Wednesday, August 7, 2013

No Idea for the Title

It all started when I went to download Clipped Wings 2 DLC for Shin Megami Tensei IV but could not find it. After looking around and still not being able to find the game I asked Virgil if he saw it.

     "Oh good.  Where was it?"
     "I'm not tellin'."
     "What why not?"
     "Because I," cue big smile to accompany a dramatic pause, "hid it."
     "What!  Why the fuck would you do that?"
     "Cuz you talked about it too much and you were getting pretty damn annoying."
     "That was your reason?" I said grinding my teeth in anger.
     "All you do is go on and on; oh look I <the contents of this rant was removed due spoilers>"
     "One, it is one of the best games I've played so hell yeah I would.  Second, you do the same with Borderlands and other similar games despite the fact I hate shooters you hypocritical bastard!"
     "Hey that's your fault if you hate shooters."
     "Third, the new DLC is out today, and I get to kill the Archangels!"
     "I wonder if we will do that in the next Darksiders.  I sure hope so, but the game does mostly focus on the forces of Hell.  That's just not fair."
     I was pissed.  I am passionate about games and that was a dick move, but he didn't fully deserve that punch I gave him.  The fight started.  For the most part it was back in forth with punches until I kicked him down and started to choke him.  Kill him now, I heard a voice within my head say; one I recognized.  It was hard trying to take my hands off his neck but I did manage to do it.
     "I'm so sorry, Virgil, I didn't mean to do that."
     "You're stressed I get it.  It's fine.  I'll get your game from the pill bottle I put it in."

And now I'm leaving.  With you-know-who back and I can feel him trying to possess me I figure it will be too dangerous to be around other people.  Don't wonder to explode fire or choke someone and not be able to stop myself.  Starting tomorrow Virgil will "inherit" the blog, but I'll probably comment on other blogs once in a while.  Godfuckingamnittomotherfuckinghell this sucks.  See you later.


  1. I LOVE Borderlands. GTFO my Borderlands biotch.

    And good luck.

    1. I get so much shit over that it's not even funny.

      Thank you.

  2. Didsay it was an extrinsic power, it'd be out of your control. Best of lick with the running away thang.