inferno Dude." Then I poured gas all over the bodies and made sure they were ash before leaving and heading somewhere. We really don't have a plan on actually going somewhere do we. Nope. Not really.


  1. If it's Sin City you like, you don't quite decapitate them. You make a Pez dispenser out of him. ;D

    I won't waste time telling you and the extra voices in your head how impractical a sword is over a gun, unless you are properly trained in how to use a sword, because I don't think any of you would agree.

  2. I'm not planning on using it much honestly it's too long for my taste. Katanas are made to be two handed anyway. I don't even know why he got the thing for defending himself anyway.